Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Charges

1 or 2 reels, two weeks use





Membership Discounts Available

Membership Level
Individual or Family $13.50 (10% discount) $22.50 (10% discount)
Contributing $10.00 $20.00
Supporting $10.00 direct to member $20.00 direct to member
Sustaining $10.00 direct to member $20.00 direct to member
Patron Complimentary loans direct to member Complimentary loans direct to member

Charges include postage and handling

Members with annual memberships at the supporting level or higher may borrow microfilm directly and bypass the interlibrary loan procedure.

Members at the patron level receive complimentary direct loans.

The State Historical Society of Missouri's collection is non-circulating; however, an interlibrary loan (ILL) service makes microfilm available to patrons who cannot visit one of our research centers.

The Society's circulating microfilm collections include:


  1. Find the resource you need using the following:

    • To find a newspaper:

      Missouri Newspapers on Microfilm at the State Historical Society

    • To find city directories, maps, periodicals, books, atlases and other titles including the Society's newspaper collection:

      MERLIN (The University of Missouri's Online Catalog)

    • To find manuscript collections, use the search box on the Manuscript Collection page :

      After typing in a search term, you may click through the manuscript holdings of all four research center locations. Not all collections are available on microfilm.
      If a manuscript collection inventory lists 'MICROFILM' under the title, it is available for interlibrary loan.

  2. Then provide your local interlibrary loan librarian with the item citation.
  3. For newspapers a citation includes:

    • town of publication
    • title of the newspaper
    • the date or time period needed

    For material other than newspapers, you will need to provide:

    • title
    • author
    • publication date
    • collection number
    • call number (if possible)

    The resources mentioned above will help you obtain this information.

    Check with your local library regarding ILL policies.

    To cover postage and handling costs, the Society charges $15.00 to $25.00 (US) per interlibrary loan transaction depending on your membership status, location and billing requirements of your local library. Some borrowing libraries pass this cost on to the patron, others do not. Payment is required in advance.

Instructions for Interlibrary Loan librarians:

Questions concerning the Society's interlibrary loan service can be directed to