Guide to American Civil War in Missouri

Gore, William T., Letters, 1861, (C0468)


Manuscript collections contain letters, diaries, maps, and military records. Manuscript collections for the Civil War era are often first person accounts of events and actions of Missourians during the conflict and offer valuable insight into how Missourians experienced the Civil War. These collections also shed light on the events leading up to the war and how Missouri moved forward after the war.

Collections were digitized from The State Historical Society of Missouri, academic institutions, local and county historical societies, and private individuals in a nineteen county area of central Missouri.

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Allen, Wellington, Reminiscence, 1885, (C0692)
The collection contains a record of the death of Alf Bowlin, a hunted Confederate soldier, near Forsyth, Missouri, in 1862, as told and recorded by a Union soldier in 1885.

Audrain County Manuscripts and Photographs
Civil War photographs and manuscripts from the collection of the Audrain County Historical Society in Mexico, Missouri.

Audsley, Francis F. (1835-1922) and Harriet Elizabeth (1840-1924), Papers, 1862-1912, (C2374)
Correspondence of Francis F. and Harriet E. Audsley during the Civil War; letters from Sarah Ann Audsley, a cousin living in Australia, and Mary Ellen Harding, a cousin in England. Miscellaneous items.


Ballow, G.W., Letter, 1862, (C0223)
Guerrilla warfare and recruiting of troops in Missouri.

Barth Family, Papers, 1852-1907, (C0997)
Papers contain correspondence, deeds, and financial statements of the family of Moses Barth, a Rocheport, Boone County, MO, merchant. Bulk of the material is correspondence between family members concerning their general welfare and business matters. Several letters written during the Civil War describe economic conditions and confrontations with Confederate guerrillas in the Rocheport area.

Battle of Wilson’s Creek, Memoir, 1934, (C0757)
Memoir of the battle (1861) as told by Mrs. J.J. Bruton of Ozark, MO, to Katherine Brown in 1934.

Bell, Ovid (1875-1953), Collection, 1824-1950, (C3805)
Papers of and materials collected by a Fulton, MO, resident relating to the history and residents of Callaway County. Comprises correspondence, copies of speeches and lectures given by Bell, and documents including a typescript 1849 diary, tax rolls, Callaway County Agricultural and Mechanical Society membership lists, and a regimental history and troop roster of Company B, 1st Missouri Cavalry, C.S.A.

Benecke Family, Papers, 1816-1989, (C3825)
Correspondence, business and law firm records, civic, political, legislative, and personal papers of a German American family of Brunswick, MO. Civil War and military claim agents' records. Records of military and veterans' organizations; the State Federal Soldiers' Home; immigration; the Constitutional Convention, 1943-1944; the Constitutional Convention Association; and U.S. Commissioners. Church and cemetery records. Maps, photographs and glass plate negatives.

Benjamin, John Forbes (1817-1877) and Diana, Papers, 1850-1876, (C1382)
Papers of John Forbes and Diana Benjamin. The papers consist of letters written to family in Liverpool, NY, the majority during the Civil War.

Beveridge, John L., Special Orders, 1865, (C2197)
Special Orders No. 144 to investigate complaints of Dresden, Pettis County, MO, citizens against Captain Devohue and the Pettis County Volunteers Militia for alleged interference with citizens (rebels who had taken the oath) and their property.

Bishop William (1817-1879), Papers, 1839-1891, (C3894)
Papers of a commander of a Union cavalry unit in northeast Missouri during the Civil War, and State Treasurer of Missouri following the war. The papers consist of personal and military correspondence and miscellaneous documents, and State Treasurer records.

Bolton, Joel M., Memoir, 1930, (C1801)
A 1930 memoir of Confederate soldier Joel Monroe Bolton of Jefferson City, MO, who served as a sergeant in a cavalry regiment in the West throughout the Civil War.

Brannock, Lizzie E., Letter, 1864, (C0224)
To brother Edwin from Chapel Hill, Missouri, January 13, 1864. Desolate conditions of Missouri during the Civil War, her husband's imprisonment in St. Louis by the Union army, and her attempts to support her family. Original in donor's possession.

Branson, William W., Diary, 1861-1862, (C0218)
Branson was a member of an Iowa regiment during the campaign of 1861 in Missouri. He fought in the Battle of Wilson’s creek, 10 August 1861.

Burnett, James A., Letters
A small collection of letters from Burnett, written during his Civil War service in Tennessee and Louisiana, to his wife, Rebecca Jane, of Osage County, Missouri; also her pension application papers filed after his death. Burnett enrolled in Co H 26th Regiment of Missouri Volunteers at St. Louis on September 20, 1862; was mustered in on October 26, 1862 at Benton Barracks; and died in a field hospital near Vicksburg, of remittent fever/chronic diarrhea on June 19 or 20, 1863. He had a one year old son, Marcus Lafayette Burnett, at home at the time of his death. Letters discuss the poor management of the war, the poor health of his regiment, displeasure of his regiment with the formation of negro regiments, and his wife’s struggles at home.

Bushnell, Douglas Ritchie, 1824-1863. Letters, 1861-1866, (R0675)
These are the letters of an officer of the 13th Illinois Infantry, written during campaigns in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Bushnell was killed in ac­tion at Ringgold, Georgia, in November 1863.  There are also a few letters from his wife, Emily, and other correspondents.

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Carter, R.C., A Short Sketch of My Experiences During the First Stages of the Civil War, (C2911)
Experiences of a Confederate lieutenant. He includes the battles of the Hemp Bales, Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge, and Boonville in his reminiscences.

Chariton County Historical Society Photographs
This is a photograph collection of photographs from the Chariton County Historical Society. The collection includes portraits and photographs related to Chariton County during the Civil War.

Christy, E.A., Letter, 1863, (C1834)
To J.H. Marmon, Liberty, MO, from Platte City, MO, Feb. 24, 1863. Written to her father, the letter discusses the Civil War, particularly jayhawkers and marauding bands. Mentions conscription and health of various family members.

Civil War Claims, 1865-1874, (C1493)
Claims by Elizabeth Givens of Callaway County for supplies taken by Maj. H.C. Caldwell, Third Iowa Cavalry; William J. Bedsworth of Callaway County for horses taken by White, Enrolled Missouri Militia; and Henry Larimore of Callaway County for supplies furnished and services rendered the Union Army.

Civil War, Diaries, 1864-1867, (C3988)
Two diaries of Sgt. Francis M. Gordon, who served with Company D, 2nd Colorado Cavalry. The diaries describe escort duties and encounters with bushwhackers in Jackson and Cass Counties, Missouri, and Sterling Price's raid in 1864. Miscellaneous notes and account figures are included in the back of both volumes.

Civil War Documents, 1862-1904, (C2654)
Letter and pamphlet on Confederate Missouri batteries at the Battle of Vicksburg. Blueprint of the Vicksburg National Military Park; proposed inscriptions for Missouri batteries. Muster rolls, a muster and pay roll, and an order book of Dawson's 3rd Missouri Battery (also called St. Louis Battery and McDonald's Battery), C.S.A., with the army of the West's General and Special Orders.

Civil War Letter, 1862, (C0511)
To mother and father from Camp Muligan, Lexington, MO, Nov. 21, 1862. Tells of scouting trips, daily activities, and the election in Pleasant Hill.

Civil War Letter, 1863, (C0464)
To "Charles" in the East from "Kathryn," St. Louis, MO, May 24, 1863. Discussion of St. Louis and the war.

Civil War Sheet Music (The Sheet Music Collection)
A collection of sheet music of songs about the Civil War, many of them are songs about the Southern cause.

Civil War Special Orders, Missouri, 1863-1864, (C3160)
Special order from Office of the Provost Marshal General, Department of the Missouri, paroling Richard B. Keeble, and special order from the Adjutant General's Office, State of Missouri, calling George C. Gaddy's Company, Enrolled Missouri Militia, into active service.

Conyers, Thomas W. (1795-1879), Papers, 1817-1903 (C0755)
The papers of a Monroe County, Missouri, landowner, merchant, soldier, and politician include diaries, an account book, genealogical materials on the Conyers family, and miscellany regarding the daily activities of the Conyers family and their slaves. Particular emphasis is given to everyday farming operations and accounts.

Courts, J.B., et al., Letter, 1862, (C1749)
To Charles Sterne, Carroll County, MO, from camp near Holly Springs, MS, No. 1, 1862. Six members of Lt. John Sterne's company relate the details of his death to his father. Lt. Sterne was mortally wounded in the Battle of Corinth, 4 October 1862, and died 17 October 1862.

Curley, William, Photographs and Letters
A collection of letters written by or to William Curley, of Osage County, Missouri in 1862. Curley mustered into Co. D of the 33rd Regiment of the Missouri Volunteers at Benton Barracks in August of 1862. The Captain of his Regiment was Captain McKee, and his Commanding General was General Schofield. There were no active involvements with the enemy during the time of the letters. Topics discussed in the letters include enrollment bonuses, health of the troops, Curley's shoulder pain and ineptness of the company surgeon to help him, and a rebel raid on a supply wagon train.

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David Ross Correspondence, 1855 (122-1)
This is a collection of letters written primarily to the Rev. David Ross of Greene County Missouri, with a few directed to his son David W. Ross, after the elder Ross’s death in 1869. Subjects are varied, and include an offering of sympathy on a bereavement; land values; property taxes; prices of commodities in 1866; corruption in religion; description of large negro quarters in Louisiana in 1860; after effects of the Civil War in Texas in 1866; and his son Francis Emory’s feelings of uncertainty about his future as he graduates from medical school during the last year of the war.

Denny, Franklin Spilman, 1825-1902. Papers, 1853-1917, (R0548)
This collection contains family correspondence, a Civil War diary, and military service and pension records of Franklin S. Denny of Company C, 1st Missouri Cavalry. The correspondence includes letters from relatives in California, Nevada, and Wisconsin, 1853-1874. The Civil War diary covers operations around Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Independence, Missouri, and Little Rock, Arkansas, 1862-1864.

Dorsey-Fuqua Family Collection, 1851-1939, (C3830)
Correspondence and legal papers concerning Jerre S. Dorsey during the Civil War. Miscellaneous papers related to Columbia, MO, the University of Missouri, and a souvenir of Mark Twain's 70th birthday at Delmonico's in 1905. Volume is an illustrated atlas of Boone County, MO, from 1876, with handwritten notations.

Dunlap Family, Papers, 1780-2002, (C4004)
The papers of the Dunlap family include genealogical records, a Civil War journal, photographs, maps and land surveys, and other research materials compiled to produce histories of the Dunlap and Kofahl families of Licking, Missouri.

Dunn, W. J., Letter, 1864, (C3895)
In an 1864 letter from Russellville, KY, to his grandfather in Missouri, Dr. John A. Pegg, Union soldier W.J. Dunn relates his plan to form a company of cavalry to fight Confederate guerrillas in Missouri.

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Emmons, Francis Marion (1837-1905), Civil War Letters, 1862-1864, (C2375)
Written by a member of Company I, 7th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, in southern Missouri and Arkansas to his parents and sister Cassie at LaPlata. Mentions his brother Riley, supplies, prices, morale, Indian regiments and rebel forces, burning of steamboats and gun boat, and duel of General Marmaduke and Colonel Walker.

Everhart, Jesse, Letter, 1864, 1913, (C0467)
Written by a Confederate soldier during Sherman's March to the Sea, to his sister in Williamsburg, MO. Also included is a 1913 letter to Jesse Maughs of Fulton, MO, enclosing Everhart's letter.

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Frey, Joseph, Photograph
Portrait and newsclipping pertaining to Joseph Frey, a Civil War soldier from Osage County, Missouri.

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Gillaspie, William R., Papers, 1851-1886, (C0679)
Letter from James C. Hamilton of Fulton, MO, to his brother William in Washington City, IA. He talks of the weather, crops, the prosperity of the country, a revival meeting and their need of a preacher. Brief biography of Ben Butler, legislator, governor, Union general, senator, and presidential candidate, who ran as a Republican, Democrat, and Greenback.

Gooch Family, Papers, 1853-1905, (C0108)
Civil War letters from James, William, and Thomas Gooch to their family in Missouri. Primarily letters from James Gooch to his cousin John, with many complaints about never getting answers to his letters. There are also several army documents belonging to John Gooch.

Gore, William T., Letters, 1861, (C0468)
Written by a Union soldier during the Civil War to his wife and children, the letters comment on his activities and describe fighting in Missouri.

Grand Army of the Republic Songbook
Compiled expressly for the Grand Army of the Republic. Grand Army War Songs is a collection of war songs, battle songs, camp songs, national songs, marching songs, etc. as sung by our boys in blue in camp and field. To which is added a selection of memorial songs and hymns for use on Decoration Day and other special occasions. The choruses have all been arranged for male voices and the entire work edited by Wilson G. Smith.

Grand Army of the Republic Photographs, Post 97
A collection of images of three GAR medals, one photograph and a newsclipping. All items pertain to chapters of the Grand Army of the Republic in Osage County, specifically Boomer Post 97 and Cornyn Post 505.

Guitar, Odon (1825-1908), Papers, 1832-1865, (C0882)
Correspondence of Odon Guitar, including love letters to Kate Leonard in 1865; letters from his mother, Emily Guitar, while Odon was in the Army; correspondence of John and Emily Guitar, 1832-1846, and letter from Odon to his parents from Fort Leavenworth, 1843. Also copy of letter of J.H. Ellis criticizing Odon's conduct as provost in St. Joseph, 1863.

Guitar, Odon (1825-1908), Collection, 1836-1906, (C1007)
The Guitar collection comprises correspondence, military papers, account books and ledgers, and a scrapbook generated by Union Army General Odon Guitar.

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H. C. Vaughn Diary
This series of pages, written January 28, 1935, is more of a short autobiography than a diary. Vaughn was born in Monroe County and was sold as a slave to Steve Scoby in 1863. He escaped in the fall of 1864 and found refuge with a General Smart in Mexico, Mo. After the emancipation, he went to school for a short while, then was hired out until he became converted into the religious faith, after which time he assisted the minister under whom he was converted. He eventually attended the Lincoln Institute in Jefferson City, where he completed the Normal Course and received a state certificate. For the rest of his life, he was both educator and preacher, normally holding both positions at the same time, in various Missouri locations, including Boonville, Columbia and Moberly.

Hill, William E. and Bettie Redding, Letters, 1851, 1865-1866, (C3831)
Correspondence between husband and wife concerning Civil War ravages of home and property in Keytesville, Chariton County, MO. Hill, a Southern sympathizer, returned to Keytesville to locate and rescue his property, but decided to reopen his mercantile establishment and bring his family home. Relates hazards, sectional animosity, loss of property, Reconstruction politics, friends and neighbors.

History of Westminster College
A book detailing the early history of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. Includes portraits and images of the campus and prominent professors of Westminster's early history.

Hockaday, Isaac, Letters, 1861, (C2728)
Letters from a Lexington, MO, farmer to his mother, describing the battle of Lexington, September 1861.

Holeman, Nancy Nash (1806- ), Papers, 1865-1877 (C0117)
Diary 1869-1877, gives account of life in Callaway County, MO. Details daily activities, family matters, and recipes.

Hoskin, William N. (1841- ), Civil War Diary, 1862-1865, (C1121)
Diary of a Confederate soldier from Palmyra, MO, who served under Sterling Price and fought in battles in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Hoskin's diary describes these battles and the mundane routine of military life. Includes original and typescript of diary.

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Kesler-Lytle families, papers, 1861 1869. (R0448)
These are papers of the Kesler and Lytle families of Champaign, Illinois. The collection consists primarily of the Civil War letters of William H. Kesler, written during his service in the 3rd Missouri Cavalry, 13 January 1862 – 12 June 1865. There are also four letters from the papers of Alexander M. Lytle, 10 September 1861 – 10 April 1869. Genealogical information on the Kesler and Lytle families is included.

Kullman, Frederick August, 1843-1893. Papers, 1855-1980 (R0120)
These are miscellaneous papers and a Civil War diary of Frederick A. Kullman, a resident of Cole Camp, Benton County, Missouri, and a soldier in the 13th Missouri Cavalry. His papers include confirmation and emigration certificates from Bavaria, military service records, correspondence, photographs, and genealogical information on the Kullman family. The wartime diary covers service at Rolla and Licking, Missouri, in 1865.

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Lee, Robert E. (1807-1870), Letter, 1866, (C1580)
To Emma S. Ringo, Mexico, MO, from Lexington, VA, June 23, 1866. In answer to question, "What point in the South would a few thousand dollars do the most good?" Lee said the southern cities were in greater distress, and to contact Mrs. Benjamin Howard, president of Southern Aid Society.

Lonsdale, Meron G. Mayhew, Papers, 1847-1927, (C0130)
Family letters; bills; Boone County tax receipts for the Civil War period; Missouri University commencement programs, 1880-1881; Christian College catalogue; and newspaper clippings pertaining to family.

Lynch Family, Papers, 1765-1929, (C4117)
The papers of the Lynch Family of Howard County, Missouri, contain correspondence, photographs, land records and other legal papers, financial documents, genealogical data, and Civil War service papers. The correspondence within this collection is primarily between members of the Lynch family.

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Mahan, Garland Jefferson, Diaries, 1864-1873, 1961, (C2586)
Diaries detailing a trip taken by ox train in 1864 from Cole County, MO, to Virginia City, MT. Also chronicled, although to a lesser extent, is the return trip by steamboat down the Missouri River in 1866. Diaries also include drafts of letters, notes, and lists of students. A typescript of the diaries, plus photos of some of the sites along the route taken in 1961, completes the collection.

Matthews Family, Papers, 1862-1863, (C3816)
Papers of the Matthews family of Columbia, MO. Includes a reminiscence written by Mary Matthews Maupin in memory of her father, James L. Matthews, and two letters written during the Civil War by James L. Matthews.

McKown, John D., Papers, 1851-1897, (C2335)
Personal correspondence, business papers, Civil War military papers, and documents concerning construction of Saline County, MO, courthouse.

McRoberts, A.J., Papers, 1859-1876, (C0375)
Primarily letters written by A.J. McRoberts to his wife Mollie during the Civil War, and her replies. McRoberts was a Union sympathizer living in Saline County, MO. His wife had returned to her family in Ohio. They describe conditions in their respective locales. Other letters discuss family affairs.

Miller County Museum
This is a photograph collection of the Bear Family Tintypes and two Grand Army of the Republic photographs from Miller County, Missouri.

Missouri, Hannibal, Order of Provost Marshal, 1864, (C2819)
Order of the Office of Provost Marshal, 18 January 1864, legitimizing citizens arrests and seizure of bushwhackers and horse thieves.

Missouri, Howard County, Freed Negroes Register, 1836-1861, (C1123)
Lists Negroes set free during the period 26 January 1836-1 April 1861 in Howard County, MO.

Missouri. Militia, Boone County, General Order No. 1, 1862, (C2879)
General Order No. 1 requiring all persons subject to military duty in Boone County to report for enrollment.

Missouri, Monroe County. Provost Marshal's Papers, 1862-1865, (C3161)
Correspondence and military papers of William M. Houston and William McIlrath, provost marshals of Monroe County, MO.

Missouri. General Assembly (Confederate), Journal, 1861, (C2502)
1 folder. Journal of the Rebel House, sitting at Neosho, 21 October 1861, in pursuance of the proclamation of Governor C.F. Jackson calling for secession. Also a printed copy of the Journal of the State session dealing with the same proclamation.

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Nancy Chapman Jones, Letters
A collection of letters written by Nancy Chapman Jones to her daughter, Mary Jones McCarthy, who lived in San Antonio, Texas. The letters detail family happenings, visitors, and Civil War news. Collection consists of typed copies of letters and includes a biographical prologue as well as historical end notes.

Napton, W.B., Letter, 1857, (C1879)
To C.F. Jackson, Oct. 3, 1857. Letter discussing at length the necessity of salaries to attract good Missouri Supreme Court judges; combating the growing discussion of emancipation of the slaves; Missouri politics; and the completion of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad.

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O'Bryan, Jordan, Letter, 1854, (C3286)
Letter written to John G. Miller from Boonville, MO, Feb. 6, 1854 regarding the position of slavery in Missouri and Miller's political strength in Boonville.

Overland Diary, 1857 (C0413)
Personal diary kept by an unidentified girl as she and her family left Canada, Kentucky, in October 1857 and traveled by covered wagon to a place near Brunswick, Missouri.

Owen, William L., Letters
A collection of four letters. Three of the letters are written from Black Walnut, Virginia. One letter is written from Alton Military Prison in Alton, Illinois. This collection was donated to the Callaway County Historical Society by a private donor. Any inquiries to view the originals must be made through that institution.

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Patrick Quirk (1845-1921), Diary, 1865 (C3943)
The diary of Patrick J. Quirk relates the details of a trip made in 1865 by railroad and steamboat from Springfield, Massachusetts, to Yankton, South Dakota, on the way to the Montana Territory.

Payne-Broadwell Family, Papers, 1803-1903, (C0983)
The Payne-Broadwell Family papers contain the business, personal, and legal papers of Moses U. Payne and his nephew Moses M. Broadwell. Moses U. Payne resided in Boone County, MO, from 1823 to 1895. Moses M. Broadwell's papers contain significant family letters and revealing correspondence from the Civil War and from the Reconstruction era. Also present are miscellaneous papers of the Oliver C. Roby family.

Perkins, Archie, Letters, 1863-1864, (C0380)
Civil War letters written by Captain Perkins from a Union prison camp near Sandusky, OH.

Perry, Elias, Civil War Diary, 1864-1865, (C2470)
Elias Perry of Dewitt, MO, was a 2nd lieutenant in Sherman's army on the march to the sea. Diary covers the period 12 November 1864 to 24 March 1865.

Pritchett Family, Papers, 1753-1984, (C4013)
Papers of Carr W. Pritchett, Henry S. Pritchett and Ida Pritchett. The papers consist of correspondence, volumes, memos and miscellaneous material from three generations of the Pritchett family originally of Glasgow, Missouri.

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Rainwater and Fowler families, papers, 1863-1939 (R0227)
These are Civil War letters of Maj. Charles C. Rainwater, a Confederate officer, to his wife, Sarah Fowler Rainwater, at Cole Camp in Benton County, Missouri. The letters mention fighting at Hartville and Cape Girardeau, and Rainwater’s disabilities from wounds. There are also genealogical data on Samuel Fowler and his family, and biographical sketches of Sarah Fowler Rainwater.

Reminiscences from the Osage County Republican
A collection of stories and articles on the history of Osage County, Missouri, taken from the Osage County Republican newspaper from 1905-1926.

Richard S. Brownlee Speech in Mexico, Missouri
Speech given by Dr. Richard S. Brownlee to the Mexico Rotary Club in Mexico, Missouri, on January 24, 1975. Dr. Brownlee discusses General Ulysses S. Grant's early life and his experiences in the Civil War.

Rogers, Ferdinand Arthur, Letters, 1862, (C2934)
Three letters from Rogers, a Confederate soldier who was a prisoner of war, to his sister Ann Elizabeth Lientz, Rocheport, MO, describes the conditions in the three prisons he was in in 1862: McDowell College in St. Louis, Alton Penitentiary in Alton, IL, and Camp Chase near Columbus, OH.

Ruark, Ozias, Papers, 1864-1865, (C2651)
Civil War diary, February-August 1864, and muster-out roll of a captain in Company L, 8th Regiment, Missouri State Militia.

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Schrader, William Henry (1844-1921), Reminiscences, n.d., (C1519)
This collection includes information on slavery in Missouri including treatment of slaves, punishment, education, desire for freedom, fugitives, as well as character sketches of individual slaves. Information pertaining to Kansas-Missouri border conflicts, Civil War in Missouri, bushwhackers, Claiborne Fox Jackson, and the presidential campaigns in 1856 and 1860 are also included.

Scott, Elvira Ascenith Weir (1821-1910), Diary, 1860-1887, (C1053)
Diary of a Miami, MO, woman including descriptive observations on the themes of home, family, and religion, as well as the impact of the Civil War on life in her own community and region.

Shackelford, Thomas (1822-1908), Papers, 1820-1908 (C0163)
Personal and business letters, documents and memoirs of a lawyer and politician of Glasgow, Missouri. He was a member of the Missouri Convention of 1861 and of the Constitutional Convention of 1875. The collection includes family letters and letters relating to his legal practice and politics, a few of them pertaining to the Constitutional Convention of 1875.

Sidner, Noah, Letter, 1862, (C1895)
To relatives in Paris, MO, from Palmyra, MO, Oct. 18 and 19, 1862. Farewell letter written from the federal military prison in Palmyra on the eve and morning of the day he was to be executed.

Sitton, John James, 1842 1915. Civil War memoir, n.d. (R0377)
This is a memoir of service with the Oregon County company of the 2nd Regiment, 7th Division, Missouri State Guard, 4 July 1 December 1861. The narrative also includes biographical data on selected Oregon County soldiers.

Skaggs, Henry Ellison, 1831-1899. Papers, 1862-1895 (R0247)
These are a diary and papers, 1862-1865, of Henry Ellison Skaggs, pertaining to his service in the 1st Missouri Cavalry in Missouri and Arkansas during the Civil War. Included are a diary, two letters from Little Rock, Arkansas, a photograph of Skaggs in uniform, and a group of prayers. There are also correspondence concerning his military pension, 1893-1895, and genealogical data.

Spengler Family, Papers, 1850-1870 (C4034)
Correspondence to Daniel H. Spengler, of Bentonsville, Virginia, from his brothers Philip and Samuel and other relatives and friends living in Missouri and Virginia, covering the period 1856 to 1860 and 1865 to 1870. Also included are a map of New York City, a photocopy of the Warren County, Virginia census of 1850, a railroad advertisement, two train tickets, and accounts of travel expenses.

Steen, A[lexander] E., Papers, 1861-1862, (C2454)
Correspondence of Confederate brigadier general of the 5th Division, Missouri State Guard, concerning a military engagement near Fort Scott, September 1, 1861; John E. Pitt's attempt to organize troops in the 5th Military District; and the discharge of soldiers.

Sterling Price Museum
Photos from General Sterling Price's family photo album of family members and friends. Also included in the collection is one deed and a copy of a letter written from Sterling Price to his brother when Sterling was living in Cordova, Mexico.

Stewart, Townsend (1814-1860) and Sarah Carter (1820-1902), Family, Papers, 1836-1875, (C3930)
Papers of the Stewart family consist of a small group of genealogical documents prepared by twentieth century family members, and a larger, incomplete body of correspondence of family members, family friends, and a small number of businessmen.

Stratton, Pauline H. (1814-1887), Papers, 1841, 1846-1870, (C0842)
Diary of Mrs. Stratton's life in Virginia and Missouri. Also a letter, 1841, written by her to her husband before their marriage.

Sumner, H.M., Letter, 1862, (C0510)
To [Benjamin F.] Loan, Lexington, MO, from Jefferson City, MO, Oct. 29, 1862. Reporting succession speech of Sample Orr and requesting approval of Sumner's action in restricting Orr to Jefferson City.

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Thompson, Elizabeth Remay Dabbs. Papers, 1850-1932 (R0671)
These are papers collected mostly by Elizabeth Remay Dabbs Thompson of Greene County, Missouri, covering a period from 1850 to 1932. Included are personal correspondence from friends and family, legal documents, and business papers. The collection generally concerns the Civil War in southwestern Missouri, family matters, and business affairs.

Thompson, Lizzie, Letter, 1864, (C2208)
To Beverly [Thompson], [Arrow Rock, MO], from Boonville, [MO], Nov. 1, 1864. Horror of war in Missouri, "a bone of contention." Fire destroyed a block on Main Street in Boonville. General Price camped in Boonville, stripped town and country of cattle, forage, and staple goods. Best citizens have fled, friends joining both armies. Family information.

Thurmond, Nic[holas], Letter, 1865, (C2143)
Description of Sterling Price's engagement at Boonville, MO, October 6-7, 1864. Price's retreat from Missouri, Oct. 1864. Army camps in Arkansas, the Federals, horror and grandeur of war, news of friends. Thurmond's wounds and his position teaching school on a Choctaw Indian reservation since November 28, 1864.

Townsend, George E., Letters, 1858-1864
Townsend was a riverboat pilot and captain who served on various steamers on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The letters provide details of living aboard a steamboat, occupational hazards of river travel and war work, names of numerous steamers and gun boats, anecdotes, the Mississippi River blockade, and the Battle of Vicksburg. The letter and draft written by Townsend’s daughter provide additional information about her father, and the letters from Smith provide a picture of the financial difficulties of apprenticing.

Tucker, D.M. and J.H., Papers, 1833-1902, (C0178)
Records of a mercantile firm in Fulton, MO. Business, the Civil War, state insane asylum, and politics are discussed. Records of the Tucker and Harris mercantile firm, later the D.M. and J.H. Tucker firm.

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Washburne Family, Papers, 1825-1900 (C4047)
The papers of the Washburne family consist of personal and business correspondence concerning their wool business in Lockhart, Texas, advertisements, receipts, and account information. The correspondence deals extensively with family affairs, slavery, the Civil War, and politics. The collection also includes several slave bills of sale.

Watson-Westlake Papers, 1813-1947, (C0186)
Correspondence, receipts, legal documents, and miscellaneous items of the Watson family of Boone County. Memoir by Thomas W. Westlake of his Civil War and post-Civil War experiences.

Westminster College Bulletins
This is a collection made up of Westminster College bulletins from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. The collection includes bulletins from the years 1853-54, 1855-56, 1856-57, 1857-58, 1858-59, 1859-60, 1862-63, 1865-66, 1866-67, 1867-68, 1868-69, 1869-70, 1870-71, and 1871-72. There is also an address made by S. S. Laws in 1857.

William Morgan Diary
Civil War Service Diary of William Morgan, beginning January 1, 1865, and ending on the day he was mustered out of the Service, June 29, 1865. Records everyday occurrences including locations of camp (Spring Hill, Nashville, and Johnsonville, TN; Paducah, KY; Cairo, IL; St. Louis and Warrensburg, MO); activities; weather; mail; general health of the companies, sickness (mumps, varioloid), and death; traffic on the river; food or lack thereof; and travel via train and boat.

William Van Doren Diary
The diary of William Van Doren consists of 152 pages written between January 2, 1861 and August 16, 1863. Van Doren was a professor at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. He decided to accept a teaching position in California and traveled alone, leaving his wife and children in Fulton with $10, hoping to be able to eventually bring them out to California once he was settled. The diary consists of entries on a variety of topics including his travels to California, Civil War news from Fulton, his concerns about the new teaching position and making a life for himself and his family in California, and news about his family that he receives in letters from his wife.

William Vaughan Diary
Diary of William E. Vaughan of Christian County, Missouri dated from December 14, 1861 to May 27, 1862; given to his sister Almena C. Bowles. Vaughan was sworn into Confederate Service, Christian County Company, December 14, 1861 in Ozark, Christian County, Missouri; H. P. Green was elected Captain of the company. The diary documents Vaughan’s day by day experiences as he traveled from Ozark, MO to Springfield, MO; Springfield, MO to Cove Creek, Arkansas; Cove Creek to Pea Ridge, Arkansas; Pea Ridge to Van Buren, Arkansas; Van Buren to Clarksville, Arkansas; Clarksville to Dover, Arkansas; Dover to Springfield, Arkansas; and Springfield to Des Arc, Arkansas; and on to Memphis, TN and Corinth, MS.

William Work Papers
This collection includes letters from William W. Work to his father, James B. Work, in Wenona, Illinois, from July 27, 1864 to July 5, 1865, during his service as a Union Soldier; one letter from William’s brother, Albert B. Work, to their father, dated June 27, 1865, during his service as a Union Soldier; 2 deeds, dated 1877 and 1890 for the same parcel of land in the state of California; an undated family history written sometime after 1957 (the death date of a person in the history is stated as 1957); and the Personal Military and Civil History of William Work as entered in the Soldiers and Sailors Historical and Benevolent Society, dated 1911.

Winfrey Family, Papers, (CA6111)
Correspondence between the Winfrey family of Carroll County, Missouri to relatives in Grant County, Wisconsin from immediately preceding the Civil War to 1868. Also includes limited genealogical material for the Winfrey, Kirkpatrick, and Gagnebin families.

Woodson, Richard Goodrich. Papers, 1862 1865 (R0410)
This collection consists of correspondence, orders, and miscellaneous military papers of Richard G. Woodson, of Pike County, Missouri, colonel of the 3rd Missouri State Militia Cavalry (New). The papers concern the administration of the post at Pilot Knob, Missouri, and the activities of the 3rd Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

Wright, Clark. Papers, 1861-1863. (R0523)
These are the Civil War papers of Clark Wright, a resident of Polk County, Missouri, and a Union cavalry officer. The collection includes an order to Wright from John M. Schofield, letters from St. Louis and Rolla to his wife, Sarah Jane Wright, newspaper clippings, rosters of the field and staff officers of the 6th Missouri Cavalry, and a list of signs and countersigns for the post at Lebanon, Missouri.