Guide to American Civil War in Missouri

Regimental History of the Tenth Missouri Volunteer InfantryBooks

The Civil War eBook Collection represents a small selection of books related to the Civil War in Missouri found in The State Historical Society of Missouri's collection.

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Babe of the Company, An Unfolded Leaf from the Forest of Never-to-be-forgotten Years
by: Hamp B. Watts  
Memoirs, Historical and Personal : Including the Campaigns of the First Missouri Confederate Brigade
by: Ephraim McD. Anderson  
My Experiences in the War 1861 to 1865 : or, A Little Autobiography
by: Ai Edgar Asbury  
A Private Chapter of the War (1861-5)
by: George W. Bailey  
Quantrell's Raid on Lawrence
by: L.D. Bailey and others  
History of the Thirty-sixth Regiment Illinois Volunteers During the War of the Rebellion
by: L. G. Bennett and William M. Haigh  
An Address to the Public, Vindicating a Work of Art Illustrative of the Federal Military Policy in Missouri During the Late Civil War
by: George C. Bingham  
The Union Indian Brigade in the Civil War
by: Wiley Britton  
Report of the Committee of the House of Representatives...Appointed to Investigate the Conduct and Management of the Militia
compiled by: Dianne Buffon and Linda Brown-Kubisch  
Jim Cummins, The Guerilla
by: James Cummings  
Union and Anti-Slavery Speeches Delivered During The Rebellion
by: Charles D. Drake  
Reminiscences of S. H. Ford
by: S. H. Ford  
Camp and Prison Journal Embracing Scenes in Camp, On the March, and in Prisons
by: Griffin Frost  
Regimental History of the Tenth Missouri Volunteer Infantry
by: M. O. Frost  
Four Years with Five Armies: Army of the Frontier, Army of the Potomac, Army of the Missouri; Army of the Ohio; Army of the Shenandoah
by: Isaac Gause  
Robert P. Goodman's Book
by: Robert P. Goodman  
A Thrilling Record, Founded on Facts and Observations Obtained During Ten Days' Experience with Colonel William T. Anderson
by: Thomas M. Goodman  
Reminiscences of One Who Suffered in the Lost Cause
by: C. H. Hance  
The Battle of Westport
by: Paul B. Jenkins  
Recollections of a Volunteer: A Memoir of the Civil War
by: Peter D. Lane  
Annual Report of the Adjutant General of Missouri for the Year Ending December 31, 1865
by: The Missouri Adjutant General's Office  
Negro-Slavery, No Evil; or the North and the South
by: Platte County Self-Defensive Association  
The Battle of Lexington : the Official Records of Both Parties to the Conflict
by: Printed for the Lexington Historical Society  
Organization and Status of Missouri Troops, Union and Confederate, in Service During the Civil War
by: The United States Record and Pension Office  
The Lyon Campaign in Missouri
by: E. F. Ware