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The Missouri Historical Review, an award-winning scholarly quarterly, has served as the cornerstone of the Society's publication program since 1906. This richly illustrated journal features recent scholarship on all facets of the state's history. The Missouri Historical Review also contains reviews of and notes on recently published books about the history of the state and local areas and the lives of Missourians. Support the premier journal for Missouri history!

Current issue:

April 2015 (Vol. 109, No. 3)

Feature Articles
Missouri Historical Review Cover

Thomas Hart Benton's Fall from Grace
By Henry Adams


"That's What a Real Political Cartoon Is"
An Exploration of Cartooning and Political Culture with Jules Feiffer and Tom Engelhardt

With an Introduction by Joan Stack


The Concept of Liberty in Territorial Missouri, 1819
By John Korasick


From the Stacks:
   Research Center-Rolla

  Gifts of an Heiress: Lucy Wortham James and the James Foundation Papers, 1912–1980s
By John Bradbury

Book Reviews

Senator Benton and the People: Master Race Democracy on the Early American Frontiers
   By Ken S. Mueller
Reviewed by Dennis K. Boman

German Immigrants, Race, and Citizenship in the Civil War Era
   By Alison Clark Efford
Reviewed by Robert W. Frizzell

Utopia: Revisiting a German State in America; Aufbruch in die Utopie: Auf den Spuren einer deutschen Republik in den USA
   Edited by Traveling Summer Republic and City Archives of Giessen
Reviewed by Steven Rowan

An Osage Journey to Europe, 1827–1830: Three French Accounts
   Edited and Translated by William Least Heat-Moon and James K. Wallace
Reviewed by Greg Olson

Winning the War for Democracy: The March on Washington Movement, 1941–1946
   By David Lucander
Reviewed by Keona Ervin

Play Me Something Quick and Devilish: Old-Time Fiddlers in Missouri
   By Howard Wight Marshall
Reviewed by Patrick Huber

Book Notes

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 3
Edited by Susan Swartwout

Necessary Evil: Settling Missouri with a Rope and a Gun
By Joe Johnston

Friends of Arrow Rock: The First 55 Years
By Sandy Selby

Laura Ingalls Wilder: American Writer on the Prairie
By Sallie Ketcham

Alexis in America: A Russian Grand Duke's Tour, 1871–1872
By Lee A. Farrow

Moonlight Serenade to City Lights: Rare Images of Bands and Orchestras from the Dance Hall Era in Missouri
By Kenneth Johnson

And Justice for All: A History of the Federal District Court of Eastern Missouri
By Burton Boxerman

Teddy Roosevelt & Leonard Wood: Partners in Command
By John S.D. Eisenhower

The Battle of Pilot Knob: Thunder in Arcadia Valley
By Bryce A. Suderow and R. Scott House

The Southern Exodus to Mexico: Migration across the Borderlands after the American Civil War
By Todd W. Wahlstrom

Graduate Theses Relating to Missouri History, 2014
News in Brief
Cover Image Credit
Detail from Politics, Farming and Law panel, A Social History of Missouri, Missouri Capitol mural by Thomas Hart Benton (1889–1975), 1936. [Art © Benton Testamentary Trusts/UMB Bank Trustee/VAGA, New York]

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