Century of Missouri History Scholarship Series

St. Louis from Village to Metropolis: Essays from the Missouri Historical Review, 1906-2006

Table of Contents
Preface vii
Introduction 1
Louis S. Gerteis
The First Jews in St. Louis 16
Walter Ehrlich
“Endangering the Peace of Society”: Abolitionist Agitation and Mob Reaction in St. Louis and Alton, 1836-1838 36
 Bonnie E. Laughlin
Lutheran Families in St. Louis and Perry County, Missouri, 1839-1870 60
Louise Buenger Robbert
Social Life in St. Louis from 1840 to 1860 74
Helen Davault Williams
Business Life in St. Louis, Missouri, 1847-1848, as Revealed in the Letters of North Carolina Immigrants 93
Lewis E. Atherton
The National Railroad Convention in St. Louis, 1849 103
R. S. Cotterill
Yankee Merchants in a Border City: A Look at St. Louis Businessmen in the 1850s 116
James Neal Primm
“An Outrage on Humanity”: Martial Law and Military Prisons in St. Louis During the Civil War 128
Louis S. Gerteis
Race Relations in St. Louis, 1865-1919 150
Lawrence O. Christensen
China at the St. Louis World’s Fair 164
Irene E. Cortinovis
St. Louis Tourist-Sportsmen: Urban Clubs in the Wetlands 173
Lynn Morrow
Creating the Dream: Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, 1933-1935 199
Sharon A. Brown
Fighting for Democracy in St. Louis: Civil Rights During World War II 223
Patricia L. Adams
“She Got to Berlin”: Virginia Irwin, St. Louis Post-Dispatch War Correspondent 241
Anne R. Kenney
Contributors 264
Index 266