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Lawrence O. Christensen Article Award

Articles eligible for nomination must relate to a Missouri history topic and be published during the 2015 calendar year (no restriction on residence of the author). The author of the winning article will receive a $250 prize. Please include complete contact information with your submission.

To nominate an article for this award, please send a letter that briefly describes the article's merits, as well as a copy of the article that includes the name and volume/issue number of the journal in which it is published. Nominations for this prize may be submitted to:

John Brenner, Managing Editor
State Historical Society of Missouri
1020 Lowry Street
Columbia, MO 65201

The deadline for receipt of nominations is December 1, 2015.

Award winners will be announced at the Missouri Conference on History.

Award Recipients


Carl J. Ekberg, Illinois State University, and Sharon K. Person, St. Louis Community College
"Tracking Pierre Laclède, 1763-66: A Trading Career Gone Wrong," Missouri Historical Review, April 2014


Todd Barnett, University of Missouri
"The 'Great Controversy': The Press, Religion, and Society in Gilded Age St. Louis," Missouri Historical Review, January 2013


Holly A. Baggett, Missouri State University
“The Creation of a Community: A History of Gay and Lesbian Springfield, 1945-2010,” in Springfield’s Urban Histories: Essays on the Queen City of the Missouri Ozarks, ed. Stephen L. McIntyre, Moon City Press, 2012.


Michael J. McVicar, The Ohio State University
“Aggressive Philanthropy: Progressivism, Conservatism, and the William Volker Charities Fund,” Missouri Historical Review, July 2011.


Rebecca S. Montgomery, Texas State University
“’With the Brain of a Man and the Heart of a Woman’: Missouri Women and Rural Change, 1890-1945,” Missouri Historical Review, April 2010.


Carolyn Gilman
“LAnne du Coup: The Battle of St. Louis, 1780,” Missouri Historical Review, April and July 2009.


James N. Giglio, Missouri State University
“‘Tom, You’re Not Going to Get [It] On a Silver Platter’: The Inaugural Senate Campaign of Thomas F. Eagleton,” Missouri Historical Review, April 2008.