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Office correspondence, wire copy, and news reports on audio tapes and cassettes of managing editor for ABC Radio News during the 1960s and 1970s. Tapes document most major events of this period including the Kennedy and King assassinations, Vietnam War, and space missions. The papers also contain materials from George's teaching career in the 1980s and 1990s.


Box 11945-1954Japanese Surrender in WWII, 1952 Election, Local/national news from KWWL, Waterloo, Iowa
Box 21960Hurricane Donna, Election, Congo
Box 31960-1961Eichmann Trial, UN hearings on Laos and Middle East
Box 41961-1962Pope John XXIII, James Meredith
Boxes 5-71962James Meredith, Cuban Missile Crisis, Mercury space missions, Desk Notes and Diaries
Boxes 8-111963JFK administration and assassination, Civil rights, Vietnam, Pope John XXIII, Mercury space missions, International news, Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
Box 121963-1964Desk reports, JFK follow-ups
Boxes 13-161964Election, Cuba, Panama, Warren Report, Kenya, Gulf of Tonkin, MacArthur funeral, DeGualle
Boxes 17-201965LBJ inauguration, DeGaulle, Churchill funeral, Vietnam, Selma, March on Washington, Blackout, Edward R. Murrow, Gemini space missions
Boxes 21-231966Gemini space missions, Vietnam, Civil rights, Blackout, Election
Boxes 24-261967Vietnam, 6 Days War, Adenauer funeral
Box 271967-1968Misc. notes, national, international news
Boxes 28-301968Vietnam, Election, RFK/MLK assassinations, Apollo space program, Czechoslovakia
Box 311968-1969POWs, Misc. national news
Boxes 32-371969Apollo 11, POWs, Vietnam, Moratorium Day, State of the Union, Nixon in Europe and Asia
Boxes 38-411970Middle East, USSR, Apollo space missions
Box 421970-1971Vietnam
Boxes 43-481971Vietnam, Apollo space missions, Attica Prison , Laos invasion, Civil rights
Box 491971-1972Nixon transcripts, Apollo space missions, Kissinger in Saigon
Boxes 50-551972Nixon in China, Election, Vietnam, Apollo space missions
Box 561972-1973Nixon transcripts, Desk notes, etc.
Box 571973Northern Ireland, Nixon inauguration, Apollo space missions, Agnew
Box 581973-1974Vietnam, Watergate
Box 591974Misc. national and international news
Box 601975Misc. national and international news
Boxes 61-621976Apollo space missions, notes, misc. news
Box 631977-1979Misc. news, notes
Boxes 64-721980s-1990sTeaching materials- University of Missouri and Trinity College, San Antonio, Texas
Boxes 73-78Personal,
school notebooks, correspondence, writings, publicity

Audio Tapes (Radio news reports- cover most major events of the period including assassinations, campaigns and elections, space program, Vietnam War, etc.)

Box 791940s-1950s
Box 801960s, undated
Box 811961
Box 821962
Box 831963
Box 841964
Boxes 85-861965
Boxes 87-881966
Boxes 89-911967
Box 921968
Box 931969
Box 941970-1972
Box 951973-1977
Box 961980s
Boxes 97-101Undated

Audio Cassettes (Radio news reports)

Box 1021963-1968
Box 1031964-1970
Box 1041970-1972
Box 1051973-1979
Box 1061980s-1990s (includes many from KBIA, Columbia, Missouri)
Box 107Undated

Video Tapes




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