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Saline County Collection Descriptions

Saline County was organized in 1820. The county seat is Marshall. The collections listed below deal in some manner with Saline County. This list is not comprehensive, so be sure to browse collection descriptions by subject.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre, Collection, 1961-1985, (C2898)
1 folder(s)
Correspondence concerning the development of the theater; drafts of an article regarding its history; brochure for the 1965 season, history of the theater to 1979, and program of the 25th season.

Arrow Rock Tavern Board Papers, 1826-1923, (C3087)
9 folder(s)
Correspondence of John Sappington with Hogan & Wright, collection agents, 1842-1844; correspondence of Claiborne F. Jackson, 1855-1861; correspondence and miscellaneous items concerning the placement of Highway 40 and Santa Fe Trail markers; Martha Woods Diary, 1854-1860; Hugh Stephens scrapbook, n.d.

Ashley, William Henry, Letter, 1837, (C2541)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter concerning the purchase of a residence in Virginia for Ashley's sister and purchase by Chouteau and Ashley of land between Arrow Rock and Boonville, Missouri.


Behrens, Jack, Photograph Collection, (P0227)
5 photographs
5 cabinet cards showing images of cadets from the Marmaduke Military Academy in Sweet Springs, Missouri.

Belwood, James I., Account Book, 1856-1892, (C2482)
1 volume
The collection contains account book of a saddler in Arrow Rock, MO, including the accounts of his hired hands.

Brown, Dwight H. (1887-1944), Papers, 1928-1944, (C2529)
9.8 linear feet
The collection contains the papers of Dwight H. Brown, Missouri secretary of state, 1932-1944. The papers are arranged alphabetically by topics.


Civil War Scrapbook, Missouri, 1823-1868, (C1379)
1 folder
The papers contain a collection of newspaper clippings on Missouri, 1823-1868, from New York and Boston newspapers, primarily the New York Daily Tribune. Most of the items pertain to the Civil War in Missouri, 1861-1862, and include maps and diagrams of the war in the west.

Cole County Historical Society, Photograph Collection, (P0537)
10 photographs
Photos of Jefferson City and Arrow Rock Tavern.

Collins, A. Loyd, Scrapbook, 1938-1939, (C1391)
1 volume
Newspaper clippings on the history of Missouri, including activities of Spanish explorers, Civil War, temperance movement, George Caleb Bingham, growth of churches, Pony Express, Charles E. Kearney, James brothers, and educational institutions.

Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Nelson, Missouri, Records, 1891-1894, (C1875)
1 folder
The records contain four ledger sheets of church records dating from 24 May 1891 to 25 November 1894. Begins with the founding of the church in Nelson, Saline County, Missouri, by order of New Lebanon Presbytery with ruling elders from the Salt Fork Congregation. They organized a Presbyterian church known as the Nelson Congregation with the Reverend T.S. Love as pastor.


Davis Family Scrapbook, 1865-1905, (C2472)
1 volume
The papers contain newspaper clippings of poems, editorials, feature articles, wedding and anniversary announcements, and obituaries, concentrating on Davis family members. Many of the clippings are taken from a Marshall, Missouri, newspaper. Some family photographs are included; others are in the State Historical Society Editorial Office photograph files. See also collection 834.


Fitzpatrick, James M., Letters, 1848-1857, (C2711)
2 folders
Twenty-one letters to and from James Fitzpatrick of Lexington, KY, concerning family news, the California gold rush, farming, and cholera epidemic.


Guitar, Sarah (1892-1963), Collection, n.d., (C3391)
1.5 linear feet
Card file compiled by Sarah Guitar, reference librarian of the State Historical Society of Missouri, as a guide to county boundaries of Missouri, 1812-1929; Missouri congressional district boundaries, 1845-1933; Missouri senatorial districts, 1820-1931; and Missouri judicial circuits, 1815-1915.

Guitar, Sarah (1892-1963), Papers, 1931-1944, (C3563)
1.2 linear feet
Correspondence and miscellaneous information on Missouri compiled by Guitar during her employment, under the direction of Floyd C. Shoemaker, as Reference Librarian for the State Historical Society of Missouri. Includes one card box of reference notes.


Hall, John R. (1892-1968), Collection, 1834-1966, (C1420)
0.2 linear feet
Correspondence, pamphlets, photographs, newspapers, and other material relating to the history of Marshall and Saline County, MO. The collection is composed of items that Hall, an employee of the Marshall DAILY DEMOCRAT NEWS, collected from a variety of sources over the years.

Hall, Thomas B., " History of the Memorial Presbyterian Church & the Experiment Farm of Napton, MO," 1944, (C0771)
1 folder
The collection contains one pamphlet giving history of the T.A. Smith family and farm in Saline County, the Memorial Presbyterian Church in Napton, Missouri, and other hamlets in Saline County.

Hamilton, T.M. "Ted" (1905-2001), Papers, 1922-1984, (C3073)
14 rolls of microfilm
Papers of Saline County, Missouri, farmer and expert on historic and prehistoric weaponry. Correspondence on archaeological and historical topics, as well as personal, business, and local civic affairs. Also includes photographs, notes, organizational materials, publications, and manuscripts on Hamilton's archaeological interests.

Hardeman, John Locke, Letters, 1843-1850, (C2337)
6 folders
The collection contains Photostats of eighteen letters to N[athaniel] Beverly Tucker, Williamsburg, VA, from Arrow Rock and St. Louis, MO. Hardeman acted as Tucker's agent in Saline County.

Hoagland, Dan B., Photographs, (P0150)
0.58 linear feet
580+ photos of mid-Missouri towns, including many small and abandoned locales, and Boone County churches, ca. 1983.

Holmes, Patricia, Photograph Collection, (P0371)
1 folder
Photographs of Sam Brown, hung in Greenville, MO in the early 1900s; High Street, Miami, MO; Helen steam ferry on Missouri River; University of Missouri Arts & Sciences faculty (1948-1949), Redding-Hill House, and Cooper county historic houses and markers.

Humphreys, Thomas (1836-1886), Diaries, 1857-1886, (C2473)
11 volumes
The papers contain a daily business and farming record including weather information and occasional references to contemporary social and political events. Provides a case study of farm management in southern Ohio and Saline County, Missouri, during the nineteenth century. Diaries are not comprehensive for the period.


James, David A. (1937- ) Papers, 1790-2008, (C4126)
5 cubic feet
The research material of a hotel management instructor whose work resulted in the publication Historic Hotels of Missouri: Hotels, Inns, and Taverns of 19th Century Missouri.


Lannan, Thomas C., Letters, 1849, (C2205)
1 folder
Two letters (April 20 and June 18) from a schoolteacher in Saline County, MO, to George Peter of Darnestown, MD, describing life in central Missouri, including a cholera epidemic, opportunities for purchasing land and farming, politics, and teaching.

Laurie, Joseph N., Collection, 1837-1862, (C2663)
3 volumes
Saline County treasurer's book, 1848; Laurie's store accounts from Boonville, MO, 1837-1838; Saline County probate court records, 1858-1862.

Lawless, Burton, Papers, 1818-1876, (C2056)
1 folder
Deeds, tax receipts, and will pertaining to property in Saline County, MO.

Lawrence, Josephine R. (1929-1992), Collection, 1844-1986, (C3792)
0.4 linear feet, photocopies
Papers of the Jackson and Lawrence families of Pennytown and Marshall, Missouri. The papers include newspaper clippings and unpublished manuscripts on the history of Pennytown, a black community near Marshall. There are also funeral cards, copies of legal documents, church and school records, and photographs of Pennytown and its residents.

Library of Congress, Missouri Historic American Buildings Survey, Photograph Collection, (P0123)
0.834 linear feet
Photos of historic Missouri homes, mainly from the HABS/HAER project. This collection focuses geographically on mid-Missouri and St. Louis.

Lubensky, Earl H., Papers, (WUNP6241)
54.3 l.f., 1 c.d., oversize
Personal and professional papers of a soldier, diplomat, and archaeologist who was a native of Marshall, Missouri. Includes papers of the Biesemeyer family of Osage County, Missouri, and Missouri Archaeological Society materials.


Marmaduke, Mary C., Clippings, n.d., (C0791)
1 folder
The collection contains newspaper clippings on the Marmaduke and Sappington families and Arrow Rock Tavern.

McKown, John D., Papers, 1851-1897, (C2335)
11 folders
The papers of John D. McKown contain personal correspondence, business papers, Civil War military papers, and documents concerning construction of Saline County, MO, courthouse.

McMahan, Jesse (1813-1894), Account Book, 1850-1860, (C2272)
1 volume
The collection contains an account book of an Arrow Rock, MO, grocery and dry goods merchant. The book also contains recipes and newspaper clippings regarding weddings and deaths of prominent Saline County citizens, 1881-1904.

Miami House, Miami, Missouri, Register, 1886-1896, (C2561)
1 volume
The collection contains the register of Miami House, Miami, MO, including names and residences of guests.

Miami Savings Bank, Miami, Missouri, Record Book, 1874-1923, (C1164)
1 volume
Includes articles of association, bylaws, minutes of board meetings, transfers, and minutes of stockholders' meetings."

Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Inc., Sacred Stones & Stained Glass Windows, Project, (C3723)
7.1 linear feet
Statewide documentation of local churches by county. Includes cultural arts reports, church histories, floor plans, architectural details, clippings, slides, photographs, and miscellany.

Missouri Central Railroad Company, Resolutions, 1869, (C1718)
1 folder
Resolutions to dissolve the Missouri Central Railroad Company, adopted by the stockholders. Company organized to build a railroad from Boonville to Arrow Rock. Cooper and Saline Counties and Arrow Rock failed to cooperate.

Missouri Division of Tourism, Photographs, (P0452)
0.08 linear feet
Photos of Thomas Hart Benton and Missouri Historic Sites, monuments, markers, and memorials.

Missouri Pacific Railway Company, Summer & Winter Health & Pleasure Resorts, 1888, (R1001)
1 folder, photocopies
This is an illustrated promotional booklet published by the passenger department of the Missouri Pacific Railway. It concerns resorts along the rail lines in the western and southwestern states, especially those in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Texas.

Missouri Place Names Study, 1927-1928 (C3459)
0.6 linear feet
Correspondence, term papers, and information collected by graduate students at the University of Missouri during a study of the origin and history of place names in forty-two Missouri counties.

Missouri Teachers' Academy, Circular, 1896, (C1823)
1 folder
The papers contain a brief history of the Missouri Teachers' Academy which was founded in 1886.

Missouri Veterans History Project, Oral History Records, 2010- (C4052)
2.4 cubic feet
The records of the Missouri Veterans History Project contain the local copy of veteran oral history interviews recorded for the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. The records include audio, video, interview logs, and some transcripts. The former Western Historical Manuscript Collection, a joint collection with the State Historical Society of Missouri, was a founding partner of the Veterans History Project in 2001.

Missouri, Arrow Rock, List of Residents, 1873-1882, (C3541)
1 folder(s)
List of names, compiled by Frank P. Robinson, of men who lived in Arrow Rock, MO.

Missouri, Arrow Rock. Town Records, 1827-1887, (C2659)
3 volumes
Records of town meetings, ordinances, financial transactions, and elections.

Missouri, Miami, Records, 1867-1965, (C2490)
1.1 linear feet
The public records of a town in Saline County, Missouri, include city council minutes, school board records, and assessment and tax books.

Missouri, Saline County. Tax Book, 1860, (C1238)
1 volume
Assessment of personal property and real estate for Saline County, MO, 1860.

Mitchell, Ewing Young, Jr. (1873-1954), Papers, 1840-1949 (C1041)
0.4 linear feet
Papers of a Springfield, Missouri, lawyer active in Democratic Party politics, who served as assistant secretary of commerce in Franklin Roosevelt's first administration. Material concerns family affairs, law practice with emphasis on county indebtedness, Ozark land speculation, and Democratic politics on the state and national levels.

Montgomery, Christine, Photographs, (P0144)
0.08 linear feet
Photographs of Walnut Grove, Sappington, and Bellefontaine Cemeteries, the 1993 Missouri River flood near Boonville, New Franklin area, Soulard Farmer's Market 1999, Johnson's Shut-ins 1994, Saline County Courthouse 1998, Jesse Hall 1997 restoration, 2002 Olympic Parade in Columbia, and Ste. Genevieve.

Morrow, Lynn, Collection, 1982-ca. 2010, (R1000)
296 folders, 7 cubic feet
These are the correspondence and research files of a Missouri historian. Topics include history, personages, architecture, culture, and folklore, particularly of the Ozarks region of Missouri, but also areas in the central and northern parts of the state. The papers include wide-ranging correspondence concerning research into and publication of the 19th century historical writings of Theodore P. Russell of Iron County and Silas C. Turnbo of southwest Missouri. The collection also includes a large selection of promotional publications and ephemera associated with late 20th century tourism in Missouri and Arkansas.


Presbytery of Missouri, Minutes, 1920-1943, (C1353)
0.2 linear feet
The records contain official copies of minutes of the Presbytery of Missouri. Minutes for 1920-1939 are bound; others are in pamphlet form.

Presbytery of Missouri Records, 1817-1920, (C1354)
1.4 linear feet, 6 oversize volumes
The records of the Presbytery of Missouri contain minutes, reports, and other records of an organization composed of ministers and representative elders of Presbyterian churches in Missouri. Volumes 1-6 have been microfilmed. Volume 7 is available onsite. See also collection C1353.

Price, William, Account Books, 1837-1855, (C2480)
3 volumes
The collection contains business records of Dr. William Price.


Ramsay Place Names File 1928-1945, (C2366)
12 cubic feet
Card file of origins of Missouri place names, compiled by students of Robert L. Ramsay, University of Missouri professor of English.

Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, Postcard Collection, (P0497)
18 postcards
Postcards of Missouri scenes: St. Joseph, Gallatin, Lebanon, Slater, Maryville, Branson, Jefferson City, Sedalia, St. Louis, and Kansas City.


Salt Springs Presbyterian Church, Salt Springs, Missouri, Records, 1869-1911, (C1367)
1 volume
Minutes of session meetings and registers of elders, deacons, communicants, baptisms, marriages, and deaths.

Sappington Family, Papers, 1831-1939, (C2889)
0.5 cubic feet
The papers contain documents pertaining to Dr. John Sappington and his family. These papers deal with the financial accounts of Dr. Sappington, financial business for W.B. Sappington, and a variety of receipts and business papers. Another portion of this collection contains correspondence and essays written by W.B. Sappington. There is also a small collection of newspaper clippings.

Sappington, William B. (1811-1888), Papers, 1830-1874, (C1421)
4 folders
Correspondence between members of a Saline County, MO, family, in addition to letters from friends and other relatives. Also included are essays and compositions by Sappington, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous family papers.

Smith, Nancy K., Postcard Collection, (P0029)
268 postcards
Postcards, all views of hospitals and clinics and some sanitariums across Missouri.

Spencer, George A. (1906-1997), Papers, 1931-1963, (C2466)
4.6 cubic feet
Correspondence, publicity, and legislative papers of a Boone County, MO, Democrat. Spencer's election campaigns and positions as city attorney, prosecuting attorney, and state representative and senator, and candidacy for Democratic nomination for attorney general. Activities of the Columbia, MO, Chamber of Commerce.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

Sullivan, Amos H. (1841-1934), Papers, 1850-1939 (C0273)
8 folder(s)
Papers of a Miami, Missouri, doctor containing clippings about weather, an eclipse, comet in 1910; Miami history and personalities, patients' case histories and accounts; diary about his family, and complete weather register with maximum and minimum temperature recordings.

Sullivan, Amos H. (1841-1934), (C2145)
4 volumes
Weather records, personal diaries, accounts, and medical hints of a Miami, MO, physician.


The Missouri Collection, (C3982)
The Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events.

Thorp, James T., (1888-1956), Scrapbooks, 1840-1955, (C1429)
1.5 linear feet
Materials collected and organized by Thorp as histories of the Missouri River, steamboats, and Miami, Missouri. Includes photographs, newspaper clippings, bills, receipts, excerpts from the Miami Weekly News, and miscellaneous items.

Townsend, Ben, Day Book, 1835, (C2501)
1 volume
The papers contain a day book of accounts of a general store in Arrow Rock, Missouri, June-November 1835.

Townsend, Benjamin F., Ledger, 1859-1882, (SUNP2760)
1 volume(s)
Ledger of a dry good and general merchandising business owned by Benjamin F. Townsend. The store was located on the northeast corner of 5th and Main in Arrow Rock, MO.


U.S. Selective Service System, Missouri, Records, 1917-1918, (C2681)
445 folders negative Photostats, 8.7 cubic feet
Lists of persons by county and district selective service boards whose cards were held by those boards. Arranged alphabetically by county.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, "Church Bibliography, Baptist Bodies of Missouri, Associational Minutes," 1941, (C1312)
1 volume
The collection contains a list of the various Baptist associations in Missouri and the dates for which their records are in existence.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, Historical Records Survey, Missouri, 1935-1942, (C3551)
302 linear feet; also available on 817 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, records, and working files. Originally designed to survey and inventory all county government records, the survey finally included inventories of church records, manuscript collections, vital statistics, American imprints, and federal archives. Incorporates records of the Federal Writers Project for Missouri.

Upton, Lucile Morris (1898-1992), Papers, 1855-1986, (C3869)
1 linear foot; 9 linear feet and 71 volumes on 25 rolls of microfilm; 1 video cassette
The personal and professional papers of a Springfield, Missouri, journalist and writer consisting of newspaper clippings, correspondence, research notes, manuscripts, pamphlets, photographs and scrapbooks. The papers are especially strong in the history of Springfield and the Ozarks region, and in Ozark folklore.


van Ravenswaay, Charles (1911-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C3873)
21.8 linear feet, 1 audio cassette
Correspondence, research notes, photographs, and literary manuscripts of historian and author Charles van Ravenswaay, former director of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis; Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts; and the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum and Gardens, Wilmington, Delaware.


Williams, Roy D. (1881-1972), Papers, 1853-1972, (C3769)
2 linear feet
Papers of Judge Roy D. Williams of Boonville, Missouri, containing speeches (primarily on local and regional history), historical notes, clippings, correspondence, photographs, and miscellany.

Withers, Ethel Massie, Scrapbook, ca. 1916, (C1440)
0.3 linear feet
The Ethel Massie Withers Scrapbook is an album of photographic copies of lantern slides used to illustrate the Missouri Daughters of the American Revolution lecture, Pioneering in Missouri, 1916. The scrapbook also includes a copy of the lecture, written by Ethel Massie Withers, with explanations of the photographs. The lantern slides are located in the Editorial Department of the State Historical Society of Missouri.


Yeagle Family, Papers, (CA5057)
1.5 linear feet
Addition to papers of a Saline County family. Includes correspondence, legal and business documents, programs and publications, newspaper clippings, and photographs of Yeagle and related families.

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