Eagleton, Thomas F. (1929-2007), Papers, 1944-1987 (C0674)
Preliminary Inventory



Papers of a Democratic Circuit Attorney for the city of St. Louis, 1956-1960; Attorney General of Missouri, 1960-1964; Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, 1964-1968; and U.S. Senator from Missouri, 1969-1986. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, speeches and press releases, audiovisual materials, microfilm, and newspaper clippings.

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Thomas Francis Eagleton was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on 4 September 1929, to Zitta Swanson and Mark D. Eagleton. He graduated from St. Louis Country Day School in 1946.

After high school he joined the United States Navy, serving two years. Eagleton graduated from Amherst College in 1950 with an A.B. degree. A year later he was awarded a certificate from Oxford University and in 1953 he received an LL.B. degree from Harvard Law School. Eagleton married Barbara Ann Smith of St. Louis on 26 January 1956. A son, Terence, was born in 1959, and a daughter, Christin, was born in 1960.

After graduating from law school, Eagleton entered private law practice in St. Louis with his father. He later became associated with the legal department of Anheuser-Busch.

Eagleton soon became interested in politics. He was elected circuit attorney of the City of St. Louis in 1956; attorney general of Missouri in 1960 (the youngest man to ever hold the position); lieutenant governor of Missouri in 1964; and U.S. Senator from Missouri in 1968. He was twice reelected to the U.S. Senate, in 1974 and 1980. Eagleton was chosen for the Democratic vice presidential candidate in 1972. He was asked to resign from the ticket, a month later, and was replaced by Sargent Shriver.

During his three terms in the Senate, Eagleton served on the following committees: Appropriations Committee, Select Committee on Intelligence, Truman Scholarship Foundation, Governmental Affairs Committee, Foreign Relations Committee, Select Committee on Ethics, Labor and Human Resources Committee, Public Works Committee, Labor and Public Welfare Committee, District of Columbia Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, National Capital Planning Commission, Temporary Commission on Financial Oversight of the District of Columbia, Special Committee on Aging, and National Visitor Facilities Advisory Commission. (For a complete list of Committee and Subcommittee assignments including dates, please see Appendix A.)

Eagleton received numerous awards and honors, including the Independent School Districts' Outstanding Service to Public Education Award in 1978 and the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities Distinguished Service Award in 1980. He received the Harry S Truman Good Neighbor Award twice, in 1974 and 1985. He also received an honorary Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Suffolk University in Massachusetts for his fight against legalized wiretapping.

Thomas Eagleton retired from the U.S. Senate in January of 1987. He returned to Missouri and accepted a partnership with the St. Louis law firm of Thompson & Mitchell. Eagleton also became a University Professor of Public Affairs and Political Science at Washington University where he taught courses in public policy and legislative politics. He died in St. Louis on 4 March 2007.



CIRCUIT ATTORNEY, 1954-1960 Series

Alphabetical by topic and chronological within:
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, and reports on such topics as wiretapping, juvenile delinquency, civil rights, Missouri politics, taxes, grand jury cases, charges against Circuit Attorney Edward Dowd, professional conferences and organizations, and St. Louis development projects. Also includes 1956 campaign materials.

f. 1Alcoholic Treatment Center, 1959. Campaign to establish municipal center.
f. 2Bail Bond Inquiry, 1956-1957. Investigation of bondsman Alvin Crouppen and his illegal activities.
f. 3Branch Banking, 1958-1960. Proposed limitations on branch banking.
f. 4-12Campaign and Election, 1956.
f. 4Campaign Materials, 1954-1956.
f. 5Congratulatory Letters, 1956-1957.
f. 6Honorary Colonel Award, 1956.
f. 7Inauguration Transcript, 1956.
f. 8Newspaper Clippings, 1956.
f. 9Press Releases--Primary Election, 1956.
f. 10Receipts and Expenditures, 1956.
f. 11Speeches and Press Releases--General Election, 1956.
f. 12Telegrams and Cards, 1956-1957.
f. 13-15City of St. Louis, 1957-1959. Chamber of Commerce reports and pamphlets on city development.
f. 16Civil Liberties, 1959. U.S. Civil Rights Commission report on race relations in the South.
f. 17Correspondence--Miscellaneous, 1960. Public appearances, campaign strategy, and various political matters.
f. 18-20Correspondence--Jackson County, 1959-1960. Kansas City politics and the attorney general election.
f. 21Correspondence--George T. O'Maley, 1959-1960. Eagleton's campaign for attorney general.
f. 22Democratic Primary Election, 1956. Circuit attorney election and Eagleton's campaign.
f. 23Dowd Retirement, 1956-1957. Edward L. Dowd's retirement from the office of circuit attorney and Eagleton's plans for his term of office.
f. 24Drunk Driving Law, 1959. Details of a tougher Missouri drunk driving law.
f. 25Due Process Delays, 1955-1958. Delays, docket overcrowding, and bad conditions in the city jails.
f. 26Editorials, 1956. St. Louis Globe-Democrat's endorsements for the primary election, poll results, and election wrap-up.
f. 27Feud with Judge McLaughlin, 1954. Describes clash between Circuit Judge James E. McLaughlin and Circuit Attorney Edward L. Dowd.
f. 28-38Grand Juries
f. 28Instructions, 1960.
f. 29Investigations, 1960.
f. 30Jury Members, 1959-1960.
f. 31-32Miscellaneous, 1955-1960.
f. 33Proposals, 1960.
f. 34Recommendations, 1957-1960.
f. 35-36Reports, 1960.
f. 37School Board Investigation, 1959-1960.
f. 38Sessions, 1960.
f. 39Holding Witnesses, 1956. Criticism of Circuit Attorney Dowd's misuse of material witnesses' legal rights.
f. 40-41Interoffice Correspondence, 1957-1960. Field notes and reports on cases under investigation.
f. 42-46Jencks Case
f. 42Comments and Observations, 1957-1958.
f. 43Correspondence, 1957-1958.
f. 44-45Newspaper Articles, 1957-1958.
f. 46Magazines and Pamphlets, 1957.
f. 47Jury Trials, 1960. Trial dockets.
f. 48Jury Verdicts, 1960. Verdicts, listed alphabetically by type of crime.
f. 49Juvenile Delinquency--History, 1949-1957. Reports by the St. Louis Police Department, National Probation and Parole Association, and St. Louis Bar Association.
f. 50-51Juvenile Delinquency--Crime, 1956-1960. Juvenile crime problem in St. Louis and some specific cases.
f. 52Juvenile Delinquency--Procedure, 1950-1958. Procedure manual for police personnel and report on the function of the Crime Prevention Division.
f. 53Labor Problems, 1957-1958. Articles questioning St. Louis's "bad labor" reputation.
f. 54Londe Complaint, 1956-1957. Investigation of Isadore Londe's charge of brutality against the St. Louis Police Department.
f. 55Loss of Businesses, 1957-1960. Articles focusing on St. Louis's industrial growth.
f. 56Mill Creek Valley, 1957-1960. Proposals for redevelopment of the Mill Creek Valley slum area.
f. 57Mishandling of Cases, 1955-1956. Accusations against Circuit Attorney Dowd.
f. 58Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys--Kansas City, 1960. Correspondence and mailing lists pertaining to the annual meeting.
f. 59Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys--Miscellany, 1957-1959. Correspondence discussing seminars, workshops, membership fees, and a meeting in Columbia.
f. 60Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys--St. Louis, 1958-1959. Correspondence and forms pertaining to the annual meeting.
f. 61-62Montague Case, 1959. Articles focusing on a sensational St. Louis murder case.
f. 63-77Narcotics
f. 63Arrests, 1956-1957.
f. 64Clinics, 1956-1957.
f. 65Correspondence, 1956-1958.
f. 66-67Illinois Narcotic Control Bureau, 1955-1958.
f. 68-72Nalline, 1953-1960.
f. 73Oakland Trip, 1957.
f. 74Pamphlets and Printed Materials, 1951-1959.
f. 75Thank You Letters, 1957-1958.
f. 76-77Visits, 1956-1958.
f. 78-88National Association of County and Prosecuting Attorneys
f. 78Houston Meeting, 1957.
f. 79Las Vegas Meeting, 1957-1958.
f. 80Milwaukee Meeting, 1959.
f. 81-82Miscellany, 1955-1960.
f. 83New Jersey Meeting, 1958.
f. 84Public Relations Committee, 1958-1959.
f. 85Resolutions Committee, 1958.
f. 86St. Louis Meeting, 1958.
f. 87San Francisco Meeting, 1957.
f. 88Sun Valley Meeting, 1958.
f. 89National District Attorney Association, 1960. Bulletin discussing the mid-winter conference in Miami Beach, member news, and controversial legal issues.
f. 90Need for Younger Candidates, 1956-1959. Articles commenting on the need for younger men, and newer ideas, in top political positions.
f. 91-92Newspaper Articles, 1956. The issues, platforms, and results of the general election for the office of circuit attorney.
f. 93Personal Police Staff, 1955-1957. Articles focusing on the misuse of official police cars, the need for a larger police force, and Circuit Attorney Dowd's private police staff.
f. 94Plaza Area Redevelopment, 1957-1959. Articles dealing with the construction of an apartment complex and underground garage in the downtown plaza area of St. Louis.
f. 95Police Pay-Off Inquiry, 1955-1956. Investigation of possible police pay-offs and cover-ups.
f. 96Proposed City Charter, 1957-1959. Articles and pamphlets outlining a new St. Louis city charter.
f. 97Riverfront, 1957-1960. Articles referring to the redevelopment of the St. Louis riverfront area, particularly construction of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.
f. 98St. Louis Sewer District, 1958-1960. Discussion of the success of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, an experimental program established by the city's board of freeholders.
f. 99Salary Increases, 1956-1957. Eagleton's request for staff and salary increases.
f. 100School Taxes, 1959. Correspondence pertaining to the defeat of a proposed school tax increase.
f. 101Scott Air Force Base, 1955. Concerns a robbery case involving a Scott Air Force Base airman and complaints about the abuse of his legal rights.
f. 102Secret Microphone, 1955-1956. Complaints against Circuit Attorney Dowd for his use of illegal listening devices.
f. 103 Speeches, 1958-1960. Includes speeches presented to the Big Brothers Organization of St. Louis, Democratic Clubs of St. Charles County, Missouri Association for Social Welfare, and the South Central Business Association, Inc.
f. 104-105Speeches--Invitations, 1958-1959. Consists of only those invitations to speak that Eagleton and/or his staff accepted.
f. 106Speeches--Jokes, 1944-1959. Short stories, quotes, and jokes collected by Eagleton for use in his speeches.
f. 107State Taxes, 1957-1960. Discussions on an earnings tax increase, the need to raise revenue, and how to handle tax evaders.
f. 108-109Traffic, 1957-1960. Proposals to rectify St. Louis traffic problems, including suggestions to change speed laws, increase parking facilities, fund public transportation, and organize a city traffic department.
f. 110Transportation System, 1957-1958. Recommendations on how to alleviate traffic congestion in the downtown St. Louis area.
f. 111Wiretapping, 1958-1960. Report given by Eagleton before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights on the threat posed to civil rights by legalized wiretapping.

ATTORNEY GENERAL, 1951-1964 Series

Alphabetical and chronological order:
This series contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, press releases, and reports on such topics as wiretapping, juvenile delinquency, civil rights, capital punishment, education, school prayer, search and seizure, interracial marriages, and 1960 campaign materials arranged alphabetically by topic and chronologically within. The correspondence concerns pending court cases, legislation, Eagleton's campaign for lieutenant governor, and miscellaneous matters. It is arranged in alphabetical order, A-L, by the correspondents' last names while the remaining, J-Z, letters are arranged within relevant subjects.

f. 112Billboard Advertising, 1960. Use of billboards in Eagleton's campaign for attorney general.
f. 113Biographical Sketches, 1961-1963. Compiled for award nominations, press releases, and a professional directory.
f. 114Bond Issue Referendums, 1964. Discussion of various bond issues and the majorities required for their approval.
f. 115Bullock Case, 1959-1962. Articles, correspondence, and a report concerning the James S. Bullock murder.
f. 116-124Campaign and Election, 1960
f. 116Campaign Materials, 1960.
f. 117Catholics in Politics, 1959-1960.
f. 118-122Correspondence, 1959-1960.
f. 123Receipts and Expenditures--General Election, 1960.
f. 124Receipts and Expenditures--Primary Election, 1960.
f. 125-130Capital Punishment
f. 125Articles, 1963-1964.
f. 126-128Correspondence, 1960-1964.
f. 129Memorandums, 1962.
f. 130Press Releases, 1962.
f. 131Certificates, 1961-1964. Lists of individuals receiving certificates for their work on important legal cases.
f. 132-133Champ, Village of, 1962-1964. Ouster suit brought against the Village of Champ attempting to void its incorporation.
f. 134-137Civil Liberties, 1956-1964. Reports, articles, correspondence, and pamphlets focusing on race relations in the South.
f. 138Conflicts of Interests, 1962. Reports and recommendations of the Commission on Conflicts of Interests.
f. 139Congressional Redistricting, 1962. Proposal granting certain states an additional representative in Congress.
f. 140-153Correspondence
f. 140A, 1962-1964
f. 141-142B, 1964
f. 143C, 1964
f. 144D, 1964
f. 145E, 1964
f. 146F, 1964
f. 147G, 1961-1964
f. 148-149H, 1964
f. 150I, 1964
f. 151J, 1963-1964
f. 152K, 1964
f. 153L, 1962-1964
f. 154Democratic Dinner, 1957-1958. Correspondence and guest lists pertaining to a dinner honoring Senator Stuart Symington.
f. 155-156Department of Corrections, 1963-1964. Proposal to modernize the state criminal code and the search for a new director and chairman of the board.
f. 157Digests of Opinions, 1961-1964. Decisions reached in cases prosecuted by the attorney general's office.
f. 158-159Duties and Responsibilities, 1961-1964. Reports, pamphlets, survey, and correspondence defining the duties of the attorney general.
f. 160-161Editorials and Opinions, 1949-1963. Correspondence and articles relating to Eagleton's decisions on a variety of cases.
f. 162-172Education
f. 162Citizens for Educational Freedom, 1959-1964.
f. 163-168Correspondence, 1960-1964.
f. 169-170Memorandums, 1962-1964.
f. 171-172 Newspaper Clippings, 1960-1964.
f. 173Gideon v. Cochran, 1962-1963. Supreme Court case involving state provision of legal counsel for indigent defendants.
f. 174Hannah's Analysis, 1963. Analysis by J. Howard Hannah of the Seventh Congressional District's voting patterns.
f. 175Hearing Examiners, 1963-1964. Proposal giving hearing examiners the authority to make decisions on license revocations and suspensions.
f. 176Hewlitt, J. Edwin, 1958-1960. Correspondence to and from the Reverend Hewlitt concerning his anti-Catholic views.
f. 177Increased Rights for Defendants, 1963. Speech by Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. and a background paper prepared for the annual meeting of the National Association of Attorneys General.
f. 178Indeterminate Sentence Law, 1955-1960. Proposed penal code changes.
f. 179Indigent Defendants, 1964. Reports on the defense of indigents in Missouri.
f. 180Interracial Marriages, 1962. Correspondence concerning the need to remove a Missouri law preventing interracial marriages.
f. 181-182Juvenile Delinquency, 1961-1964. Activities of the Governor's Committee on Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime.
f. 183Kennedy Memorial, 1963. National and state tributes to President John F. Kennedy.
f. 184King-Thompson Law, 1963. Constitutionality of a state law providing for emergency seizure of public utilities.
f. 185Kintner Regulations, 1964. Controversy resulting from a proposed federal income tax regulation.
f. 186Labor Correspondence, 1959-1960. Support of Eagleton's campaign for attorney general.
f. 187Lawyer's Committee for Eagleton, 1958-1960. Support of Eagleton in his bid for attorney general.
f. 188Lieutenant Governor Campaign, 1964.
f. 189Mandatory Severance, 1957. Legislation aimed at eliminating separate trials.
f. 190Miscellany, 1952-1968. Various court decisions and legal opinions.
f. 191Muckerman, Chris J., 1962-1963. Concerning juvenile crime and Missouri's juvenile code.
f. 192Nalline, 1957-1964. Discussion of drug enforcement laws, drug testing, and the treatment of drug addicts.
f. 193Opinion 93, 1961-1963. Passed by the Advisory Committee of the Missouri Bar placing restrictions on assistant and special assistant attorneys general.
f. 194Political Contributions, 1960. Financial statements from certain elections and an analysis of the legislation regulating political contributions by labor organizations.
f. 195Press Releases, 1959-1962. Includes publicity for Eagleton's attorney general campaign.
f. 196Primary Election, 1962. Official election returns and letters of support to other candidates.
f. 197Radio and Television Appearances, 1957-1960. Radio and television programs Eagleton appeared on and those that were of interest to him.
f. 198Regional Mental Health Centers, 1962-1964. Plans for establishing intensive mental health treatment centers in Columbia, Kansas City, and St. Louis.
f. 199Residence of Aldermen, 1958-1964. Articles dealing with violations of residency requirements by St. Louis aldermen.
f. 200-201Rural Electrification Association, 1962-1964. Articles regarding the property tax status of rural electric cooperatives.
f. 202-203School Prayer, 1962-1964. Debate over the legality of a law banning prayer in public schools.
f. 204-205Search and Seizure, 1957-1963. Discussion of search warrants and "probable cause."
f. 206Social Security Act, 1951-1963. Outlines a disagreement between the state of Missouri and the Social Security Administration.
f. 207-208Speeches, 1959-1964. Includes speeches presented to the Missouri State Prosecutor's Association, the National Association of Attorneys General, and the Professional Investigators Council of Greater St. Louis.
f. 209-211Speeches--Invitations, 1957-1964. Only speaking invitations that Eagleton and/or his staff accepted.
f. 212-213Spencer, George A., 1957-1960. State Senator Spencer's political views and his campaign for attorney general.
f. 214Staff Assignments, 1960-1964. Lists of which criminal cases were assigned to particular assistant and special assistant attorneys general.
f. 215Tenth Congressional District, 1959. Names of people Eagleton contacted from the tenth district seeking support for his campaign for attorney general.
f. 216United States Senate, 1961-1962. Letters encouraging Eagleton to campaign for the Senate.
f. 217Voting Irregularities, 1960. Investigation into accusations of vote fraud in five St. Louis wards.
f. 218Washington, D.C. Trip, 1959. Letters from Eagleton to various Democratic leaders seeking their support in his bid for attorney general.
f. 219-220Wiretapping--Correspondence, 1957-1964. Requests for information on wiretapping and invitations to testify on the subject before Senate committees.
f. 221-222Wiretapping--Newspaper Clippings, 1957-1964. Covers both the state and national controversy over illegal wiretapping.


Alphabetical by topic and chronological within:
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, and reports on such topics as capital punishment, education, gun control, revenue sharing, mental retardation, juvenile delinquency, population control, insurance, and Congressional bills.

f. 223Abortions, 1967. Bill liberalizing the laws relating to abortion in Missouri.
f. 224Aid to Dependent Children, 1967-1968.
f. 225-227Appointments, 1965-1968. Appointed by the governor to various state boards.
f. 228Arab-Israeli Issue, 1968. Analysis of United States interests in the Middle East.
f. 229-230Banks, 1956-1965. Investment of idle state funds.
f. 231Birth Control, 1967-1968. Proposal of a five-year birth control program for low income families.
f. 232Campaign Funds Bill, 1967-1968. Legislation requiring full public disclosure of all campaign spending in federal elections.
f. 233-235Capital Punishment, 1959-1967. Newspaper articles focusing on Eagleton's opposition to the death penalty.
f. 236Committee on Africa, 1965-1967. St. Louis-based group organized to further knowledge of Africa and render voluntary assistance.
f. 237-243Conference on Education, 1965-1968. State-wide conferences aimed at studying various aspects of education in Missouri.
f. 244-290Correspondence. Committee meetings, pending court cases, legislation, awards, speaking engagements, campaign strategy, recommendations, and various legal and political matters.
f. 2441956-1957
f. 2451957
f. 246-2491958
f. 250-2561959
f. 257-2581960
f. 2591961-1962
f. 2601963
f. 2611964
f. 262-2721965
f. 273-2761966
f. 277-2861967
f. 287-2901968
f. 291Corrupt Practices Act, 1953-1967. Refers to limitations on political contributions.
f. 292Council for a Livable World, 1966-1968. Literature pertaining to arms control and world peace.
f. 293Credit Insurance, 1967. Statements made to the Senate Antitrust and Monopoly Subcommittee regarding credit life and health insurance.
f. 294Currency Devaluation, 1967. Articles regarding the devaluation of the British pound and its effect on the United States economy.
f. 295-299Department of Corrections, 1962-1968. Prisoner rehabilitation, the interstate corrections compact, jail conditions, and discrimination against parolees.
f. 300Dismas Half-Way House, 1967-1968.
f. 301-302Education, 1963-1968. Higher education, education costs, and special programs for handicapped students.
f. 303Ethics Code, 1967-1968. Discussion of a code of ethics for Congress.
f. 304Fair Employment Practices Act, 1965-1967. Amendments extending the Fair Labor Standards Act to state-employed school and hospital personnel.
f. 305Food and Drug Administration, 1967. Criticism of the F.D.A.'s methods and policies, especially those relating to chemotherapy.
f. 306Foreign Aid, 1967. Economic and technical aid given to Afghanistan, Latin America, Africa, and the Dominican Republic.
f. 307Foreign Policy, 1966-1968. Eagleton's stand on such foreign policy issues as Vietnam, the Soviet Union, Communist China, and the Atlantic Alliance.
f. 308Freedom Academy, 1963-1967. Contains Senate and House bills proposing the creation of a Foreign Affairs Academy.
f. 309Freedom of Information, 1966-1967. Legislation designed to increase federal agencies' public disclosure.
f. 310-329Governor's Citizens Committee on Delinquency and Crime
f. 310-316Correspondence, 1964-1968.
f. 317Minutes, 1967.
f. 318-319Miscellany, 1966-1967.
f. 320-321Public Hearings--First, 1967.
f. 322Public Hearings--Second, 1967-1968.
f. 323Public Hearings--Third, 1967-1968.
f. 324-327Reports, 1965-1968.
f. 328-329Statements, 1967-1968.
f. 330Grand River Basin, 1968. Statement made by the Grand River Basin Resource Development Association, Inc. in opposition to the construction of a reservoir.
f. 331Gun Control, 1967-1968. Eagleton's views on gun control and voter response.
f. 332Hearing Examiners, 1964-1965. Legislation establishing administrative hearing examiners and enabling them to make decisions on license revocations and suspensions.
f. 333-334Heller Plan, 1964-1967. Discussion of a plan for federal revenue sharing.
f. 335House Bill 157, 1967. Letters encouraging Eagleton to support legislation increasing policemen's salaries.
f. 336Inter-Agency Committee on Mental Retardation, 1965. Reports and plans concerning the services offered Missouri's mentally retarded.
f. 337Juvenile Crime Statistics, 1967. Data on juvenile crime taken from F.B.I. Uniform Crime Reports, arranged by age of offender and type of crime.
f. 338Military Draft, 1968. Criticism of and alternatives to the military draft system.
f. 339Minimum Wage, 1968. Letters solicited from Missouri businessmen on the proposed increase in the minimum wage.
f. 340Miscellany, 1966-1968. Includes material on the federal taxation of businesses, the duties of the lieutenant governor, and the Vietnam War.
f. 341Missile Defense System, 1967-1968. President Lyndon Johnson's anti-missile defense system.
f. 342Model Cities, 1968. Program to construct model cities in St. Louis and Kansas City.
f. 343National Emergency Strikes, 1967. Proposed changes to the Labor Management Relations Act for the handling of labor disputes imperiling national health or safety.
f. 344Negative Income Tax, 1967-1968. Discussion of a guaranteed-income program for the poor.
f. 345Non-Fault Insurance, 1967. Auto insurance system not dependent on proving negligence.
f. 346Open Housing, 1967-1968. Legislation providing fair housing for blacks.
f. 347Police Services, 1967. Recommendations for improvement of police services in St. Louis County.
f. 348Population Control, 1968. Articles and speeches concentrating on the need for world population control.
f. 349Press Releases, 1959-1968. Includes publicity for Eagleton's attorney general and United States Senate campaigns.
f. 350Probation and Parole, 1965. Appointment of a chairman to the Board of Probation and Parole and the decision to seek federal assistance for the Missouri correctional system.
f. 351Race Riots, 1965-1968. Plans for using National Guard troops to control civil riots.
f. 352-353Revenue Sharing, 1966-1968. Articles and reports describing the strengths and weaknesses of federal tax sharing programs.
f. 354Roads and Highways, n.d. Report indicating the kinds of improvements needed in Missouri's road and highway network.
f. 355Rural Electrification, 1962-1968. Discussion of the State Tax Commission's authority to assess the distributable property of electric cooperatives.
f. 356Senate Bill 149, 1967. Legislation affecting the operation of the Internal Revenue Service.
f. 357Senate Bill 239, 1966-1967. Comments on legislation abolishing the office of prosecuting attorney, while creating the office of circuit attorney.
f. 358Shared Time Bill, 1967. Legislation permitting handicapped private and parochial school students access to public school facilities.
f. 359-360Sho-Me Power Line, 1968-1969. Controversy between the Sho-Me Power Corporation and conservationists over construction of an electric transmission line.
f. 361Social Security, 1967. Articles relating to problems with the system.
f. 362-383Speeches. Includes speeches presented to the American Bar Association, Missouri Association for Social Welfare, and the South Central Business Association, Inc. Arranged in alphabetical order by group presented to or topic.
f. 362A, 1957-1965
f. 363B, 1965
f. 364C, 1966-1968
f. 365D, 1959
f. 366E, 1958-1966
f. 367F, 1963-1965
f. 368G, 1963
f. 369H, 1965
f. 370I, 1960-1966
f. 371J, 1963-1965
f. 372K, 1961-1968
f. 373L, 1958-1966
f. 374-375M, 1958-1968
f. 376N, 1959-1967
f. 377O, 1967
f. 378P, 1960-1964
f. 379R, 1964-1966
f. 380S, 1958-1967
f. 381T, 1965
f. 382U, 1967
f. 383W, 1959-1960
f. 384-391Speeches--Invitations, 1964-1968. Consists of only those invitations to speak that Eagleton and/or his staff accepted.
f. 392Speeches--Reference, 1964-1968. Articles, reports, and speeches collected by Eagleton for use in his speeches.
f. 393Speech Writers, 1968. Correspondence regarding the availability of speech writers for Eagleton's United States Senate campaign.
f. 394-395Tax Sharing, 1966-1967. Discussion of Walter Heller's book New Dimensions of Political Economy.
f. 396Truth in Lending, 1968. Articles focusing on a bill covering all forms of lending and selling on credit, requiring that customers be informed of the interest and finance charges.
f. 397United Nations, 1968. Article focusing on the unconditional admission of Communist China to the United Nations.
f. 398-1106Discarded due to privacy issues


ADMINISTRATIVE, 1968-1986 Series

The Administrative series has been divided into five distinct subseries:

Includes correspondence, inventories, memos, magnetic computer tapes, card files, microfilm, reports, lists, notes, and bulletins.

Reading Files, 1969-1976 Subseries

Chronological order, then alphabetical by correspondent's last name:
The reading files consist of carbon copies of all outgoing letters produced by Eagleton and/or his staff from 1969 through 1976.

r. 1-121969
r. 13-261970
r. 27-411971
r. 42-601972
r. 61-791973
r. 80-1021974
r. 103-1251975
r. 126-1391976

Automated Office Systems, 1969-1986 Subseries

Two automated systems were used by Eagleton's staff to answer his huge volume of constituent mail. The first system was referred to as a "robo" system. The robos are form letters that were written by Eagleton and/or his staff on a particular subject and then given a number. Subsequent constituent letters on the same subject were answered by the appropriate robo letter. The robo letters in folders 1107-1835 cover the years 1969-1986 and are arranged alphabetically by subject. The robo letters on microfilm (r. 140-143) cover the years 1969-1980 and are arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by subject within.

Alphabetical Robos, 1969-1986

f. 1107-1147Robos, A
f. 1148-1175Robos, B
f. 1176-1249Robos, C
f. 1250-1277Robos, D
f. 1278-1310Robos, E
f. 1311-1355Robos, F
f. 1356-1374Robos, G
f. 1375-1411Robos, H
f. 1412-1429Robos, I
f. 1430-1434Robos, J
f. 1435-1443Robos, K
f. 1444-1459Robos, L
f. 1460-1515Robos, M
f. 1516-1563Robos, N
f. 1564-1580Robos, O
f. 1581-1637Robos, P
f. 1638Robos, Q
f. 1639-1679Robos, R
f. 1680-1750Robos, S
f. 1751-1779Robos, T
f. 1780-1789Robos, U
f. 1790-1805Robos, V
f. 1806-1832Robos, W
f. 1833-1835Robos, Y

Chronological Robos, 1969-1980

r. 140Robos, 1969-1977
r. 141Robos, 1978
r. 142Robos, 1979
r. 143Robos, 1980

In 1976 Eagleton's staff began to use the Correspondence Management System (CMS) , an automated computer system of the U.S. Senate, in addition to the robo system. This automated system provided a method for creating similar, but individual, letters by using approved paragraphs or letters of text merged with constituent names and addresses. It was widely used throughout the U.S. Senate to respond to high volume mail. The types of information available from the system include the name and address of the constituent, the aide responsible for answering the letter, a document number for each letter, a paragraph item number, the date of the correspondence, and brief comments about the letter. For more information on CMS, please see f.1837-1844 and f.1975-1982.

The CMS files are general correspondence files dating from 1976 through 1986. These files are on microfilm and the originals have been discarded. Rolls 144-191 are compiled name indexes to the CMS files for the years 1980 through 1985. Rolls 192-487 are composed of the CMS files, which are arranged in chronological order, and identified by a "document number."

For example, document no. 8331122028 was created using the following criteria:

1978       331st day       Operator Number       Sequence Number

Indexes to the CMS file correspondence, 1980-1985

r. 144-156Name Indexes, 1980
r. 157-167Name Indexes, 1981
r. 168-176Name Indexes, 1982
r. 177-180Name Indexes, 1983
r. 181-184Name Indexes, 1984
r. 185-191Name Indexes, 1985-1986

CMS Files, 1976-1986

r. 192-224CMS Files, 1976
r. 225-261CMS Files, 1977
r. 262-293CMS Files, 1978
r. 294-322CMS Files, 1979
r. 323-354CMS Files, 1980
r. 355-386CMS Files, 1981
r. 387-417CMS Files, 1982
r. 418-444CMS Files, 1983
r. 445-461CMS Files, 1984
r. 462-477CMS Files, 1985
r. 478-487CMS Files, 1986

Nine-track magnetic computer tapes were used to index correspondence records transferred from CMS for the years 1977-1986. The Automated Indexing System (AIS) produced the tapes, which allowed office staff to index a variety of office automated and paper records, including correspondence. The tapes contain names, addresses, and topics of discussion. The tapes are arranged chronologically. The information within the tapes is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Magnetic Tapes, 1977-1986

m.t. 11977
m.t. 21978
m.t. 31979
m.t. 41980
m.t. 51981
m.t. 61982
m.t. 71983
m.t. 81984
m.t. 91985
m.t. 101986

The card files contain the master topics and subtopics used in the CMS numbering system. Topics included are agriculture, education, foreign trade, transportation, and welfare. The cards are arranged in alphabetical order by subject.

Card Files, 1976-1986

Card File 11976-1981
Card File 21981-1986

Office Manager's Files, 1968-1986 Subseries

Folders alphabetical by topic, microfilm chronological:
Located in this series are reports, contracts, bulletins, forms, inventories, receipts, work orders, and memos on such topics as mail statistics, the U.S. Senate's page program, office policy, office management, and Data General's office automation system the bulk of which spans 1981-1986. The files are arranged alphabetically by topic.

Also included is information on the Mail File System, a subsystem of the U.S. Senate's Correspondence Management System (CMS). The Mail File System was a centralized system that allowed office staff to create and maintain a list of constituent names and addresses. These names and addresses were arranged by zip code and then were used to create labels and lists for mailing purposes.

f. 1836Attic Locker Inventories, 1979-1986. Office supplies and appreciation gifts.
f. 1837CMS Management Information, 1971-1985. Memos, correspondence, and bulletins containing information on coding systems.
f. 1838CMS Materials, n.d. Training manuals explaining the system and its applications.
f. 1839-1840CMS Reports, 1981-1986. Weekly listing by subject of items which received numerous responses. Reports prior to 1981 are on microfilm (see r. 496-515).
f. 1841CMS Supervisory Duties, n.d. Administrative assistants' list of weekly supervisory duties, which included the mail and management reports.
f. 1842CMS Item Indices, 1986. Abstract reports on the CMS files arranged by topic/subtopic.
f. 1843-1844CMS Topic Indices, 1981-1985. Lists of all CMS files arranged by topic/subtopic, indicating assigned item numbers and authors.
f. 1845-1846Computer Center Bulletins, 1981-1986. Discusses the CMS electronic mailbox program and uses of the U.S. Senate's Legislative Information System (LEGIS).
f. 1847Computer Center Mailfile Work Orders, 1981-1985. Requests to the U.S. Senate's automated indexing and mail file systems to microfilm certain CMS files for the mailfile.
f. 1848Computer Center Work Orders, 1982-1986. Requests to the U.S. Senate's automated indexing and mail file systems for duplicates of CMS files on microfilm, to microfilm various CMS files for the mail file and for microfilm copies of indexes to the magnetic tapes.
f. 1849Computer Mailfile Area Tables, 1983. Memos, work orders, and tables referring to county area code designations for the mini and master mail files.
f. 1850-1851Computer Mailfile Codes, 1981-1986. Consists of Profession code statistics counts, which are alphabetical listings of "profession" codes assigned an individual office; and county area code statistics counts, CMSal listings of "area codes" which are defined by an individual office, for mini and master mail files.
f. 1852Computer Mailfile Conversions, 1983-1986. Details mailfile conversion transactions, such as the transfer of information from voter registration tapes to the master mailfile list.
f. 1853Computer Mini-File Lists, 1985. Lists containing the names and addresses of individuals, agencies, and companies which were to be sent mailings, particularly press releases, from Eagleton's office.
f. 1854Data General Bulletins, 1984-1986. Discusses training and equipment maintenance for the Data General office automation system.
f. 1855Data General Contracts, 1984-1986. Memos and contracts concerning installation of, and training for, the Data General office automation system.
f. 1856Data General Meetings, 1984-1985. Memos, reports, and notices pertaining to meetings focusing on Data General's office automation system.
f. 1857Dear Colleague Letters, 1982-1983. Form letters on a variety of topics which were to be sent to Eagleton's colleagues in the U.S. Senate.
f. 1858-1859Eagleton Papers Disposition, 1985-1986. Correspondence, memos, record transmittal forms, and booklets concerning the transfer of Eagleton's papers to the Western Historical Manuscript Collection.
f. 1860Employment Applications, 1981-1986.
f. 1861Equipment Assignment Forms, 1982-1986. Forms assigning government equipment, primarily office equipment, to Eagleton's staff.
f. 1862Equipment Inventories, 1982-1986. Equipment issued to Eagleton and his staff.
f. 1863Equipment Receipts, 1982-1986. Receipts from the Government Affairs Committee, Equipment Stock, and Eagleton confirming assignment and return of government equipment.
f. 1864Federal Records Center Inventories, 1971-1986. Transmittal and receipt forms for archival materials sent to and recalled from the Federal Records Center.
f. 1865Federal Records Center Request Forms, n.d. Forms provided by the National Archives for the purposes of borrowing, permanently withdrawing, or having copies made of archival materials.
f. 1866Federal Records Center Transmittals, n.d. Instructions for packing and labeling archival materials to be sent to the National Archives.
f. 1867Franking Account Reports, 1986. Franked mail cost reports indicating the type of mail sent, number of pieces, unit of cost, and extended cost, on a weekly basis.
f. 1868Government Printing Office Account, 1985-1986. Account statements for Eagleton's printing account.
f. 1869Intern Staff Lists, 1983-1986. Names and addresses of interns attached to Eagleton's office.
f. 1870Legislative Jurisdiction, 1983-1985. Pertains to the areas of interest and committee responsibilities of Eagleton's aides.
f. 1871-1882Mail Count, 1973-1975. Individual weekly reports by a CMS operator by date and name with a total number of incoming and outgoing letters and high volume topics.
f. 1883-1899Mail Reports, 1981-1986. Weekly reports focusing on the topics and subtopics of all incoming and outgoing correspondence.
f. 1900Mail Statistics, 1977-1986. Reports, memos, and graphs indicating the total amount of mail for a given year.
f. 1901-1910Mass Mailings, 1980-1985. Registration in accordance with U.S. Senate rules.
f. 1911Mass Mailings Regulations, 1979-1985.
f. 1912Master Microfilm List, 1968-1986. Master list of all records, including reading files, CMS files, and state/special projects on microfilm.
f. 1913Master Staff List, n.d. Includes the names, titles, and dates of employment of Eagleton's office personnel.
f. 1914Office Policy Memos, 1970-1986.
f. 1915Parking Permits, 1985-1986.
f. 1916Senate Page Program, 1983. Summary of the program and requirements for appointments.
f. 1917Staff Areas Lists, 1971-1985. Lists consisting of the names, subjects of interest, and committee responsibilities of Eagleton's aides.
f. 1918State Projects File, n.d. Explanations of the coding system used when microfilming state and special projects files.
f. 1919State Projects Master Microfilm List, 1974-1986. List of state or special project files on microfilm.
f. 1919a-bGuest books containing the names and addresses of visitors to Eagleton's office in Washington, D.C., 1984, 1986
r. 488-495Mailing Lists, 1978. Names and addresses of individuals who were to receive mailings from Eagleton's office, arranged by zip code.
r. 496-515Management Reports, 1975-1980. Weekly listing by subject of items receiving twenty or more responses during a given week.

General Files, 1968-1974 Subseries

Alphabetically by topic:
Reports, memos, and correspondence related to office procedures, office personnel, intern programs, supplies/equipment, and mail surveys concerning Eagleton's Washington D.C. office as well as the Kansas City and St. Louis offices.

f. 1920-1921Daily Reports, 1970-1971. Counts indicating the total number of letters produced, the topics or titles, and any comments about the letters or the robo system.
f. 1922-1923General, 1971-1973. Personnel, Senate floor privileges, office supplies, mail room operation, office policy, office equipment, and the office budget.
f. 1924Inter-Office Memos, 1972. Speaking invitations.
f. 1925-1927Intern Program, 1970-1972. Summer internships.
f. 1928-1931Kansas City Office, 1971-1973. Telephone service, office equipment, mail statistics, and cases.
f. 1932-1937Memos, 1970-1973. Relates to mailing lists, telephone logs, speeches, cases, data processing, meetings, speeches, contracts, and legislation.
f. 1938Office Procedures, 1970-1977. Procedures for computer coding and indexing, mailing lists, and robo letters.
f. 1939Personnel, 1968-1972.
f. 1940St. Louis Office, 1967-1974. Office space, office equipment, telephone service, and office furnishings.
f. 1941Supplies and Equipment, 1971.
f. 1942Watergate Mail Survey, 1973-1974. Detailed analysis of mail Eagleton received pertaining to the Watergate Affair.

Archivists' Files, 1976-1986 Subseries

Correspondence, inventories, memos, notes, and lists written by, or for, the two archivists hired by Eagleton to prepare his papers for transfer to the Western Historical Manuscript Collection. The folders are arranged alphabetically by topic and include information on the deeds of gift, donations, meetings with former staff members, ownership of committee files, and the retrieval of records stored at federal records centers.

f. 1943Administrative, 1985-1986.
f. 1944Committee Files, 1985-1986. Ownership of U.S. Senate Committee records and the organization of Governmental Affairs Committee files.
f. 1945Computer Center, 1986. Transfer of all Automated Indexing System tapes to the Western Historical Manuscript Collection.
f. 1946Country Day Inventory, n.d. Materials Eagleton donated to the St. Louis Country Day School.
f. 1947Deeds of Gift, 1985-1986. Consists of correspondence and rough drafts of an agreement between Eagleton and Western Historical Manuscript Collection for the transfer of his papers.
f. 1948-1949Eagleton Archive Files, 1980-1986. Inventories of Eagleton's papers and work proposals by five separate archivists.
f. 1950Eagleton Meetings, 1985-1986. Meetings with archivists over the content and disposition of his papers.
f. 1951Federal Records Center Material, 1984-1987. Disposition of Eagleton's records stored at the National Archives.
f. 1952Former Staff, 1986. Names, addresses, former titles, and years of employment of Eagleton's staff.
f. 1953Guidelines, 1982-1986. General guidelines, definitions, and timetables prepared by the archivists for the staff.
f. 1954Intern Projects, n.d. Archivists' notes concerning projects which were assigned the summer interns, such as contacting former staff and compiling staff lists.
f. 1955Ireland Meeting, 1985. Details of a meeting with Sam Ireland, former office manager, concerning the various filing systems used on constituent correspondence.
f. 1956Memos, 1986. Memos between Eagleton, the archivists, and administrative assistant Ed Quick concerning speeches, the deeds of gift, and committee files.
f. 1957Microfilm Projects, 1984-1986. Inventories, correspondence, and pamphlets relating to records which were microfilmed.
f. 1958Objectives, n.d. List of the archivists' goals in regards to the Eagleton papers.
f. 1959Paul Meeting, 1985. Notes from a meeting with Karen Paul concerning, primarily, the CMS system.
f. 1960Post Office, 1986. Preparation and shipment of Eagleton's papers via the U.S. Post Office.
f. 1961Proposals, 1985. Archivists' work proposals for the disposition of Eagleton's papers.
f. 1962Quick Meetings, 1985-1986. Notes, correspondence, and memos from meetings with Ed Quick discussing the duties of the administrative assistants, the location of various records, and his personal files.
f. 1963Staff Meetings, 1986. Meetings with former staff members Barbara Daniels, Barbara Sanders, Jack Lewis, and Jon Austin.
f. 1964Staff Questions, 1986. Questions asked by and of staff members on such matters as the filing systems, photographs, and the microfilm program.
f. 1965State Offices, 1985-1986. Inventories of materials stored at the Kansas City and St. Louis offices.
f. 1966Stokes Meetings, 1985-1986. Details from meetings with Greg Stokes in regard to Data General, the microfilm program, and personnel.
f. 1967Timetables, 1985-1986. Timetables for the archivists and staff.
f. 1968University of Missouri, 1976-1986. Correspondence between Western Historical Manuscript Collection and Eagleton and/or his staff in reference to the transfer of materials.


The Administrative Assistant series has been divided into six distinct subseries:

This series contains correspondence, memos, reports, bulletins, microfilm, campaign memorabilia, press releases, speeches, and maps.

Administration, 1968-1986 Subseries

Alphabetical by topic:
Reports, correspondence, memos, press releases, lists, and speeches on such topics as the Truman Centennial, postal positions, office policy and management, legislation, extradition, and office filing systems. Also includes information on the Senate's Correspondence Management System.

f. 1969Administration Book #1, 1972-1976. Information on office space, parking spaces, equipment, filing systems, publications, projects, and appointments.
f. 1970Administration Book #2, 1974-1976. Information on office arrangement, mailing systems, memos, and resources.
f. 1971-1973Administrative, 1968-1980. Office budgets, the computer system, mass mailings, staff responsibilities, mailing lists, office space, and legislation.
f. 1974Cases, 1970-1975. Constituent requests for information and assistance with problems.
f. 1975-1982Correspondence Management System (CMS)
f. 1975Background Information, 1976. Documentation on the case function of the CMS.
f. 1976Data Retrieval Systems, 1974-1976. Information on the Senate's Microfilm Center, a centralized legislative information service called "Aquarius," a computer-based legislative information system called "Scorpio," CMS, and the Senate Reference Center.
f. 1977Early Usage Materials, 1975. Consists of sample case letters, mail coding forms, and examples of CMS reports.
f. 1978Index, 1976. Major topics and subtopics used in CMS.
f. 1979-1981On-Line Reports, 1976. Examples of reports produced by CMS, such as daily history reports, library paragraphs listed by topic and subtopic, and weekly report of correspondent's output.
f. 1982On-Line Systems, 1975. User's guide to the Senate's Automated Indexing System and examples of reports produced by it.
f. 1983Committees, 1979-1980. Committee on Governmental Affairs, the Committee on Labor and Human Resources, and the Democratic Policy Committee.
f. 1984Computers, 1970. Computer systems of Computer Field Express, Control Data Corporation, and Meta Metrics Corporation.
f. 1985Constituent Requests, 1985-1986. Requests for assistance with such research projects as a history of the "Lone Ranger" radio program and documentation of the proposed move of Missouri's capital to Sedalia.
f. 1986-1993Correspondence, 1968-1980.
f. 1994Daniel, Margaret Truman, 1980. Correspondence over comments made by a political opponent about Harry S Truman.
f. 1995Extradition Materials, 1981-1985. Research material attempting to compare a U.S./U.K. extradition treaty to Lincoln's actions during the Civil War and the Citizen Genet affair.
f. 1996Filing Systems, 1971-1972. Outlines of systems used by Eagleton's staff.
f. 1997-1998Future Planning, 1972-1976. Decisions on staff organization, office budgets, mail reorganization, microfilm conversions, and CMS.
f. 1999General Services Administration, 1969. Services provided to senators and their staff by the National Archives.
f. 2000-2001Interns, 1972-1986.
f. 2002Law School Recommendations, 1973. For constituents applying to law schools in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia.
f. 2003Legislative, 1979-1980. Pertaining to legislation on school prayer, the budget, and automobile sales.
f. 2004-2007Mail Count, 1975-1976. Staff weekly mail count reports indicating mail inflow and outflow, and backlog.
f. 2008-2010Mailing List, 1969-1976. Additions to the master mailing list and conversions to magnetic tape.
f. 2011-2023, roll 516Memos between Eagleton and his assistants and the assistants themselves. Includes discussion of interviews, subject files, voter attitudes, and academy applications.
f. 20111968-1969
f. 2012-20181970-1980
f. 2019-20221980-1986
f. 2023n.d.
r. 5161969-1972
f. 2024Newsletter Poll, 1971. Poll of Eagleton newsletter recipients to evaluate the accuracy of the master mailing list.
f. 2025-2027Office Materials, 1973-1980. Information on the project file system, the Senator Hatfield office innovation project, and staff responsibilities.
f. 2028-2029Office Guest Books, 1971-1974.
f. 2030-2031Office Manual, 1973-1976. Contains information on recommendations, office security, Congressional Record procedures, floor privileges, office policies, and long-distance telephone calls.
f. 2032Pilot Computer Project, 1971-1975. Test of the CMS computer system to judge its cost-effectiveness for general office use.
f. 2033Post Office Matters, 1968-1969. Concerning post offices in Peach Orchard, Sedgewickville, Brumley, Oak Ridge, Huntington, and Independence, Missouri.
f. 2034Postmaster Jobs, 1968-1969. Recommendations for postmaster positions in Nevada, Ballwin, Elijah, Warsaw, Huntsville, Mendan, and Joplin, Missouri.
f. 2035Projects, 1980. Kansas City downtown revitalization, St. Louis elderly housing, Creve Coeur Lake, and the federal courthouse in Cape Girardeau.
f. 2036Proposed Senate Changes, 1973-1974. Concerns the implementation of the standardized information system required by the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970.
f. 2037Public Relations, 1969-1975.
f. 2038St. Louis Jewish Foundation, 1979-1980. Lists of members, directors, and officers.
f. 2039Senate Employees, 1968. Resumes and recommendations for individuals seeking employment with Eagleton.
f. 2040Speech Material, 1985. Eagleton's Truman Award acceptance speech and related press releases.
f. 2041Subpoena Information, 1974-1976. Concerns Common Cause's legal action to have the congressional franking law declared unconstitutional.
f. 2042Surrogate Schedules, 1973-1974. Surrogate speakers for Eagleton's re-election campaign.
f. 2043Telephone Calls, 1980. Memos and lists in regard to individuals Eagleton contacted for help with his reelection campaign.
f. 2044Truman Centennial, 1983. Activities coordinated by Eagleton's staff.
f. 2045-2046Truman Memorial Books, 1973-1974. Requests for copies of memorial books produced by Eagleton's staff.

Appointments, c.1976-1980 Subseries

Alphabetical by type of appointment and alphabetical within by the applicant's last name:
During President James E. Carter's administration, Eagleton received numerous applications for patronage positions. Such jobs included judgeships, agency appointments, and regional administrators. These applications were for both federal positions in the state of Missouri and positions at the national level.

f. 2047ACTION
f. 2048Agency for International Development
f. 2049Agricultural Marketing Service
f. 2050-2063Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
f. 2064Agriculture Department
f. 2065American-Canadian Border Commission
f. 2066Bureau of European Affairs
f. 2067Bureau of Labor Statistics
f. 2068Bureau of Prisons
f. 2069Bureau of Public Affairs
f. 2070-2071Commerce Department
f. 2072Commission on Civil Rights
f. 2073Common Cause
f. 2074-2075Community Services Administration
f. 2076Consumer Product Safety Commission
f. 2077Copyright Royalty Tribunal
f. 2078Council of Environmental Quality
f. 2079Department of the Air Force
f. 2080Department of the Army
f. 2081Economic Development Administration
f. 2082Employment Standards Administration
f. 2083Employment and Training Administration
f. 2084Energy Department
f. 2085-2086Environmental Protection Agency
f. 2087Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
f. 2088Farm Credit Administration
f. 2089-2091Farmers Home Administration
f. 2092Federal Aviation Administration
f. 2093Federal Bureau of Investigation
f. 2094Federal Communications Commission
f. 2095Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
f. 2096Federal Emergency Management Agency
f. 2097Federal Energy Administration
f. 2098Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
f. 2099Federal Maritime Commission
f. 2100Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
f. 2101Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
f. 2102Federal Reserve System
f. 2103Federal Trade Commission
f. 2104-2105General Applications
f. 2106General Services Administration
f. 2107Government National Mortgage Association
f. 2108Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation
f. 2109-2112Health, Education, and Welfare Department
f. 2113Health Resources Administration
f. 2114-2115Housing and Urban Development Department
f. 2116Immigration and Naturalization Service
f. 2117Interior Department
f. 2118International Civil Aviation
f. 2119Interstate Commerce Commission
f. 2120Labor Department
f. 2121Merit Selection System
f. 2122Missouri River Basin Commission
f. 2123National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
f. 2124National Institutes of Health
f. 2125National Mediation Board
f. 2126Occupational Safety and Health Administration
f. 2127Office of Comptroller of the Currency
f. 2128-2129Office of Education
f. 2130Office of Fish and Wildlife and Parks
f. 2131Office of Human Development
f. 2132Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
f. 2133Office of Management and Budget
f. 2134Office of Minority Business Enterprise
f. 2135Office of Science and Technology Policy
f. 2136Office of Surface Mining
f. 2137Ozarks Regional Action Planning Commission
f. 2138Packers and Stockyards Administration
f. 2139Parole Commission
f. 2140Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation
f. 2141Postal Rate Commission
f. 2142President's Commission on Mental Health
f. 2143Public Health Service
f. 2144Rural Electrification Administration
f. 2145Securities and Exchange Commission
f. 2146-2147Small Business Administration
f. 2148Southwestern Power Administration
f. 2149State Department
f. 2150Tennessee Valley Authority
f. 2151Transportation Department
f. 2152United Nations
f. 2153U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
f. 2154U.S. Attorney--Eastern District
f. 2155U.S. Attorney--Western District
f. 2156U.S. Attorney General
f. 2157U.S. Circuit Judge Nominating Commission
f. 2158U.S. Coast Guard
f. 2159-2164U.S. Court of Appeals--Eighth Circuit
f. 2165-2168U.S. District Judgeship--Eastern District
f. 2169-2172U.S. District Judgeship--Western District
f. 2173-2174U.S. Marshal--Eastern District
f. 2175-2179U.S. Marshal--Western District
f. 2180U.S. Postal Service
f. 2181U.S. Savings Bond Division
f. 2182-2183U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee
f. 2184Veterans Administration
f. 2185White House Conference on Small Business

Legislative--Agriculture Appropriations, 1967-1985 Subseries

Alphabetical by topic:
Correspondence, reports, statistics, news releases, and maps on such topics as food stamps, nutrition, soil conservation, energy resources, warehouse bankruptcies, U.S.S.R. grain trade, tobacco industry, parity, rural electric systems, farm loan programs, agricultural research, food inspection services, and agricultural legislation.

f. 2186Agricultural Export Credit Revolving Fund, 1979-1981. Utilization of the export credit sales program as a revolving fund to finance the sales of agricultural commodities overseas.
f. 2187Agricultural Marketing Service, 1982-1984. Marketing orders for fruits, vegetables, and specialty crops and new guidelines to influence future governmental and industrial actions under the orders.
f. 2188-2192Agricultural Research Service, 1981-1985. Reports on agricultural production research allocation patterns, the development needs of the human nutrition research program, and the feasibility of an Old West Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.
f. 2193-2194Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, 1979-1984. Information on the Commodity Credit Corporation's export lending activities, the Forest Service's Forestry Incentives program, and various land conservation programs.
f. 2195-2198General. Reports and legislation on an agriculture, rural development, and related agencies appropriations bill.
f. 2199-2200Issues. Funding for various issues, such as large-scale hog production, the cotton dust problem, weatherizing rural homes and buildings, and restructuring the Farmers Home Administration district offices.
f. 2201-2205Supplement. Reports and notes on supplemental appropriations and rescission bill.
f. 2206-2222Fiscal Year 1982
f. 2206-2211General. Department of Agriculture's 1982 budget.
f. 2212Continuing Resolution. Summarizes additions to the 1982 agriculture appropriations bill.
f. 2213-2217Issues. Funding for various projects, such as animal disease research, alcohol fuel projects, grain industry dust explosions, African swine fever, and federal brucellosis expenditures.
f. 2218-2219Supplement. Reports on supplemental appropriations.
f. 2220-2222Urgent Supplement. Reports on further supplemental appropriations.
f. 2223-2225Fiscal Year 1983. Continuing Resolution. Summarizes the 1983 agriculture appropriations bill and proposed additions.
f. 2226-2240Fiscal Year 1984
f. 2226-2230General. Focuses on an appropriation in the 1984 agriculture appropriations bill for the Agricultural Research Service.
f. 2231Continuing Resolution #1. Summarizes additions to the 1984 agriculture appropriations bill.
f. 2232-2233Continuing Resolution #2. Summarizes additions to the 1984 agriculture appropriations bill, with emphasis on alterations in the federal crop insurance program.
f. 2234-2235Supplement #1. Reports on supplemental appropriations.
f. 2236-2240Supplement #2. Reports on further supplemental appropriations.
f. 2241-2248Fiscal Year 1985
f. 2241-2243General. Reports and legislation about the 1985 agriculture appropriations.
f. 2244Administration Position.
f. 2245-2246Congressional Requests. Requests for Eagleton's support of various bills.
f. 2247-2248Continuing Resolution. Summarizes additions to the 1985 agriculture appropriations bill.
f. 2249-2251Agriculture Conference Committee, 1982.
f. 2252Agriculture Extension Service, 1982. Proposed funding changes in the Department of Agriculture's extension program.
f. 2253-2256Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, 1981-1984. For example: African swine flu, brucellosis, boll weevil eradication, scrapie outbreaks, sterile fruit fly breeding, and hoof-and-mouth disease.
f. 2257-2258Commodity Credit Corporation, 1981-1983. CCC's borrowing authority and its involvement in repurchasing the Polish national debt.
f. 2259-2261Dairy Target Prices, 1983-1984. Analysis of the Dairy and Tobacco Act.
f. 2262-2266Dietary Guidelines, 1977-1980. American and Canadian studies on the relationship between dietary requirements and certain diseases and a discussion of nutritional guidelines proposed by the Department of Agriculture.
f. 2267-2270Drought, 1977-1984. Assessments of the effects of drought and other major climatic events on agriculture and the government's response to drought-stricken areas.
f. 2271-2272Farm Bill, 1981-1984. Summarizes the 1981 and 1984 farm bills.
f. 2273-2296Farmers Home Administration
f. 2273-2276General, 1981-1984. Information on the Housing and Urban-Rural Recovery Act, farmer program loans, and the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act.
f. 2277Bolivar Hospital Funding, 1980. Loan application for construction of the Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar, Missouri.
f. 2278-2280Business and Industry, 1978-1980. Individual business loan cases and the problem of "clout loans."
f. 2281-2284Financial Statements, 1981-1984. Summarizes and discusses the computerized financial management assistance project.
f. 2285Koplar Enterprises, 1980. Concerns a guaranteed loan on an addition to the Lodge of the Four Seasons.
f. 2286-2288Loan Programs, 1980-1984. Changes in emergency and economic energy loan programs.
f. 2289-2293Principal and Interest Deferral, 1973-1984. Revisions in farmer program loans, emergency loan programs, and the disaster loan programs.
f. 2294-2296"Sixty Minutes," 1979-1980. Statistics, reports, legislation, and correspondence pertaining to amendments to the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act and loan programs.
f. 2297-2300Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, 1980-1984. Contracts, reports, and correspondence dealing with a congressional directive requiring the FCIC to provide monthly reports on participation and cancellation rates.
f. 2301-2304Federal Grain Inspection Service, 1978-1983. Relocation of FGIS's standardization division to Kansas City, Missouri.
f. 2305-2308Food and Nutrition Service, 1981-1983. Discussion of infant deaths, FNS's budget, and nutrition education.
f. 2309Food and Safety Inspection Service, 1981. Reductions in funding for the meat and poultry inspection program and a report on the Australian meat substitution incident.
f. 2310-2315Food Stamps, 1978-1982. Analysis of federal domestic food assistance programs in general, and the food stamp program in particular.
f. 2316Foreign Agricultural Service, 1981-1982. Deals with the expansion of U.S. agricultural exports.
f. 2317-2322Grain Embargo, 1979-1981. Impact of President Carter's grain embargo against the U.S.S.R. in retaliation for the invasion of Afghanistan.
f. 2323Hayakawa Amendment, 1982. Amending federal food, drug, and cosmetic act.
f. 2324Midwest Agribusiness Institute, 1979-1980. Criticism of the Russian grain embargo and statistics on U.S./U.S.S.R. trade.
f. 2325-2330Nutrition, 1983-1984. Elderly nutrition program, food stamp program, and child nutrition program.
f. 2331Parity, 1978-1984. History of price support programs and an assessment of parity in agricultural policy.
f. 2332-2335Payment-in-Kind Programs, 1972-1983. Discussion of initial findings of the quality and storability of farm-stored grain reserves.
f. 2336-2338Rural Electric Cooperative, 1975-1983. Rural electric systems and their impact on agriculture.
f. 2339Rural Electrification Administration, 1982-1983. Focuses on the REA's guaranteed loan program.
f. 2340"Sodbuster Bill," 1982. Amendment prohibiting the payment of financial incentives for crops grown on newly plowed, highly erodible lands.
f. 2341-2347Soil Conservation, 1967-1985.
f. 2348-2350Soil Conservation Service, 1979-1984. Soil erosion, soil and water conservation, and water resource projects.
f. 2351-2352Thank You Letters, 1981-1984.
f. 2353Tobacco Program, 1982. Letters from constituents for and against Eagleton's efforts to "clean up" the tobacco industry.
f. 2354-2356U.S./U.S.S.R. Grain Trade, 1980-1983. Analysis of the U.S.S.R.'s agricultural program, an historical background of the U.S./U.S.S.R. grain agreement, and U.S.S.R. import statistics.
f. 2357-2360University of Missouri Energy Project, 1978-1982. Pertains to the feasibility of utilizing energy produced from an anaerobic digester and a proposal for an on-farm energy production research center.
f. 2361-2365Warehouse Bankruptcy, 1981-1984.Grain elevator bankruptcies.
f. 2366-2370Women, Infants, and Children Program, 1980-1982.

Legislative--Committees, 1966-1975 Subseries

Reports, correspondence, speeches, and memos produced by, primarily, the U.S. Senate Committee on Public Works and the Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution. Includes material on the Air Quality Act, Resources Recovery Act, oil pollution, air pollution control, and water pollution.

f. 2371-2380Public Works Committee
f. 2371Air Quality Act, 1969. Report on the progress in prevention and control of air pollution.
f. 2372-2373General, 1968-1975.
f 2374-2378Legislation, 1966-1971. Summaries of committee activities, a report on the Federal-Aid Highway Act, and proposals to amend important environmental legislation.
f. 2379Oil Pollution, 1969.
f. 2380Resource Recovery Act, 1969-1970. Solid waste disposal and the effectiveness of this legislation in solving problems.
f. 2381-2399Air and Water Pollution Subcommittee
f. 2381Air Pollution Control, 1969. Report reviewing the air pollution control agencies of seven cities and two states.
f. 2382-2384Correspondence, 1968-1970.
f. 2385General, 1968-1970. Water resources development, general environmental issues, and air and water pollution.
f. 2386Illinois, 1968-1969. Rules and regulations of the State of Illinois Air Pollution Control Board.
f. 2387Library of Congress, 1969. Reports produced by the Library's Legislative Reference Service on environmental quality and water pollution.
f. 2388Missouri Air Conservation Committee, 1968-1969. Concerning air quality standards for St. Louis.
f. 2389National Lead Company, 1969. National Lead's air pollution control violations.
f. 2390St. Louis, 1967-1969. Air quality standards and air pollution control regulations for the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.
f. 2391-2397St. Louis Hearings, 1968-1970. Subcommittee hearings concerning the cause and prevention of local air pollution alerts.
f. 2398Staff Memos, 1969-1970.
f. 2399Water Pollution, 1969-1970. Information on oil pollution, maritime liability laws, proposals for new water pollution treatment requirements, pesticide run-off problems, and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.

Campaigns, 1964-1987 Subseries

Alphabetical by topic:
The Campaigns files deal with Eagleton's campaigns in 1964, 1968, 1974, and 1980, as well as his vice-presidential nomination in 1972. These files contain administrative files and staff memos dealing with planning and running the campaigns; fund raising information; background or general information files on issues as they related to Eagleton's position; speeches; press releases; target and political mailings; Democratic party organizations at the local, state, and national level; information on opponents; and political and voter analyses. This subseries appears in six sections: 1964 Campaign, 1968 Campaign, 1972 Campaign, 1974 Campaign, 1980 Campaign, and General. The General section contains material on the 1968-1984 presidential races and Eagleton's activities during non-election years.

f. 2400-25341964 Campaign--Administrative
f. 2400Affidavits. Declaration papers for the office of lieutenant governor and candidate affidavits in compliance with the Missouri Corrupt Practices Act.
f. 2401Candidate Profiles. Information supplied the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Jackson County Democrat, and the Associated Press.
f. 2402Democratic State Platform.
f. 2403Newspaper Advertising. Proposal for Eagleton's lieutenant governor campaign.
f. 2404Newspaper Clippings. Synopsis of Eagleton's campaign for lieutenant governor--from filing for nomination to victory in the primary.
f. 2405State Committee Members List .
f. 2406Television Advertising. Script from a television advertisement sponsored by the Democratic State Committee.
f. 2407-2416Correspondence. Congratulatory and thank you letters written to and by Eagleton after the primary and general elections.
f. 2417-2533County Files. Correspondence pertaining to county Democratic party activities, lists of county committee officers/members are included.
f. 2417County Chairmen
f. 2418Adair County
f. 2419Andrew County
f. 2420Atchison County
f. 2421Audrain County
f. 2422Barry County
f. 2423Barton County
f. 2424Bates County
f. 2425Benton County
f. 2426Bollinger County
f. 2427Boone County
f. 2428Buchanan County
f. 2429Butler County
f. 2430Caldwell County
f. 2431Callaway County
f. 2432Camden County
f. 2433Cape Girardeau County
f. 2434Carroll County
f. 2435Carter County
f. 2436Cass County
f. 2438Chariton County
f. 2439Christian County
f. 2440Clark County
f. 2441Clay County
f. 2442Clinton County
f. 2443Cole County
f. 2444Cooper County
f. 2445Crawford County
f. 2446Dade County
f. 2447Dallas County
f. 2448Daviess County
f. 2449DeKalb County
f. 2450Dent County
f. 2451Douglas County
f. 2452Dunklin County
f. 2453Franklin County
f. 2454Gasconade County
f. 2455Gentry County
f. 2456Greene County
f. 2457Grundy County
f. 2458Harrison County
f. 2459Henry County
f. 2460Hickory County
f. 2461Holt County
f. 2462Howard County
f. 2463Howell County
f. 2464Iron County
f. 2465Jackson County
f. 2466Jasper County
f. 2467Jefferson County
f. 2468Johnson County
f. 2469Knox County
f. 2470Laclede County
f. 2471Lafayette County
f. 2472Lawrence County
f. 2473Lewis County
f. 2474Lincoln County
f. 2475Linn County
f. 2476Livington County
f. 2477McDonald County
f. 2478Macon County
f. 2479Madison County
f. 2480Maries County
f. 2481Marion County
f. 2482Mercer County
f. 2483Miller County
f. 2484Mississippi County
f. 2485Moniteau County
f. 2486Monroe County
f. 2487Montgomery County
f. 2488Morgan County
f. 2489New Madrid County
f. 2490Newton County
f. 2491Nodaway County
f. 2492Oregon County
f. 2493Osage County
f. 2494Ozark County
f. 2495Pemiscot County
f. 2496Perry County
f. 2497Pettis County
f. 2498Phelps County
f. 2499Pike County
f. 2500Platte County
f. 2501Polk County
f. 2502Pulaski County
f. 2503Putnam County
f. 2504Ralls County
f. 2505Randolph County
f. 2506Ray County
f. 2507Reynolds County
f. 2508Ripley County
f. 2509St. Charles County
f. 2510St. Clair County
f. 2511St. Francois County
f. 2512St. Louis City
f. 2513-2514St. Louis County
f. 2515Ste. Genevieve County
f. 2516Saline County
f. 2517Schuyler County
f. 2518Scotland County
f. 2519Scott County
f. 2520Shannon County
f. 2521Shelby County
f. 2522Stoddard County
f. 2523Stone County
f. 2524Sullivan County
f. 2525Taney County
f. 2526Texas County
f. 2527Vernon County
f. 2528Warren County
f. 2529Washington County
f. 2530Wayne County
f. 2531Webster County
f. 2532Worth County
f. 2533Wright County
f. 2534Press Releases.
f. 2535-27671968 Campaign--Administrative
f. 2535Advertising. Drafts comparing Eagleton and his opponent, Thomas Curtis, on the major issues.
f. 2536Brunch. Correspondence and mailing lists pertaining to a brunch, supporter meeting, and reception in connection with the opening of Eagleton's campaign headquarters in Jefferson City.
f. 2537Campaign Materials. Pamphlets, stickers, flyers, invitations, advertising drafts, correspondence, and ballots.
f. 2538College Students. Campaign program oriented toward college students.
f. 2539Debate. Script from a debate between Thomas Curtis and Eagleton sponsored by the Shaare Emeth Temple.
f. 2540Donations. Donations by Eagleton to various county Democratic party organizations.
f. 2541Finances. Affidavits in compliance with the Missouri Corrupt Practices Act, lists of campaign contributors, a memo on the legal requirements for campaign financing, and general/primary election production costs.
f. 2542Form Letters. Used primarily with campaign contributors, volunteers, fellow candidates, and leading Democratic party members.
f. 2543Headquarters.
f. 2544Mailing Lists. Names of state planning committee members, Missouri chiefs of police, and marshals.
f. 2545Newspaper Clippings.
f. 2546Staff Biographies.
f. 2547-2554Correspondence (arranged in chronological order). Concerning key issues (such as the Vietnam War) and interest in various political and social programs. Also congratulatory and thank you letters.
f. 2555-2694County Files (arranged in alphabetical order by county). Correspondence between Eagleton and his campaign supporters. Includes memos from Eagleton and Richard Southern, his campaign manager, to county campaign chairmen.
f. 2555County Chairmen
f. 2556Adair County
f. 2557Andrew County
f. 2558Atchison County
f. 2559Audrain County
f. 2560Barry County
f. 2561Barton County
f. 2562Bates County
f. 2563Benton County
f. 2564Bollinger County
f. 2565-2567Boone County
f. 2568-2569Buchanan County
f. 2570Butler County
f. 2571Caldwell County
f. 2572Callaway County
f. 2573Camden County
f. 2574Cape Girardeau County
f. 2575Carroll County
f. 2576Carter County
f. 2577Cass County
f. 2578Cedar County
f. 2579Chariton County
f. 2580Christian County
f. 2581Clark County
f. 2582Clay County
f. 2583Clinton County
f. 2584-2585Cole County
f. 2586Cooper County
f. 2587Crawford County
f. 2588Daviess County
f. 2589DeKalb County
f. 2590Dent County
f. 2591Douglas County
f. 2592Dunklin County
f. 2593Franklin County
f. 2594Gasconade County
f. 2595Gentry County
f. 2596-2597Greene County
f. 2598Grundy County
f. 2599Harrison County
f. 2600Henry County
f. 2601Hickory County
f. 2602Holt County
f. 2603Howard County
f. 2604Howell County
f. 2605Iron County
f. 2606-2614Jackson County
f. 2615Jasper County
f. 2616-2617Jefferson County
f. 2618Johnson County
f. 2619Knox County
f. 2620Laclede County
f. 2621-2622Lafayette County
f. 2623Lawrence County
f. 2624Lewis County
f. 2625Lincoln County
f. 2626Linn County
f. 2627Livingston County
f. 2628McDonald County
f. 2629Macon County
f. 2630Madison County
f. 2631Maries County
f. 2632Marion County
f. 2633Mercer County
f. 2634Miller County
f. 2635Mississippi County
f. 2636Moniteau County
f. 2637Monroe County
f. 2638Montgomery County
f. 2639Morgan County
f. 2640New Madrid County
f. 2641Newton County
f. 2642Nodaway County
f. 2643Oregon County
f. 2644Osage County
f. 2645Pemiscot County
f. 2646Perry County
f. 2647Pettis County
f. 2648Phelps County
f. 2649Pike County
f. 2650Platte County
f. 2651Polk County
f. 2652Pulaski County
f. 2653Putnam County
f. 2654Ralls County
f. 2655Randolph County
f. 2656Ray County
f. 2657Reynolds County
f. 2658Ripley County
f. 2659St. Charles County
f. 2660St. Clair County
f. 2661St. Francois County
f. 2662-2668St. Louis City
f. 2669-2677St. Louis County
f. 2678Ste. Genevieve County
f. 2679Saline County
f. 2680Schuyler County
f. 2681Scotland County
f. 2682Scott County
f. 2683Shelby County
f. 2684Stoddard County
f. 2685Stone County
f. 2686Sullivan County
f. 2687Taney County
f. 2688Texas County
f. 2689Vernon County
f. 2690Warren County
f. 2691Washington County
f. 2692Wayne County
f. 2693Worth County
f. 2694Wright County
f. 2695-2697Democratic Organizations--Fund Raising
f. 2695Missouri Young Democrats. Names and addresses of the officers and chairmen.
f. 2696Endorsements. Primarily newspaper endorsements.
f. 2697Fund Raising. Speech, programs, and newspaper clippings.
f. 2698-2739Issues
f. 2698Balance of Payments.
f. 2699Birth Control.
f. 2700China. Admittance of Communist China into the United Nations.
f. 2701Chemical Industry.
f. 2702Farming.
f. 2703Foreign Aid. Surplus food distribution to Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
f. 2704Grand River Basin.
f. 2705Greece.
f. 2706Gun Control.
f. 2707Health. Proposed building of a medical school in Kansas City.
f. 2708-2709Heller Plan. Details of an economic development program for Missouri.
f. 2710Highways.
f. 2711Housing. Shortage of adequate urban housing throughout the U.S.
f. 2712Inflation.
f. 2713Juvenile Delinquency.
f. 2714Law and Order. Description of U.S. Senate and House versions of a law enforcement assistance bill.
f. 2715Manpower. Reports produced by the Joint Commission on Correctional Manpower and Training.
f. 2716Maritime Crisis. Focuses on the ailing U.S. Merchant Marine.
f. 2717Mass Transit. Rapid transit possibilities in the St. Louis area.
f. 2718Military Draft. Proposed alternatives to the Selective Service program.
f. 2719Model Cities. Pertains to the Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act.
f. 2720Revenue Sharing. Discussion of urban blight, federal aid to cities, and alternatives within the revenue sharing program.
f. 2721Rural Electrification Administration. Summarizes Eagleton's and Curtis's stands on its benefits.
f. 2722.Strikes. Relations between management and organized labor and the use of collective bargaining.
f. 2723Tax Credits.
f. 2724Tax Surcharge. Contains material on a proposed tax increase in the form of a tax surcharge.
f. 2725Trade. U.S. trade relations with the Soviet Union.
f. 2726Truth-in-Lending.
f. 2727U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Refers to the federal discount rate applicable to water resource development projects.
f. 2728-2731Urban Problems.
f. 2732-2736Vietnam War. Background material, proposed peace plans, and the moral dilemma.
f. 2737-2738War On Poverty.
f. 2739Welfare.
f. 2740-2747Opponents
f. 2740-2742Curtis, Thomas. Voting record, campaign literature, newspaper clippings, and legislation.
f. 2743-2745Davis, W. True. Contains press releases, speeches, campaign stickers and literature, and memoranda.
f. 2746Long, Edward. Includes campaign literature and stickers.
f. 2747Vanlandingham, A. Basey. Notes, memoranda, and legislation.
f. 2748-2750Polls.
f. 2751-2759Press Releases.
f. 2760Schedules. Eagleton's campaign appearances.
f. 2761-2766Speeches. Topics include crime, consumer credit, the economy, rural and urban problems, health care, the Selective Service, and the Vietnam War.
f. 2767Staff Memos.
f. 2768-28331972 Campaign--Administrative
f. 2768Book Publishers. Refers to offers made to ghostwrite, publish, or promote any article or book Eagleton might decide to do on mental health, war powers, or his political experiences.
f. 2769-2770Finances. Primarily the return of campaign contributions.
f. 2771-2773Invitations. Public speaking invitations that Eagleton and/or his staff accepted.
f. 2774-2777Newspaper Clippings.
f. 2778Telephone Calls.
f. 2778aTom Eagleton Day. Proclamation by the Missouri state legislature.
f. 2779-2815Correspondence. Congratulating Eagleton on his nomination for vice- president; Eagleton's position on key issues; Eagleton's campaign appearances; and suggestions for new campaign strategies. Includes unfavorable opinions of Eagleton, his nomination, the Democratic party, and presidential candidate George McGovern.
f. 2816-2818Democratic Party. Materials pertaining to the national convention.
f. 2819-2820Missouri Democratic Party. Correspondence, lists of committee members and candidates for county positions, and state convention materials.
f. 2821-2822Fund Raising.
f. 2823-2824Issues. Positions on key issues such as drug abuse, labor, and foreign policy.
f. 2825-2827Polls.
f. 2828Press Releases.
f. 2829-2830Schedules.
f. 2831Speeches. Includes speeches given in behalf of Democratic candidates.
f. 2832-2833Staff Memos. Memos between Eagleton and his staff regarding campaign planning and strategy.
f. 2834-29111974 Campaign--Administrative
f. 2834Articles.
f. 2835Barbara Eagleton. Primarily invitations to luncheons, talk shows, and other campaign activities.
f. 2836Braille Campaign Flyers.
f. 2837Campaign Literature.
f. 2838Campaign Organization.
f. 2839Campus Organization.
f. 2840-2842Cases. Refers to successfully resolved constituent cases, arranged by county.
f. 2843-2845County Chairmen.
f. 2846-2851Finances.
f. 2852Interview. Script from an interview Eagleton gave on ABC's "Issues and Answers" program.
f. 2853Invitations. Speaking invitations that Eagleton and/or his staff accepted.
f. 2854Radio Advertising. Includes scripts from a radio program, "Congressional Beat," summarizing Eagleton's activities in the U.S. Senate.
f. 2855Staff Analysis. Analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of Eagleton's staff.
f. 2856Targeting. Contains techniques for determining where intensive campaigning is needed.
f. 2857-2859Correspondence (arranged in chronological order). Democratic party business, appearances, planning, candidates for the U.S. Senate, and some general correspondence.
f. 2860-2861Missouri Democratic Party. Includes party newsletters, constitution, bylaws, and state platform.
f. 2862Endorsements.
f. 2863-2868Fund Raising.
f. 2869-2874Issues. Position papers on such topics as abortion, social security, defense, and labor.
f. 2875-2878Opponents. Consists of press releases, campaign literature, newspaper articles, and correspondence from Thomas Curtis's campaign.
f. 2879-2880Polls. Voter opinion surveys compiled by William R. Hamilton and Staff. Indicate issue concerns, voter preference, the political climate, and candidate image profiles.
f. 2881-2898Polls
f. 2881Election Analysis.
f. 2882In-house Polling. Covers procedures for making voter registration lists and the coding format for polls.
f. 2883In-house Survey. Survey conducted in Kansas City by Martila, Payne, Kiley, Thorne, Incorporated, from randomly selected counties.
f. 2884-2891Polls. Contains precinct captain and worker manuals, tabular reports, poll samples, demographic studies, ward maps, and an in-house poll.
f. 2892Voter Profiles.
f. 2893Voter Ratings. Eagleton's voting records on budget, government spending, environmental issues, and national security.
f. 2894Voter Registration. Lists, reports, maps, and statistics on voter registration.
f. 2895-2898Voting Statistics. Studies of voting patterns for Missouri, voter attitudes in the Kansas City area, Jewish voter patterns, and election results from the 1968 and 1970 elections.
f. 2899Press Releases.
f. 2900-2902Schedules.
f. 2903Speeches. Includes speeches on such topics as Israeli-Arab relations and Democratic party politics.
f. 2904-2908Staff Memos.
f. 2909-2911Target Mailings. Memos, procedures for mass mailing, costs, and examples of campaign mailings.
f. 2912-29761980 Campaign--Administrative
f. 2912Campaign Consultants. Includes a list of firms and an agreement with William R. Hamilton and Staff for a campaign strategy plan.
f. 2913Campaign Workers.
f. 2914Carter Missouri Visits. Visits made by President James E. Carter to St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri.
f. 2915Computer Newsletter. Contains county computer codes and profession code statistics.
f. 2916County Coordinators.
f. 2917Lists. Refers to a profession code index listing.
f. 2918-2920Mass Mailing Registrations.
f. 2921Media Advertising. Consists of an agreement with D.H. Sawyer and Associates, Limited, for television and radio campaign advertisements; material from Hamilton and Staff on targeting; and a proposed media advertising budget.
f. 2922-2923Newspaper Clippings.
f. 2924-2925Office Procedures.
f. 2926-2929Weekly Mail Reports. Indicates the number of outgoing letters and items receiving twenty or more responses.
f. 2930-2934Correspondence (arranged in chronological order). Lawsuit over Eagleton's vote on Panama Canal legislation, the Pope's visit to the White House, and U.S. Senate committee appointment, and some general correspondence.
f. 2935-2936Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Newsletters, contribution lists, and information on committee services.
f. 2937Endorsements.
f. 2938-2947Fund Raising.
f. 2948Issues. Position on gay rights, welfare, abortion, and gun control.
f. 2949-2955Opponents. Consists of newspaper clippings, campaign literature, articles, press releases, correspondence, and advertisements on Eugene McNary and the National Conservative Action Committee.
f. 2956-2964Polls. Includes election results, tabular reports, surveys, polls, and sample surveys.
f. 2965-2966Polls. Consists of attitude and issue surveys and a survey of voters in Missouri.
f. 2967Press Releases. Includes Eugene McNary's campaign schedules, Eagleton's position on campaign issues, and the Federal Election Commission's ruling on contributions.
f. 2968Schedules.
f. 2969Speeches.
f. 2970-2975Staff Memos.
f. 2976Target Mailings. Composed of fliers, campaign literature, and mailings directed to specific groups.
f. 2977-3188General--Administrative, 1964-1987
f. 2977Calendar List, 1977. Composed of the names and addresses of Eagleton's contacts.
f. 2978Campaign Literature, n.d. Includes fliers, pamphlets, and brochures emphasizing Eagleton's stand on important issues and his accomplishments.
f. 2979Campaign Memorabilia, 1986-1987.
f. 2980Campaign Organizational Instructions, n.d. Indicates the preparations necessary for running a general campaign.
f. 2981Daily Mailing Records, n.d. Summarizes daily and cumulative mail statistics.
f. 2982Legislative Staff Assignments, 1975-1977.
f. 2983Mail Reports, 1982-1983. Classifies monthly mail by issue and the mode of production--typed or computer-produced.
f. 2984-2986Newspaper Clippings, 1970-1986. Covers the activities of Eagleton, George Lehr, Warren Hearnes, and Stuart Symington.
f. 2987Office Procedures, 1978-1985.
f. 2988Right-To-Work, 1978-1979. Articles, press releases, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and newsletters.
f. 2989Senate Committee Assignments, 1984-1985. Consists of proposed changes to the Senate rules and committee system.
f. 2990Staff Analysis, 1976. Analysis done by Eagleton's staff of the 1976 elections.
f. 2991Telephone Calls, 1977-1980. Names and addresses of individuals and organizations Eagleton contacted for assistance with various campaigns.
f. 2992-3002Weekly Mail Reports, 1981-1986. Indicates the number of outgoing letters and items receiving twenty or more responses.
f. 3003-3012Correspondence (arranged in chronological order). Missouri politics, the 1978 general elections, the Moral Majority, pending legislation, U.S. Senate committee assignments, key campaign issues, opposition to Carter, the Panama Canal, the 1980 presidential campaign, fund raising, and general correspondence.
f. 3013-3140County Files. Consists of correspondence and lists indicating county committee officers/ members and key people to contact in each county.
f. 3013County Analysis, n.d.
f. 3014County Chairmen, 1980
f. 3015Adair County, 1966-1976
f. 3016Andrew County, 1966-1977
f. 3017Atchison County, 1972-1977
f. 3018Audrain County, 1966-1976
f. 3019Barry County, 1966-1975
f. 3020Barton County, 1966-1975
f. 3021Bates County, 1966-1975
f. 3022Benton County, 1966-1975
f. 3023Bollinger County, 1966-1979
f. 3024Boone County, 1966-1976
f. 3025-3026Buchanan County, 1966-1975
f. 3027Butler County, 1966-1976
f. 3028Caldwell County, 1966-1979
f. 3029Callaway County, 1966-1976
f. 3030Camden County, 1966-1979
f. 3031Cape Girardeau County, 1966-1976
f. 3032Carroll County, 1972-1976
f. 3033Carter County, 1966-1979
f. 3034Cass County, 1966-1976
f. 3035Cedar County, 1966-1975
f. 3036Chariton County, 1966-1975
f. 3037Christian County, 1972-1976
f. 3038Clark County, 1966-1975
f. 3039Clay County, 1966-1976
f. 3040Clinton County, 1968-1976
f. 3041Cole County, 1966-1976
f. 3042Cooper County, 1966-1975
f. 3043Crawford County, 1966-1979
f. 3044Dade County, 1972-1976
f. 3045Dallas County, 1972-1976
f. 3046Daviess County, 1966-1975
f. 3047DeKalb County, 1972-1976
f. 3048Dent County, 1966-1979
f. 3049Douglas County, 1966-1975
f. 3050-3051Dunklin County, 1966-1976
f. 3052Franklin County, 1966-1979
f. 3053Gasconade County, 1972-1979
f. 3054Gentry County, 1966-1976
f. 3055-3056Greene County, 1966-1977
f. 3057Grundy County, 1972-1976
f. 3058Harrison County, 1966-1976
f. 3059Henry County, 1966-1976
f. 3060Hickory County, 1972-1975
f. 3061Holt County, 1972-1976
f. 3062Howard County, 1972-1975
f. 3063Howell County, 1972-1979
f. 3064Iron County, 1972-1979
f. 3065-3068Jackson County, 1966-1976
f. 3069Jasper County, 1966-1977
f. 3070Jefferson County, 1966-1979
f. 3071-3072Johnson County, 1966-1975
f. 3073Knox County, 1971-1976
f. 3074Laclede County, 1966-1976
f. 3075Lafayette County, 1966-1976
f. 3076Lawrence County, 1966-1977
f. 3077Lewis County, 1966-1975
f. 3078Lincoln County, 1966-1975
f. 3079Linn County, 1966-1975
f. 3080Livingston County, 1966-1976
f. 3081McDonald County, 1966-1977
f. 3082Macon County, 1966-1979
f. 3083Madison County, 1972-1979
f. 3084Maries County, 1972-1979
f. 3085-3086Marion County, 1966-1977
f. 3087Mercer County, 1972-1975
f. 3088Miller County, 1966-1975
f. 3089Mississippi County, 1966-1980
f. 3090Moniteau County, 1966-1976
f. 3091Monroe County, 1966-1976
f. 3092Montgomery County, 1966-1975
f. 3093Morgan County, 1966-1975
f. 3094New Madrid County, 1966-1975
f. 3095Newton County, 1966-1975
f. 3096Nodaway County, 1966-1977
f. 3097Oregon County, 1966-1979
f. 3098Osage County, 1972-1979
f. 3099Ozark County, 1973-1975
f. 3100Pemiscot County, 1966-1977
f. 3101Perry County, 1966-1979
f. 3102Pettis County, 1966-1976
f. 3103Phelps County, 1966-1979
f. 3104Pike County, 1966-1976
f. 3105Platte County, 1966-1975
f. 3106Polk County, 1966-1977
f. 3107Pulaski County, 1966-1979
f. 3108Putnam County, 1966-1975
f. 3109Ralls County, 1966-1975
f. 3110Randolph County, 1966-1979
f. 3111Ray County, 1966-1976
f. 3112Reynolds County, 1966-1979
f. 3113Ripley County, 1966-1979
f. 3114St. Charles County, 1966-1976
f. 3115St. Clair County, 1966-1975
f. 3116St. Francois County, 1966-1976
f. 3117-3118St. Louis City, 1966-1976
f. 3119-3120St. Louis County, 1966-1977
f. 3121Ste. Genevieve County, 1966-1976
f. 3122Saline County, 1966-1976
f. 3123Schuyler County, 1972-1977
f. 3124Scotland County, 1966-1975
f. 3125-3126Scott County, 1966-1980
f. 3127Shannon County, 1966-1975
f. 3128Shelby County, 1966-1976
f. 3129Stoddard County, 1966-1977
f. 3130Stone County, 1966-1975
f. 3131Sullivan County, 1966-1975
f. 3132Taney County, 1966-1975
f. 3133Texas County, 1966-1979
f. 3134Vernon County, 1966-1976
f. 3135Warren County, 1972-1975
f. 3136Washington County, 1966-1975
f. 3137Wayne County, 1966-1979
f. 3138Webster County, 1972-1975
f. 3139Worth County, 1972-1975
f. 3140Wright County, 1966-1975
f. 3141Democratic Party, 1975-1981. Democratic National Committee and the 1976 National Convention.
f. 3142Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, 1976-1982.
f. 3143-3153Missouri Democratic Party, 1966-1978, 1982. 1976 Missouri caucuses, the state committee, delegates to various national conventions, the state platform, and the 1976 state convention.
f. 3154-3158Fund Raising, 1971-1979, 1985.
f. 3159-3169Opponents, 1980-1986. Material on the National Conservative Political Action Committee.
f. 3170-3178Polls, 1964-1982. Contains election results, labor and business voter ratings, voting patterns, and statistics.
f. 3179Press Releases, 1975-1976, 1982. Carter's presidential campaign and Missouri Democratic party activities.
f. 3180Schedules, 1976.
f. 3181-3184Staff Memos, 1971-1984.
f. 3185-3188Target Mailings, 1981-1984. Consists of correspondence, memos, target mailing instructions, county and profession codes, voter registration information, and mailing samples.
f. 3189-31911982 Senatorial Campaign. Memos, campaign literature, newspaper clippings, and correspondence covering Harriet Woods's campaign for U.S. Senate.
f. 31921984 Lieutenant Governor Campaign. Correspondence, memos, campaign literature, and newspaper clippings covering Harriet Woods's campaign for the lieutenant governorship of Missouri.
f. 3193-31971984 Presidential Campaign. Walter Mondale's and Charles Curry's presidential campaigns.
f. 3198-32041986 Senatorial Campaign. Harriet Woods's bid for Eagleton's seat in the U.S. Senate.

State Projects, 1967-1975 Subseries

Before the state offices (St. Louis, Jefferson City, and Kansas City) were fully operational, Eagleton's Administrative Assistant, Edward Quick, handled many activities that the state offices would later be responsible for--such as state liaison with federal agencies. Quick also handled state grant applications and such state projects as fell under the heading of "public works." This subseries has been divided into three sections: Federal Government Agencies, Missouri Floods, and Public Works.

f. 3205-3231Federal Government Agencies
f. 3205ACTION, 1972
f. 3206Agriculture Department, 1971-1974
f. 3207Commerce Department, 1972
f. 3208Defense Department, 1971-1974
f. 3209-3210Economic Development Administration, 1969-1975
f. 3211Economic Opportunity Office, 1972
f. 3212-3213Environmental Protection Agency, 1971-1974
f. 3214Farmers Home Administration, 1971-1975
f. 3215Federal Aviation Administration, 1969-1972
f. 3216General Services Administration, 1968
f. 3217-3218Grants, 1970-1973
f. 3219Health, Education, and Welfare Department, 1969-1973
f. 3220-3222Housing and Urban Development Department, 1968-1975
f. 3223Interior Department, 1969-1972
f. 3224Labor Department, 1969-1975
f. 3225Nuclear Regulatory Agency, 1975
f. 3226Office of Management and Budget, 1971
f. 3227Rural Electrification Administration, 1969-1974
f. 3228Small Business Administration, 1972
f. 3229Veterans Administration, 1972
f. 3230-3231Water Resources Council, 1971-1973
f. 3232-3233Missouri Floods. Correspondence, memos, press releases, and major disaster declarations, 1967-1974. Arranged in chronological order.
f. 3234-3271Public Works
f. 3234"B" Projects, 1972. Projects in Buchanan County.
f. 3235Bootheel Economic Development, 1969-1972. Development in Stoddard, Dunklin, Scott, New Madrid, Mississippi, and Pemiscot Counties.
f. 3236"C" Projects, 1969-1974. Projects in Carthage, Caruthersville, Cedar Creek, Clinton, and Clark County.
f. 3237Coast Guard, 1973. U.S.C.G. Muskingum.
f. 3238Corps of Engineers, 1969-1973. Flood control efforts in the New Madrid and St. Johns Bayou areas.
f. 3239Education, 1968-1973. Funding for federal education programs.
f. 3240"F" Projects, 1972. Flood control projects in Crystal City, Festus, and Flat Creek.
f. 3241General Projects, 1969-1973. Housing legislation, flood control projects, and urban decay.
f. 3242"K" Projects, 1969-1974. Kansas City/Chicago interstate highway system, the Kansas City medical school, and the Kansas City general hospital.
f. 3243"L" Projects, 1968-1972. Projects at Lake Wappapello, Little Blue Valley, and Little River.
f. 3244"M" Projects, 1970-1972. Projects at Mountain View, Mercer Lake, Maryville, and Mill Creek.
f. 3245Meramec River Basin Projects, 1969-1973. Environmental problems in the river basin, the projects budget, and a proposed Meramec Park dam.
f. 3246-3248Mission East Nursing Home, 1971-1972. Includes photographs of the home, correspondence over its threatened closure, and scripts from a news broadcast.
f. 3249Mississippi River, 1969-1974. Mississippi River Research Consortium and conservation of the river.
f. 3250New Madrid Project, 1969. Harbor improvements in the New Madrid area.
f. 3251Ozarks Regional Commission, 1968-1969. Annual report detailing development programs, financial concerns, expansion and investment possibilities, and general attitudes.
f. 3252"P" Projects, 1972. Flood control on the Platte River and development of Prosperity Lake.
f. 3253Pattonsburg Project, 1972. Comments for and against the Pattonsburg rural development project.
f. 3254-3258Regional Offices, 1967-1971.
f. 3259Rural Electrification Administration, 1973. Discussion of loan cutbacks.
f. 3260"S" Projects, 1970-1973. Soil conservation and sewage projects throughout Missouri.
f. 3261-3265St. Louis Airport, 1970-1973. Proposed expansion of the airport.
f. 3266St. Louis General Projects, 1970-1975. Harbor improvements in St. Louis and the impact on the environment.
f. 3267St. Louis University Dental School, 1968-1969. Closure of the dental school.
f. 3268St. Peters Project, 1972-1973. Sewer project in St. Peters.
f. 3269Senior Citizens, 1970-1974. Refers to Eagleton's contacts and supporters among aging agencies and senior citizens groups.
f. 3270State Auditor, 1974. Responsibilities, rules, and regulations of the state auditor's office.
f. 3271"T" Projects, 1972-1975. Projects for Table Rock Lake, the Truman Dam, and the Trimble Wildlife Area.


This series is composed of Eagleton's papers from his term with the Committee on Governmental Affairs. Other committee files appear in the Legislative and Administrative Assistant series. The Committee series has been divided into nine subseries:

Prior to 1977 the District of Columbia Committee was a standing committee in the Senate. In 1977 it was assimilated into the Committee on Governmental Affairs and became the Subcommittee on Governmental Efficiency and the District of Columbia. Eagleton began with the District of Columbia Committee in 1969 and remained a member through 1986. He served as the chairman of the Subcommittee from 1979 to 1980. He was ranking minority member of both the Committee and the Subcommittee from 1980 to 1986. The records of the Committee and Subcommittee were transferred to the National Archives, but important aspects of these records were photocopied for inclusion in this collection. The types of items photocopied include staff memos and correspondence.

Administration, 1980-1986 Subseries

Alphabetical by topic:
Correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, and notes concerning the committee's budget, members, and organization.

f. 3272Budget Presentation, 1986. Proposed cuts in Committee's 1986 budget.
f. 3273Committee Administration, 1985. Meeting between Eagleton, Sen. James Sasser, and Sen. Jeff Bingaman.
f. 3274-3275Committee Budget Materials, 1980-1984.
f. 3276Committee and Subcommittee Appointments, 1985.
f. 3277Democratic Staff Directors, 1985. Minutes and notes from the Democratic staff directors' meeting.
f. 3278Memos, 1985. Government contracts, postal service rates, sports legislation, the Grace Commission, and "hatching" ambassadors.
f. 3279Subcommittee Organization, 1985.
f. 3280Testimony before Rules Committee, 1985. Committee's 1985 budget request.

Civil Service, 1978-1986 Subseries

Alphabetical by topic:
Analyses, memos, charts, notes, correspondence, and legislation pertaining to civil service reform, women and social security, federal employees health benefits, the Senior Executive Exchange Program, the Missouri Postal Workers Union, government pay raises, civil service retirement plans, and collective bargaining.

f. 3281Annuity Information, 1984. Retirement options available to Eagleton's staff.
f. 3282Blue-Collar Pay Raise, 1980.
f. 3283C.I.A. Retirement, 1985. Amendment to include all CIA employees under the revised civil service retirement plan.
f. 3284Charts and Analysis, 1985-1986. Senate's retirement plan for new federal employees.
f. 3285Civil Service Retirement Plan, 1983-1985.
f. 3286Double-Dipping Amendment, 1978. Heinz-Eagleton-Schroeder Amendment on civil service reform.
f. 3287Members' Preference, 1986. Comparison of costs, benefits, and contributions of House members versus employees.
f. 3288Military Retirement Cost, 1983. Private disability cost-of-living allowances and the costs of the military retirement program.
f. 3289Missouri Postal Workers Union, 1985.
f. 3290Missouri Retirees, n.d. Deals with the amount of federal pensions going to Missouri residents and legislation exempting those pensions from taxation.
f. 3291Policy Forum, 1983. Eagleton's opening remarks before the policy forum and economic security programs.
f. 3292Program Fraud Civil Penalties Act, 1984. Discussion of possible interpretations of this act, particularly in reference to collective bargaining agreements.
f. 3293Senior Executive Exchange Program, 1984-1986. Legislation which would allow private corporations to pay the salaries of executives sent to the Executive Exchange program.
f. 3294Supplemental Retirement Plan, 1983.
f. 3295Voucher Health Plan, 1984. Details the pros and cons of federal employees health benefits.
f. 3296Women and Social Security, 1983. Outlines the "gender penalty" that hits nearly all women entitled to Social Security.

District of Columbia, 1970-1986 Subseries

Alphabetical by topic:
Correspondence, memos, legislation, reports, notes, and magazine and newspaper articles concerning the University of the District of Columbia, Union Station, nominations for Superior Court judgeships, home rule, the criminal code, chanceries and embassies, the District's finances, the federal payment, and the Metropolitan Square project.

f. 3297Audit Results, 1982. District of Columbia's 1981 budget.
f. 3298Beaudin Nomination, 1983-1984. Bruce D. Beaudin's nomination for a Superior Court judgeship.
f. 3299Bonding Authority, 1981-1982. Senate hearings on D.C.'s efforts to sell bonds to cover operation costs.
f. 3300-3301Chadha Problem, 1983-1984. Legislation to amend the Home Rule Act or Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act.
f. 3302Chanceries, 1981-1982. Location of chanceries and foreign missions in D.C.
f. 3303City Museum, 1980. Museum's projected Capitol Hill exhibit on the history of downtown Washington.
f. 3304Civil Service Retirement Program, 1984.
f. 3305Committee Activities, 1980-1981. Topics Eagleton and his staff were to become knowledgeable about in preparation for the full committee.
f. 3306Constituent Complaints, 1980.
f. 3307Court Reform, 1985-1986.
f. 3308Criminal Code Project, 1979-1980. Creation of a special office as part of the Council of the District of Columbia's Committee on the Judiciary.
f. 3309District of Columbia Appropriations Bill, 1985-1986. Amendments restricting abortions and affecting insurance laws.
f. 3310District Finances, 1980. Summarizes Eagleton's stand on financial issues, e.g. retail practices, general obligation bonds, and school bus fare subsidies.
f. 3311District Laws, 1981. Conflicts between the congressional review procedure and the Home Rule Act.
f. 3312Downtown Planning, 1981. Development of downtown as part of the comprehensive plan for the Capitol.
f. 3313Emergency Legislation, 1980. Materials from a hearing on use by the D.C. City Council.
f. 3314Federal Payment, 1979-1983. District's financial relationship with the federal government.
f. 3315Fire Engine Company #3, 1984-1985. Opposition to closing of Company #3 and praise of its service to the Capitol and Senate office complex.
f. 3316Gambling Legislation, 1981. Congressional disapproval of a law allowing limited gambling in D.C.
f. 3317Georgetown University, 1985-1986. Request for legislation eliminating congressional review of D.C. tax-exempt revenue bonds.
f. 3318Georgetown Waterfront, 1980. Controversy over the federal government's purchase of property for conversion into a national park.
f. 3319Home Rule Symposium, 1984-1985. Held at the University of the District of Columbia celebrating ten years of home rule.
f. 3320International Center, 1977-1984. Plans to establish a new U.S. International Cultural and Trade Center in southwest Washington.
f. 3321Judgeship Nominations, 1981-1983. Names and qualifications of eight individuals nominated for D.C. judgeships.
f. 3322Law Revision Commission, 1970-1986. Proposal to revise the basic criminal code.
f. 3323Mental Health Reorganization, 1984-1986. Report of the Mayor's Advisory Committee on Mental Health Reorganization, legislation to amend the St. Elizabeth's Hospital and D.C. Mental Health Services Act, and a summary of the preliminary system implementation plan.
f. 3324Merit Reduction-In-Force (RIF), 1980-1982. Amendment to the D.C. appropriations bill giving the mayor authority to lay off city employees during a reduction-in-force.
f. 3325Metropolitan Square Project, 1983-1985. Concerns the failure of the National Capital Planning Commission to inform the Senate of the security risks involved in the construction of the twelve-story Metropolitan Square complex.
f. 3326National Endowment for the Homeless, 1985. Report on the findings of a Senate hearing on hunger and homelessness.
f. 3327Nominations to Superior Court, 1979-1986. Names and qualifications of nominees for judgeships on the D.C. Superior Court.
f. 3328Peruvian Embassy, 1984. Pertains to the State Department's liability in a violation of the Foreign Missions Act.
f. 3329Professional Tax, 1980. Summarizes the status of a District professional tax.
f. 3330Prompt State Pay, 1983. Legislation requiring D.C. to pay interest on bills paid late.
f. 3331Questions for Witnesses, n.d. Pertains to a Senate hearing on the bank lending situation in D.C.
f. 3332Retirement Board, 1985-1986. Outlines the need for legislation to include D.C. employees in the federal civil service retirement system.
f. 3333Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, 1985-1986. Transfer of authority over the stadium from the Secretary of the Interior to the District of Columbia.
f. 3334St. Elizabeth's Hospital, 1983. Focuses on Senate hearings to determine the hospital's role in D.C. mental health care and the federal government's plans for the facility.
f. 3335Sakharov-Mandela, 1986. Controversy over the renaming of certain District streets, in particular, Nelson and Winnie Mandela Avenue and Andrei Sakharov Plaza.
f. 3336Smithsonian South Quadrangle Plan, 1980-1981. Plans to construct two new museums on the Mall--the Museum of African Art and the Center for Eastern Art.
f. 3337South Africa Investment Plan, 1983-1984. Focuses on legislation prohibiting the investment of D.C. government funds in South African banks and corporations.
f. 3338State of the District, 1983. Report prepared by Mayor Marion Barry, Jr. indicating the District's development as a home rule government.
f. 3339Statehood, 1980-1984.
f. 3340Street Names, 1986.
f. 3341Street Signs, 1979.
f. 3342Task Force on International Affairs, 1979.
f. 3343Techworld Controversy, 1986. Summarizes a controversy over D.C.'s right to close streets.
f. 3344Trinity College, 1979. College's request to modify its articles of incorporation.
f. 3345Union Station, 1984. Rehabilitation plans for Union Station and construction of a five level parking facility to service the station.
f. 3346University of the District of Columbia, 1985. Budget and expenditures of the president's office.

Full Committee, 1985-1986 Subseries

Alphabetical by topic:
Correspondence, notes, legislation, memos, and reports covering such topics as the Office of Personnel Management, the Office of Special Counsel, the Federal Employees' Health Benefits Program, and Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit reduction legislation.

f. 3347Agresto Nomination, 1986. John Agresto's nomination for Archivist of the United States.
f. 3348Ambassadors, 1985. Legislation designed to include ambassadors in the Hatch Act's prohibition on partisan political activities.
f. 3349Cochran Census Bill, 1985. Legislation requiring the Census Bureau to exclude illegal aliens from the population figures used to apportion the House of Representatives.
f. 3350Congressional Budget Office (CBO), 1985. Complaints about handling of requests for budget estimates.
f. 3351Defense Authorization Bill, 1986. Amendment to strike a provision of the Defense Department authorization bill establishing an alternative civilian personnel system.
f. 3352District of Columbia Subcommittee, 1986.
f. 3353Federal Employees' Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), 1985. Regards a proposal by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to refund millions in health insurance premiums from the reserve of the FEHBP.
f. 3354Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Legislation, 1986. Refers to the future of the General Accounting Office after the Supreme Court's decision on certain provisions of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings legislation.
f. 3355Management Bill, 1986. Deals with legislation reauthorizing the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA).
f. 3356Merit Systems Protection Board, 1985. Outlines the steps involved in publishing and distributing the board's Report on Significant Actions of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).
f. 3357Office of Management and Budget (OMB), 1985. Discussion of issues awaiting further committee action at the regulatory reform level.
f. 3358Office of Management and Budget Report, 1985.
f. 3359Office of Personnel Management, 1985-1986. Refers to individuals blacklisted for their disclosures to the committee on Donald Devine's actions.
f. 3360Office of Special Counsel (OSC), 1985. Discussion of the OSC's inadequate protection of whistleblowers.
f. 3361Postal Board Nominee, 1985. Robert Setrakian's nomination for the Postal Board of Governors.
f. 3362Revolving Door, 1985. Legislation prohibiting federal employees from negotiating employment with persons the employee deals with on an official basis.
f. 3363Subcommittee on Governmental Efficiency and the District of Columbia, 1986. Regards a proposal to abolish the subcommittee.

Governmental Affairs, 1977-1987 Subseries

Alphabetical by topic:
Correspondence, reports, notes, memos, and newspaper and magazine articles concerning the Inspectors General program, the legislative veto, regulatory reform, nominations and appointments, ethics, the federal payment, federal pay raises and reform, chanceries and embassies, pension reform, pending legislation, and hearings. Includes the files of Kathleen Tuttle, chief minority counsel for the Governmental Affairs Committee.

f. 3364Border Inspection Reorganization, 1984. Proposal to consolidate primary border inspection in both the U.S. Customs Service of the Treasury Department and the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Justice Department.
f. 3365Bowsher Nomination, 1981. Charles Bowsher's nomination for comptroller general.
f. 3366Brain Drain, 1981. Refers to the "brain drain" out of the federal government of senior executives.
f. 3367Bright Reappointment, 1984. Simeon Bright's reappointment to the Postal Rate Commission.
f. 3368Budget Act Oversight, 1981.
f. 3369Budget Reconciliation Bill, 1984-1985.
f. 3370Campaign Financing, 1983. Concerns the danger posed by political action committees.
f. 3371Campaign Fund Allocations, 1982. Criteria for allocating campaign funds and questions about Alan Cranston's campaign finances.
f. 3372Capitol Historical Society, 1982. Legislation to exempt the U.S. Capitol Historical Society from D.C. sales tax.
f. 3373Capitol West Front, 1977-1983. Controversy surrounding legislation to extend the west front of the Capitol and the need for immediate restoration.
f. 3374Carter Library, 1983.
f. 3375Census, 1980-1986. Concerns figures compiled for the 1980 census for Missouri.
f. 3376Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), 1984. Contains an invitation for Eagleton to participate in the CSIS Quadrangular Forum.
f. 3377Chanceries Act, 1982. Details the committee's stand on a provision of the Foreign Missions Act.
f. 3378Chanceries and Embassies, 1979. Location of chanceries and embassies in general and the expansion of the Saudi Arabian embassy in particular.
f. 3379Civil Rights Commission (CRC), 1983. Nominees to the CRC proposed by President Ronald Reagan.
f. 3380Classified Information Security, 1986. Refers to the development of a standardized system in the Senate for the security of classified information.
f. 3381Commemorative Stamp Bills, 1981-1987. Proposals for commemorative stamps to honor Vietnam veterans and the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mark Twain.
f. 3382Community Services Administration (CSA), 1981. Plan to phase-out the CSA.
f. 3383Competition in Contracting Act, 1985. Relates to the constitutionality of the Competition in Contracting Act.
f. 3384Comptroller General, 1980-1981. Nominations for the position.
f. 3385Condominium Conversion, 1980.
f. 3386Congressional Cemetery, 1981-1983. Funding problems.
f. 3387Congressional Pensions, 1977. Soaring costs of continued expansion of the congressional pension plan.
f. 3388Convention Center, 1978-1983. Restrictions on the center's budget appropriations.
f. 3389Corps of Engineers, 1984. Legislation providing reimbursement to citizens suffering property damage as a result of actions taken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
f. 3390Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA), 1980. Pertains to directions given the committee to tighten disability retirement criteria and change to an annual COLA for retirees.
f. 3391Criminal Code, 1978. Plans to revise the D.C. criminal code.
f. 3392Defense Department Inspector General, 1980-1982. Feasibility of an inspector general.
f. 3393Democratic Staff Directors, 1985.
f. 3394Demonetization, 1984. Proposal to require the exchange of "old" money for "new" money on a regular basis.
f. 3395Department of Energy (DOE) Inspector General, 1982. Duties of the inspector general and attempts to eliminate the position.
f. 3396Department of Energy Reduction-In-Force, 1982.
f. 3397Department of Energy Reorganization, 1982.
f. 3398Devine Hearing, 1985. Nomination of Donald Devine for director of Office of Personnel Management.
f. 3399District of Columbia Audit, 1978-1979.
f. 3400District of Columbia Legislation, n.d. Legislation for low-moderate-cost housing, bonding authority, and changes in the city charter.
f. 3401Dual Officeholding, 1985.
f. 3402Ethics, 1981.
f. 3403Ethics Code Revision, 1981.
f. 3404Ethics In Government Act, 1985. Regards ambiguous language contained in the Ethics In Government Act.
f. 3405Falcon Products, 1984. Senate hearing involving the enforcement of federal regulations and penalties for the shipment of hazardous and radioactive materials.
f. 3406Federal Pay Reform, 1979. Eagleton's meeting with Ken Blaylock, president of the American Federation of Governmental Employees, over President Carter's pay reform package.
f. 3407Federal Payment, 1978. Request by the District to increase the ceilings on the federal payment.
f. 3408Federal Raises, 1979.
f. 3409Federal Retirement Program, 1983.
f. 3410Florida Trip, 1985-1986. Barry Schreiber's nomination for the Board of Governors.
f. 3411Foreign Missions Act, 1979-1983. Focuses on a section of the Foreign Missions Act pertaining to D.C. chanceries.
f. 3412Former Presidents Act, 1983-1984. Deals with revisions to the Benefits to Former Presidents Act and Eagleton's amendment concerning Secret Service protection.
f. 3413General Services Administration, 1982.
f. 3414Giuffrida Nomination, 1981. Louis Giuffrida's nomination for head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
f. 3415Governmental Efficiency Hearings, 1977-1979.
f. 3416Greenmailing, 1984.
f. 3417Greenburg, Murray, 1985. Comments by Assistant County Attorney Murray Greenburg on the Dade County Commission's general rules of procedure.
f. 3418Health Benefit Amendment, 1981. Reductions in federal insurance benefits for mental health care.
f. 3419Home Finance Agency, 1978. Legislation to give D.C. revenue bond authority to establish a home finance agency.
f. 3420Hoover Commission, 1981. Hearings over legislation to establish a Commission on More Effective Government.
f. 3421Industrial Policy, 1983. Attempts by Eagleton to move the committee into the areas of trade and industrial policy organization.
f. 3422Information Management, 1985-1986. Pertains to an OMB proposal on management of federal information resources.
f. 3423Inspector General, n.d. Reports from offices in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Washington.
f. 3424Inspector General Foreign Service, n.d. Questions for the Office of Inspector General, Foreign Assistance, and the Agency for International Development (AID) Auditor General.
f. 3425Inspectors General Legislation, 1978-1979. Legislation to establish offices of inspector general in major departments and agencies.
f. 3426Internal Controls Hearing, 1981. Legislation to improve the internal accounting and administrative controls in federal agencies.
f. 3427Judges, 1979. Appointment of D.C. judges.
f. 3428Legislative Fellow, 1985. Request of a fellow to join Eagleton's staff.
f. 3429Legislation Pending, 1986.
f. 3430Legislative Veto, 1983. Outlines the implications of the legislative veto.
f. 3431Levin Congressional Interference, 1982. Decision of a D.C. district court on a suit filed against Senator Carl Levin and his staff.
f. 3432Lobby Reform, 1978-1980.
f. 3433Mail Fraud Bill, 1981-1983.
f. 3434Management Legislation, 1986.
f. 3435Mathias Hearings, 1979. Subcommittee hearings on Administration plans to disperse federal offices.
f. 3436-3439Memos, 1979-1980. Governmental efficiency, federal pay raises, the federal criminal code, subcommittee staffing, and trade reorganization.
f. 3440-3441Miller Nomination, 1984-1985. James Clifford Miller's nomination for director of the OMB.
f. 3442Morris Nomination, 1983. Staff report on Morris' nomination.
f. 3443National Archives and Records Service (NARS), 1981-1984. Legislation to separate NARS from GSA and to establish NARS as an independent agency and the appointment of Richard Starr as U.S. Archivist.
f. 3444National Capital Planning Commission, 1978-1979. Expansion of Dulles Airport, bike trails in Montgomery County, Maryland, and the rehabilitation of the Old Post Office Building.
f. 3445New Federalism, 1982. Annual conference of the Missouri Association of Councils of Government.
f. 3446Office of Personnel Management, 1985. Concerns the St. Louis regional office.
f. 3447Ouster Suit, 1986. Refers to an ouster suit and declaratory judgment on dual officeholding.
f. 3448Part-time Employment, 1980. Regards the Federal Employees Part-Time Career Employment Act.
f. 3449Pension Building Legislation, n.d. Legislation to convert the Pension Building to a museum for the building arts.
f. 3450Pension Reform, 1978-1979.
f. 3451Personnel System, 1979.
f. 3452Plum Book, 1984. Regards publication of the "plum book" on U.S. Government Policy and Supporting Positions.
f. 3453Potomac River Basin, 1978. Request to do a study on the Potomac River Basin.
f. 3454Presidential Benefits Act, n.d. Legislation placing space limitations on presidential libraries.
f. 3455Pre-Trial Detention, 1978. Deals with amendments to D.C. pre-trial detention laws.
f. 3456Privacy Issue, 1978. Discusses possible legislation from the privacy issue, such as protecting the confidentiality of medical records.
f. 3457Protectionism, 1982. Outlines a possible speech or article on protectionist legislation.
f. 3458Public Employees Appreciation Day, 1983. One-hundredth anniversary of the enactment of the Pendleton Act.
f. 3459Reagan Administration Ethics, 1982-1984. Criticism of the Reagan administration's lack of ethics.
f. 3460Regional Office Closings, 1985. Pertains to a proposed freeze on all federal field office consolidations.
f. 3461Regulatory Reform, 1978-1979. Reform legislation on the selecting of administrative law judges, on duplication, and on regulating the regulators.
f. 3462Revenue Bonds, 1979. Legislation for revenue bonds on commercial and industrial development and housing.
f. 3463River Quay Hearings, 1980. Concerns the activities of organized crime in the River Quay area of Kansas City.
f. 3464Richards Nomination, 1981. Possible conflicts of interest facing James Richards, nominee for DOE's inspector general.
f. 3465Rohatyn Amendment, 1983. Involves a resolution proposing an amendment enabling naturalized citizens to run for president or vice-president.
f. 3466Schreiber Investigation, 1985. Concerns a field investigation of Barry Schreiber.
f. 3467Senate Day Care Center, 1983. Encourages the development of a Senate day care center.
f. 3468Sexual Assault Laws, 1981. Correspondence regarding reform of D.C. sexual assault laws.
f. 3469Shared Unemployment, 1980. Concerns California's shared unemployment plan.
f. 3470Sherick Nomination, 1983. Results of an investigation of Joseph Sherick, nominee for DOD's inspector general.
f. 3471Southern Pacific, 1978. Annual meeting of political action committee.
f. 3472Southwest Washington Redevelopment, 1978-1979. Legislation turning land near L'Enfant Plaza over to the Redevelopment Land Agency.
f. 3473Special Prosecutor, 1981. Appointment of a special prosecutor used for Eagleton's appearance on the "MacNeil-Lehrer Show."
f. 3474Spinks, Leon, 1978. Refers to the establishment of a National Boxing Commission.
f. 3475Stevens, Robert, 1981. Stevens' reappointment to the General Accounting Office.
f. 3476Stockman, David, 1980. Discussion of the capabilities of David Stockman and Felix Rohatyn.
f. 3477Subcommittee on Nominations and Confirmations, 1979. Confirmation of D.C. Superior Court nominee Peter Wolf and the nomination of James McIntyre for director of the OMB.
f. 3478Subcommittee on Reports, Accounting, and Management, 1972-1979. Committee's study of "The Accounting Establishment."
f. 3479Sunset Legislation, 1978. Regards legislation requiring the review and reauthorization of programs every ten years.
f. 3480Supreme Court Jurisdiction, 1981. Attempts to limit the Court's jurisdiction in such areas as busing, school prayer, and abortion.
f. 3481Technical Amendments Act, 1981.
f. 3482Terrorism Legislation, 1978. Anti-terrorism bill sponsored by Abraham Ribicoff.
f. 3483-3504Tuttle's Files
f. 3483-3484Campaign Finance, 1982-1986. Includes an article on the first amendment and political equality, an article on the regulation of independent political campaign expenditures, and a summary of the "clean campaign act of 1985."
f. 3485-3486Constitution Project, 1985. Materials used in a publication explaining the U.S. Constitution.
f. 3487Department of Energy Inspector General, 1980.
f. 3488Grace Commission, 1980-1985.
f. 3489Malt Beverage Interbrand Competition Act, 1981-1983. Contains information on the bill and arguments for Eagleton to cosponsor it.
f. 3490-3491Office of Management and Budget, 1983-1985. OMB's report on the cost principles for non-profit organizations.
f. 3492Paperwork Reduction Act, 1980.
f. 3493-3494Product Liability Act, 1978-1985. Analysis of the bill, a comparison of it with state law, and testimony supplied the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.
f. 3495Patent and Trademark Office, 1980. Legislation to stabilize the administration of the office.
f. 3496-3498Professional Sports Community Protection Act, 1981-1985. Report on anti-trust litigation, an article on collective bargaining, and Tuttle's notes on the bill.
f. 3499Program Fraud Civil Penalties Act, 1985. Committee's report, a draft, and Eagleton's statement concerning the bill.
f. 3500Regulatory Reform, 1980-1984.
f. 3501Small Business Task Force, 1980. Refers to the accomplishments of the first White House Conference on Small Business.
f. 3502-3503Supreme Court Transition, 1983-1985.
f. 3504Trade Department, 1985. Report of the Senate Democratic working group on trade policy.
f. 3505Undermining Public Protection, 1981-1984. Executive Oversight issue, the legislative veto, and the health-related effects of the Administration's lack of enforcement of occupational safety laws.
f. 3506University City's Diamond Jubilee, 1981. Request by Sen. John Danforth for Eagleton to cosponsor a resolution commemorating University City's seventy-fifth anniversary.
f. 3507Voting Representation, 1978. Hearings by the subcommittee on voting representation to D.C.
f. 3508War Powers, 1982-1983. Eagleton's correspondence with the White House on the use of U.S. troops in Lebanon.
f. 3509Washington Post Interview, n.d. Series proposed by the Post on congressional influence over District affairs.
f. 3510Washington Rapid Rail System (Metro), 1978-1986. Authorization for an increase in the Metro's operating budget.
f. 3511Watergate Conversation, 1985. Relates to the "deep-six" conversation between John Ehrlichman and John Dean.
f. 3512-3530Wright Hearings. In 1985 the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee held public hearings to evaluate the reasons for Department of Energy (DOE) delays in pursuing price control violation cases against Anchor Gasoline Company (AGC) and Canal Refining Company (CRC). These cases were of particular interest since OMB Deputy Director Joseph R. Wright, Jr. owned substantial shares of stock in both oil firms. These folders contain the materials compiled by both committees during the course of their investigations.
f. 3512Asselin Memos, 1985. Wright's involvement in both an adverse personnel action suit and DOE's delay in prosecuting AGS and CRC.
f. 3513Canal Refining Index, 1985. Chronology of events in DOE's price control violation case against CRC.
f. 3514Cast of Characters, 1985.
f. 3515Correspondence, 1981-1985. Between Eagleton, committee members, and staff on the progress and content of the hearings.
f. 3516Eagleton Interviews, 1985. With Stanley Mills, David Jackson, Robert J. Wehrle-Einhorn, William Lynch, and Jeffrey Berlin.
f. 3517Energy Issues, 1982-1985. Refers to violation cases brought against certain oil companies by DOE.
f. 3518Harvey Affidavit, 1985. Affidavits of Coty R. Dupre, Jane A. Payne, and Gordon Harvey.
f. 3519Impoundment Control Messages, 1985. Pertains to discrepancies in Wright's statements to the committees.
f. 3520Index, 1985. Index to Wright's telephone conversations.
f. 3521Information Packet, 1985. Press releases, witness lists, statements, and a chronology of events.
f. 3522Interviews, 1985. With David Jackson and Robert Wehrle-Einhorn.
f. 3523Knowledge of Cases, 1985. Notes on Wright's testimony concerning his knowledge of the two DOE cases.
f. 3524Minority Staff Report, 1985.
f. 3525November 6th Hearing, 1982-1986. Interview with Avrom Landesman, an exhibits list, an interview with Mary Ann Ferko, and copies of Wright's appointment book.
f. 3526Pending, 1985. Senate committee's investigation guidelines, Wright's testimony, and a preliminary summary of the hearings.
f. 3527Press, 1982-1985.
f. 3528Questions, 1985. To Wright by the Senate committee.
f. 3529Summary, 1985.
f. 3530Testimony Notes, 1985. Senate committee's notes on Wright's testimony.

Grace Commission, 1984-1985, n.d. Subseries

f. 3531-3532Summaries, statements, newspaper articles, and reports covering the commission's history and its recommendations for government cost control. Includes questions put to J. Peter Grace, head of the commission; Charles Bowsher, Comptroller General of the U.S.; and Joseph Wright, Jr., Deputy Director of OMB, concerning the Grace Commission's final report.

Hearings and Legislation, 1980-1985

Memos, correspondence, and notes concerning the legislative veto, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, regulatory reform, the Rohatyn Amendment, the National Archives and Records Service, the Hoover Commission, and the Inspectors General program.

f. 3533Commission on More Effective Government, 1985. Legislation establishing the Commission.
f. 3534Department of Defense Inspector General, 1981. Pertains to legislation extending the Inspector General Act to include creation of an inspector general at DOD.
f. 3535Department of Energy Inspector General, 1980. Charges of interference made by Inspector General J. Kenneth Mansfield against DOE.
f. 3536Federal Chartering, 1983. Legislation providing the National Academy of Public Administration with a federal charter.
f. 3537Hoover Commission, 1981. Outlines the composition of the first and second Hoover Commissions.
f. 3538State Department Inspector General, 1980. Concerns legislation extending the concept of inspector general to four departments--Defense, Justice, State, and Treasury.
f. 3539Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1983-1984. Legislation to restructure the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
f. 3540Legislative Veto, 1983.
f. 3541National Archives and Records Administration, 1982-1983. Legislation to reauthorize the grants program of NHPRC, to separate NARS from GSA, and to restore NARS's independence.
f. 3542National Security Hearing, 1983. Concerns a congressional hearing on National Security Directive 84.
f. 3543New Federalism, 1982. Eagleton's comments on President Reagan's "new federalism."
f. 3544Presidential Libraries, 1983. Carter Presidential Library proposal.
f. 3545Procurement, 1983. Request for GAO to investigate changes in procurement policies at Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.
f. 3546Rohatyn Amendment, 1982-1983. Proposed constitutional amendment allowing naturalized citizens to run for president or vice-president.
f. 3547Regulatory Reform, 1983. Eagleton's opinions on how best to proceed with reform legislation.
f. 3548Regulatory Reform Task Force, 1981. Legislation intended to strengthen internal accounting and administrative controls in federal agencies.

Nominations, 1984-1986 Subseries

Alphabetical by either last name or position:
Correspondence, notes, memos, and biographical materials pertaining to nominees for various government positions.

f. 3549Adams, Paul, 1985. Inspector general of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
f. 3550Becton, Julius, 1985. Becton, Jr. for director of FEMA; James P. McNeill for associate director of FEMA; and William R. Barton for inspector general of GSA.
f. 3551Bright, Simeon, 1984. Reappointment to the U.S. Postal Rate Commission.
f. 3552Calhoun, Jerry, 1985. Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA).
f. 3553Colvin, Bill, 1985. Inspector general of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
f. 3554Comptroller General, 1981. Responsibilities of the comptroller general of the U.S.
f. 3555Frazier, Henry, 1986. Member of the FLRA.
f. 3556Golden, Terrence, 1985. General Services administrator.
f. 3557Horner, Constance, 1985. Director of OPM.
f. 3558McGinnis, William, 1985. Member of the FLRA.
f. 3559U.S. Archivist, 1985.

Postal Service, 1979-1985 Subseries

Alphabetical by topic:
Memos, correspondence, and notes concerning the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors, the Postal Service Act, and appropriations.

f. 3560Appropriations Mark-Up, 1981. Objections made by the Postal Service to major reductions in its appropriations.
f. 3561Ingredient Labeling, 1983. Directions to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to spend funds for ingredient labeling on alcoholic beverages only if ordered by a federal court.
f. 3562-3563Memos, 1979-1985. Includes discussion of Mayor Barry's financial plan and the conduct of John McKeon, chairman of the Board of Governors.
f. 3564Nine Digit Zip Codes, 1981. Concerns a half-cent discount for bulk mailers.
f. 3565Office Procedures, 1978-1980. General office policies and procedures for Eagleton's staff.
f. 3566Postal Service Act, 1980-1981. Deals with plans to reorganize the postal service.
f. 3567Weathers Post Office, 1985. Legislation naming a St. Louis post office in honor of Fred Weathers.

LEGISLATIVE, 1968-1986 Series

The Legislative series has been divided into five distinct subseries:

The series include correspondence, reports, legislation, publications, and articles. Due to irregularities in the office filing system, there is some overlapping between the Legislative subseries and the Press and Project series. Researchers should consult all three series.

Subject Files, 1968-1986 Subseries

Alphabetical by topic:
The subject files are divided into broad topics: Aging, Agriculture, Clean Air, Commerce, Communications, Crime, Defense, Economy, Education, Energy, Environment, Foreign Affairs, Health, Judiciary, Labor, Natural Resources, Postal Reform, Public Works, Transportation, and Truman. Located here are background material such as copies of bills; edited versions of bills; proposed language for legislation; some correspondence from lobbying groups and other local, state, and national officials; publications from organizations that may not exist elsewhere or that are annotated by staff members; Dear Colleague letters; staff memos detailing legislative activity; magazine and newspaper articles used by staff; and notes from Eagleton.

f. 3568-3609Aging
f. 3568ACTION, 1972-1982. Investigation into allegations of political discrimination within ACTION and the activities of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program.
f. 3569Alcoholism and the Elderly, 1976.
f. 3570-3571Alzheimer's Disease Research, 1979-1986. Proposals to establish a national Alzheimer's Disease week, or month, to increase public awareness of the disease.
f. 3572Area Agencies on Aging, 1974-1975. General Accounting Office audit of operations.
f. 3573Commodities and Age Discrimination Report, 1977. Legislation on the nutrition program for the elderly and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights study on age discrimination.
f. 3574-3577Crisis Intervention, 1978-1986. Fuel program designed to assist the poor and elderly with winter fuel bills.
f. 3578-3579Discrimination, 1970-1985. Legislation to amend the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.
f. 3580Federal Council on Aging, 1974-1982. Nominations to the Council.
f. 3581-3582Federation of Experienced Americans (FEA), 1972-1974. Concern over funding it received for a program to find jobs for the elderly and disadvantaged.
f. 3583Gerovital, 1972-1979. Information on Gerovital, a drug reported to be beneficial in the treatment of diseases associated with aging.
f. 3584Home Health Services, 1972-1985. Legislation enabling home health agencies to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs.
f. 3585Hospices, 1978-1984. Legislation expanding Medicare coverage to include hospice care.
f. 3586Joint Hearings, 1979-1980. Hearings held by the Subcommittee on Aging and the Special Committee on Aging on extension and revision of the Older Americans Act of 1965.
f. 3587Medicare, 1981-1986. Discussion of federal regulations governing Medicare's new prospective payment system for hospital services.
f. 3588-3590National Institute on Aging, 1970-1983. Legislation to establish the National Institute on Aging within the National Institutes of Health and the development of a plan for an aging research program.
f. 3591Nursing Homes, 1970-1983. Information on nursing home ombudsman programs, medicare nursing home reimbursement, and the nursing home improvement program.
f. 3592-3593Nutrition Program, 1971-1978. Establishment and operation of a nutrition program for the elderly, under the Older Americans Act.
f. 3594-3603Older Americans Act, 1971-1986. Legislation to extend and expand the range of services provided for the elderly under the act.
f. 3604-3605Older Workers, 1971-1983. Legislation establishing an older worker community service program.
f. 3606Senior Intern Program, 1979-1985.
f. 3607Social Security, 1969-1983. Proposal to tax social security benefits, the elimination of the community service employment program, and legislation affecting the elderly.
f. 3608-3609White House Conference on Aging, 1971-1983. 1971 and 1981 conferences.
f. 3610-3654aAgriculture
f. 3610Agricultural Research Service, 1976-1978. Agricultural appropriations for soybean reproduction research, gypsy moth research, and nutrition.
f. 3611Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS), 1974-1979. Sanitary standards in the dairy industry, the Soil Conservation Service, budget cuts in the ASCS, price controls on sugar, and the Agricultural Conservation Program.
f. 3612Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, 1977-1979. Boll weevil eradication program, an imported fire ant program, pseudorabies, brucellosis indemnity regulations, Japanese beetle infestations, and hog cholera eradication.
f. 3613-3622Senate Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Agricultural Appropriations. From 1979 to 1980 Eagleton was chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee's Subcommittee on Agricultural Appropriations. After 1980 he was the ranking minority member on this subcommittee. Appropriations files that appear in the Administrative Assistant series were inherited by Edward Quick from Kenneth Auer, who, in turn, inherited them from Richard Lieberman, all Eagleton assistants. Many of Lieberman's 1977-1980 appropriation files were left in the subcommittee's office with no copies transferred to Eagleton's office. The subcommittee microfiched its files, including Lieberman's. The originals have been destroyed.
f. 3613Appropriations, Fiscal Year 1977
f. 3614Appropriations, Fiscal Year 1978
f. 3615Appropriations, Fiscal Year 1979
f. 3616Appropriations, Fiscal Year 1980
f. 3617Appropriations, Fiscal Year 1981
f. 3618Appropriations, Fiscal Year 1982
f. 3619Appropriations, Fiscal Year 1983
f. 3620Appropriations, Fiscal Year 1984
f. 3521Appropriations, Fiscal Year 1985
f. 3622Appropriations, Fiscal Year 1986
f. 3623Brucellosis, 1976-1977. Report on a brucellosis eradication program in Florida.
f. 3624Canning Lid Shortage, 1975-1976. Hearings on nationwide shortages in home canning equipment.
f. 3625Census, 1973-1975. Delays in the 1974 agricultural census and attempts to substitute with a farm survey.
f. 3626Chlordane and Heptachlor, 1975. Proposed ban on chlordane and heptachlor in the production of commercial insecticides.
f. 3627Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), 1977-1978. Revised regulations on cooperatives' program eligibility and extension of CCC credit to more countries for the purchase of U.S. grain.
f. 3628Commodity Futures Trading Commission, 1977-1978. Proposed stock market futures contracts.
f. 3629-3630Conference, 1977-1978. Materials on an agricultural policy issues conference held at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
f. 3631Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM), 1977-1978. Information on the consequences of a ban on the importation of horses from Europe due to outbreaks.
f. 3632Disaster Payment Program, 1975-1976. Failures in the 1974 Feed Grain and Wheat Programs to provide disaster protection.
f. 3633Economic Research Service, 1978. Information on foreign investment in real estate and Department of Agriculture statistics.
f. 3634Emergency Farm Bill, 1975. Legislation producing excessive increases in price support levels on various agricultural products.
f. 3635Established Yield Procedures, 1978. County and farm program payment yields.
f. 3636Farm Bill, 1978. Legislation requiring a one-year set-aside program of over 30 million acres of land.
f. 3637Farm Problems, 1975-1976. Regulations on sanitation facilities for agricultural workers, grain embargoes, inflation, and deficiencies in the disaster loan program.
f. 3638-3640Farmers Home Administration (FMHA), 1973-1980. Rural rental housing program, amendments to the Small Business Act, disaster relief, and staffing shortages.
f. 3641Fertilizer Shortage, 1973-1976. Methods of counteracting the growing shortage.
f. 3642-3643Food and Drug Administration, 1977-1979. Information on the use of antibiotics in animal feeds, the use of saccharin as a food additive, government regulation on the recycling of animal waste, and the dangers of nitrites in food.
f. 3644Food and Nutrition Service, 1977-1980. National School Lunch Program; the National Advisory Council on Maternal, Infant and Fetal Nutrition; and food stamp reform.
f. 3645Food Safety Quality Service, 1977-1978. Problem of sulfa residue in swine, link between nitrites and cancer, and economic impact of the "tissue from ground bone" process used in the meat industry.
f. 3646Foreign Assistance Program, 1979-1980. Legislation approving additional appropriations for the foreign assistance program.
f. 3647General, 1973-1977. Agricultural research, corporations in farming, the relationship between domestic and international food policy, and agricultural legislation.
f. 3648Grain Inspection Service, 1976-1977. Legislation to amend the Grain Standards Act of 1976.
f. 3649Grain Sales, 1975-1976. To the Soviet Union.
f. 3650National Farmer's Organization (NFO), 1974. Court suit brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission charging the NFO with fraud in soliciting loans from its members.
f. 3651Pollution, 1971. Agricultural water pollution hearings and amendments to the Water Pollution Bill.
f. 3652Recessions and Deferrals, 1976-1977. Violations of the Impoundment Control Act.
f. 3653Research, 1974-1976. Proposed increases in farm research funds.
f. 3654Rural Electrification Administration (REA), 1977. Analysis by the Department of Agriculture and the Office of Management and Budget.
f. 3654aTobacco Price Support Program, 1981-1983. Amendments to Program affecting corporate allotment and price supports.
f. 3655-3685Clean Air
f. 3655-3656Acid Rain, 1981-1986. Impact of acid rain, attempts to reduce it, and the cost of reversing the damage.
f. 3657Chloroflurocarbons (CFOs), 1981. Regards the possible depletion of stratospheric ozone and need for regulation.
f. 3658-3673Clean Air, 1973-1984. Information on Missouri's automobile emission inspection program, hazardous air pollutants, acid rain, the Clean Air Act, and the economic effects of environmental regulations on the pollution control industry.
f. 3674General Motors Facility, 1980. Proposed construction of an automobile manufacturing plant near Wentzville, Missouri.
f. 3675Hazardous Air, 1983-1984. Legislation amending the Clean Air Act to accelerate and strengthen control.
f. 3676-3680Lead, 1977-1980. Potentially adverse impact of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Lead on the lead industry in Missouri.
f. 3681-3683Missouri Acid Rain, 1981-1982. Reports and news releases on the selection of sites for coal-fired power plants, the damage caused by acid rain, and methods of producing electricity.
f. 3684New Madrid Air Pollution, 1979-1980. Dispute between Associated Electric Co-Op (AEC) and the EPA over violations of the Clean Air Act by the AEC's New Madrid power plant.
f. 3685State Reports, 1981-1982. Contains Missouri Air Quality Reports outlining air pollution problems in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield.
f. 3685a-3705Commerce
f. 3685aAmerican Broadcasting Companies (ABC), 1951-1985. Takeover attempts by the Columbia Broadcasting Company, the International Telephone and Telegraph Company, Howard Hughes, and Capital Cities Communications.
f. 3686-3687Automobile Investigation, 1978-1980. Federal Trade Commission's two-year-old, wide-ranging antitrust investigation.
f. 3688-3692Boating Safety, 1979-1986. Legislation to amend the Federal Boat Safety Act to improve recreational boating safety and facilities.
f. 3693Coke Formula, 1979-1985. Focuses on the similarity between the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company's attempts to "brew" a better image by changing its formula and the Coca-Cola Company's decision to change its decades-old recipe.
f. 3694Consumer Affairs, 1975-1982. Proposed consumer advocacy agency and amendments to the Consumer Product Safety Act.
f. 3695-3697Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 1976-1985. Activities in state regulation of insurance, regulatory reform, regulation of professional associations, the auto industry, and the funeral business.
f. 3698Insurance, 1978-1984. Federal government's future role in the insurance field.
f. 3699Job Reductions, 1982. Proposed reductions in fire weather program, agricultural weather service program, fruit frost forecast program, and aviation area forecast.
f. 3699aMarble Industry, 1970-1971. Increase in imports and impact on the U.S. industry.
f. 3700-3701Medical Profession Rules, 1981-1982. Plans requiring the FTC to regulate the medical profession.
f. 3701AMurdoch, Rupert, 1985. Murdoch and Marvin Davis's purchase of seven Metromedia television stations.
f. 3701BNetwork Takeover Legislation, 1985. Legislation regulating hostile corporate takeovers in the communications industry.
f. 3702St. Joseph Minerals, 1980-1981. Possible merger with a subsidiary of the Seagram Company.
f. 3702ASecurities and Exchange Commission, 1977-1978. Legislation improving the accountability of publicly owned corporations.
f. 3702BShoe Industry, 1975-1976. Lack of import relief.
f. 3703Tainted Fish, 1985. Chlordane contamination of the Meramec, Mississippi, Missouri, and Blue Rivers.
f. 3703A-ETurner, Ted, 1985. Turner's takeover attempt of the Columbia Broadcasting Company.
f. 3704Used Car Sticker Rule, 1981-1982. Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule or "Used Car Rule" directing car dealers to provide information on the warranty coverage offered on their cars.
f. 3705Weather Stations, 1982-1983. Legislation requiring the Commerce Department to hold public hearings before closing a weather service office.
f. 3706-3739Communications
f. 3706-3711AT & T Divestiture, 1981-1984. Economic effects of the FCC's Telephone Access Charge Plan, telecommunications legislation, and an antitrust case against AT & T.
f. 3712Audio Reading Service for the Blind, 1980-1982. Pending FCC docket on FM Quadraphonic Broadcasting affecting special services for the blind and handicapped.
f. 3713-3714Beer Advertising, 1980-1985.
f. 3715-3716Betamax, 1981-1982. Legislation to amend the copyright law to exempt private non-commercial recordings of copyrighted works on video recorders.
f. 3717-3720Cable, 1976-1983. Regulating cable television: amendments to the Telecommunications Act and the Copyright Act.
f. 3721-3722Children's Advertising, 1977-1978. Bibliography and reports on proposed regulations banning television advertising directed toward children.
f. 3723Clear Channel, 1979-1980. Clear channel broadcasting in the AM broadcast band.
f. 3724Communications Workers of America (CWA) Pension, 1984-1986. Legislation on the issue of pension portability provisions and the desire of the CWA to have similar provisions introduced as an amendment.
f. 3725General, 1977-1986. Freedom of speech in advertising, a legal inquiry into the operation of the PTL Club, and legislation allowing Western Union to enter into the international "telegram-record" market.
f. 3726Hearing Aid Legislation, 1973-1982. Legislation requiring that all new telephones be equipped to work with a hearing aid.
f. 3727Intelsat, 1984-1985. FCC's decision to authorize other international satellite systems as alternatives to the global telecommunications network, Intelsat.
f. 3728-3731Public Broadcasting, 1977-1983. Legislation proposing changes in appropriations designated for public broadcasting.
f. 3732St. Louis Cable, 1983-1984. Disagreements over who should be awarded St. Louis's cable television franchise.
f. 3733"7-7-7" Broadcast Rule, 1984. Policy aimed at promoting media diversity by limiting the number of television and radio stations any one owner can hold.
f. 3734-3738Syndication Rights, 1983-1984. FCC's decision to eliminate the Network TV Financial Interest Rule and modify the Syndication Rule.
f. 3739Televising Senate Proceedings, 1974-1985. Legislation establishing regulations to implement television and radio coverage of Senate proceedings.
f. 3740-3749Crime
f. 3740-3741Criminal Justice Reform Act, 1968-1977. Establish a criminal justice reform administration.
f. 3742Legal Fees, 1971-1974. Providing payment of attorneys' fees in civil actions against state and local law enforcement officers.
f. 3743-3748Legal Services, 1972-1986. Authorizing appropriations for the Legal Services Corporation.
f. 3749Southeast Missouri Legal Services (SEMOLS), 1981-1983. Disagreements between the board of directors and members of the clients council for SEMOLS.
f. 3750-3862Defense
f. 3750Bradley Fighting Vehicle System (BFVS), 1986. Vulnerability testing of the BFVS and congressional charges that test results were altered by army personnel.
f. 3751Budget, 1976-1987. Construction of military installations, allocate funds for the navy's munitions procurement program, and reorganize Aquila weapons program.
f. 3751aCivil Defense Amendment, 1978. Amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act requiring the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency to undertake a study of the special civil defense needs of certain high-risk areas.
f. 3752-3753Defense Appropriations Bills, 1973-1976.
f. 3754Defense Appropriations Conference, 1983-1984. Information on the NBC Sanator chemical decontamination system.
f. 3755-3804Weapons Systems
f. 3755Advanced Logistics System (ALS), 1977. Statements made by witnesses called before the Senate Appropriations Committee's Defense Subcommittee on the termination of the ALS.
f. 3756-3768Airborne Weapon and Control System (AWACS), 1969-1979. Changes in primary mission, cost-effectiveness, major strengths and weaknesses, use by NATO, and a proposed sale to Iran.
f. 3769B-1 Bomber, 1970-1974. Criticism of the B-1 strategic bomber's cost-effectiveness.
f. 3770CVAN-70, 1970-1974. Development of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the CVAN-70, in line with the USS Nimitz and Dwight D. Eisenhower.
f. 3771-3773CONDOR, 1970-1979. Performance and production cost of the navy's CONDOR weapon system, an air-launched stand-off missile.
f. 3774CX Aircraft Program, 1982. Research and development of CX cargo transport aircraft.
f. 3775F-4 Fighter Aircraft, 1977. Turkey's purchase of forty F-4 Phantom aircraft from McDonnell Douglas.
f. 3776-3778F-14 Fighter Aircraft, 1968-1975. Improprieties in contract granting, test fraud, contract disputes, disagreement over whether to replace the F-4 with the F-14, and a controversy between the navy's F-14 and the air force's F-15.
f. 3779-3780F-15 Fighter Aircraft, 1972-1985. Strengths and weaknesses of McDonnell Douglas's F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter.
f. 3781F-18 Fighter Aircraft, 1981-1984. McDonnell Douglas's F-18 Hornet fighter plane and its merits over the F-14.
f. 3782-3784Main Battle Tank (MBT-70), 1969-1972. Production and cost difficulties which resulted in cancellation of the army's main battle tank program.
f. 3785M-1 Tank, 1983. Amendment reducing appropriations for the army's Abrams M-1 tank program.
f. 3786-3790Navy Weapons Systems, 1969-1974. Analyzing the navy's changing role and the need to upgrade its weapons systems.
f. 3791-3797Project MAX, 1973-1977. Congressional charges that the air force's Project MAX was, in fact, a continuation of the terminated Advanced Logistics System.
f. 3798SAM-D Missile, 1972-1974. Covers the army's justification for production of the SAM-D (surface-to-air missile-development system) missile.
f. 3799Trident, 1973. Summarizes the Trident submarine program and plans for acceleration of its development.
f. 3800-3804X-M-1 Tank, 1972-1977. Problems with development of the program, alternatives, comparative evaluation of the X-M-1 and the West German Leopard II tank, and NATO plans to jointly develop a tank.
f. 3805-3807Draft and Amnesty, 1971-1974. Constitutionality of amnesty for war resisters, legislation to end the draft, and progress in achieving an all-volunteer army.
f. 3808Fort Leonard Wood, 1970-1972. Results of investigations into a major outbreak of meningitis and the circumstances surrounding the death of a soldier following training exercises.
f. 3809-3814Hulver, Isaac, 1978-1981. Materials used in Isaac "Ike" Hulver's lawsuit against the Veterans Administration and Eagleton's attempts to obtain monetary relief for him through special legislation.
f. 3815-3819Inflation, 1985-1986. Department of Defense's failure to inform Congress of excess funds appropriated through inaccurate inflation forecasting.
f. 3820-3822Inspector General, 1982-1985. Investigation of waste and fraud in the Defense Department.
f. 3823-3827Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1982-1985. Legislation designed to restructure or replace.
f. 3828McDonnell Douglas Special Bill, 1979-1981. Private bill that would benefit a group of veterans employed there.
f. 3829Military Construction Authorization Bill, 1976. Amendment to the authorization bill concerning base realignments.
f. 3830Military and Defense Aircraft Program, 1982. Debate over the military's acquisition of KC-10, McDonnell Douglas aircraft tankers.
f. 3831Military and Defense Airlift Program, 1982-1985. Defense Department decision to procure C-5N aircraft, instead of CX (C-17) aircraft, to alleviate a shortfall in military airlift.
f. 3832-3835Military Procurement Authorization Bill, 1973-1975. Appropriations for the procurement of aircraft, weapons, and naval combat vehicles, for research and development, for test and evaluation, for military training, and to assign personnel.
f. 3836Military Retirement, 1976-1985. Various plans to reform the military retirement system.
f. 3837MX Missiles, 1981-1985. Debate between Congress and the Defense Department over deployment.
f. 3838National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 1986. Investigation after the space shuttle Challenger disaster.
f. 3839North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), 1985. Correspondence among Eagleton, British Prime Minister Michael Heseltine, and Sen. Sam Nunn concerning NATO strengthening efforts.
f. 3840Nuclear Freeze, 1982-1984. Providing for a temporary halt in nuclear arms testing and deployment.
f. 3841Nuclear Missiles, 1985. Descriptions of the MX, Midgetman, and Trident II missiles.
f. 3842PATRIOT Air Defense System, 1978. Analysis.
f. 3843Precision Strike Location System (PLSS), n.d. Discussion of the feasibility of this sensor system, controversy over the Department of Defense's decision to close the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.
f. 3844-3853Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base, 1975-1978. Proposed transfer of the Air Force Communications Service (AFCS) and Military Airlift Command to Scott Air Force Base.
f. 3854-3855Richards-Gebaur Fire-Fighting Unit, 1977-1979. Contracting of a fire-fighting unit for the portion of Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base to be leased by the Marine Corps.
f. 3856Speeches, 1981-1982. Memos from Eagleton to his staff concerning speeches on defense and a nuclear arms freeze.
f. 3857Spinney Briefing, 1981-1983. Pentagon's study entitled "Defense Facts of Life."
f. 3858State Projects, 1982-1984. Status of the Sanator Decontamination System, the division of Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base equipment between Kansas City and Belton, and construction projects planned for Whiteman Air Force Base.
f. 3859-3860Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT), 1971-1976.
f. 3861Truman-Eisenhower Commission, 1980-1983. Bipartisan defense commission, composed of experienced former public officials, established to carry out a comprehensive examination of military programs.
f. 3862Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, 1976-1977.
f. 3863-4038Economy
f. 3863Agriculture, 1980-1981. Food stamp program and the Agricultural Emergency Credit Relief Act.
f. 3864-3865Appropriations, 1979-1980.
f. 3866Austrian Kredit-Anstalt, 1963-1981. Articles about collapse of an Austrian bank and beginning of the Great Depression in Europe.
f. 3867-3918Banking
f. 3867All Savers Bill, 1981. Legislation sponsored by the savings and loan industry setting up tax-exempt savings certificates.
f. 3868Ashbrook-Dornan Amendments, 1982. Revenue procedures on private tax-exempt schools.
f. 3869-3870Bank Holding Companies, 1979-1981. Preventing companies and their subsidiaries from selling property and liability insurance.
f. 3871Banking Reform, 1981-1982.
f. 3872-3879Budget, 1981-1984.
f. 3880Capital Gains Tax, 1979.
f. 3881Caribbean Basin, 1982. Amendment to the Caribbean Basin Initiative.
f. 3882-3883Charitable Contributions, 1979-1983. Deductibility of contributions to tax-exempt religious organizations.
f. 3884Commodity Tax Straddles, 1981. Proposals eliminating a tax shelter device.
f. 3885Consumer Price Index, 1981. Outlines the need to adjust the most common measure of inflation.
f. 3886Dear Colleague Letters, 1984. Information on tax incentives for the rehabilitation of certain housing units, legislation to provide an exemption for the sale of certain farm and ranch land, and an amendment to the deficit reduction bill.
f. 3887-3889Depository Institutions Amendments, 1979-1982. Permitting commercial banks, mutual savings banks, and savings and loans to offer interest-bearing checking accounts.
f. 3890Depository Institutions Deregulation Committee (DIDC), 1980-1981. DIDC establishing deposit rate ceilings during the six-year Regulation Q phaseout period.
f. 3891Domestic International Sales Corporations (DISCs), 1983. Replacing the DISCs with new Foreign Sale Corporations intended to both provide tax incentives and be revenue-neutral.
f. 3892Double Taxation of Dividends, 1976-1977. At the corporate level and at the personal level.
f. 3893Earned Income Credit (EIC), 1980. Availability of the EIC to certain low-income families.
f. 3894Federal Reserve Act, 1979-1980. Monetary Policy Improvement Act and Federal Reserve Modernization Act.
f. 3895First Chicago Corporation, 1984. Losses incurred.
f. 3896Independent Contractors, 1979. Internal Revenue Service harassment of independent contractors.
f. 3897Indexation, 1978-1980. Argument whether to index all or some sectors of the economy in order to slow down inflation.
f. 3898Money Market Mutual Funds, 1981. Banking industry's attempts to curb.
f. 3899Multilateral Development Banks, 1970-1982. Criteria by which the World Bank and regional banks decide which developing countries receive loans.
f. 3900New Federalism, 1981-1982. Ronald Reagan's attempts to transfer many existing federal functions to the states.
f. 3901Personal Holding Company Tax, 1982. Amendment to exclude personal holding company income interest on the proceeds from the sales of certain assets.
f. 3902Revenue Sharing, 1972-1977. Information on revenue sharing and legislation extending the program.
f. 3903Roos, Lawrence, 1981. Letter Eagleton wrote to president of Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis about Reagan's economic programs.
f. 3904Roosevelt Federal Savings and Loan Association, 1981-1988. Roosevelt Federal's proposal to acquire Carondelet Savings and Loan Association.
f. 3905St. Louis Educational Employees Credit Union, 1982-1983. Revenue ruling dealing with employee annuities offered by educational organizations.
f. 3906St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, 1979-1980. Laurence Roos's comments on the Carter administration's anti-inflation programs.
f. 3907-3908Savings and Loan Industry, 1981-1982. Information on the All Savers Tax Act and interest rates.
f. 3909Share Draft Accounts, 1979. Authorizing federally insured credit unions to maintain share draft accounts.
f. 3910Small Savers Equity Resolution, 1979. Resolution forcing financial regulatory agencies to revise regulations requiring financial institutions to discriminate against small savers.
f. 3911Tax-Based Incomes Policy, 1978. Federal Reserve Board plan to restrain inflation.
f. 3912Tax Cuts, 1981. Reagan's proposals to cut marginal income tax shelters.
f. 3913Tax Exempt Mortgage Subsidy Bonds, 1979-1981. Concerns the tax exempt status of mortgage subsidy bonds issued to low-income families.
f. 3914Taxation of Americans Abroad, 1977-1981.
f. 3915Taxation of Fringe Benefits, 1978-1983. Efforts to classify certain fringe benefits as taxable income.
f. 3916Thrift Industry, 1982. Expanding the powers of savings and loan associations.
f. 3917Variable Rate Mortgages, 1979.
f. 3918Zero-Base Budgeting, 1978. Analyzes the first federal budget prepared using these principles.
f. 3919-3997Budget
f. 3919-3922Balanced Budget, 1975-1982. Necessity and how best to achieve it.
f. 3923-3925Balanced Budget Debate, 1975-1983.
f. 3926-3934Budget, 1979-1981. Reagan's budget proposals for fiscal years 1980, 1981, and 1982.
f. 3935Budget Analysis, 1978-1983.
f. 3936Budget Legislation, 1978-1979. Requiring a balanced federal budget.
f. 3937-3938Budget Reconciliation, 1981. Concerns wide-ranging spending cuts.
f. 3939Budget Robos, 1981. Form letters pertaining to budget spending reductions and tax cuts.
f. 3940Budget Statements, 1974-1976.
f. 3941Carryover Basis Provisions, 1979. Public hearings on carryover basis provisions and the taxation of capital gains
f. 3942Commuter Tax, 1977. Refers to changes in central city employment, resident decentralization, and personal income tax revenues.
f. 3943-3944Concurrent Budget Resolution, 1978-1981.
f. 3945Constituent Replies, 1982. Responding to Eagleton's position on cutting federal spending.
f. 3946Continental Illinois, 1984-1985. Bailout of Continental Illinois National Bank by federal regulatory authorities.
f. 3947Deferred Compensation Plans, 1978. Deferring certain public employee compensation plans.
f. 3948-3949Economy, 1981-1984.
f. 3950-3951Estate Taxes, 1974-1982. Providing for estate and gift tax equity for family enterprises.
f. 3952General Revenue Sharing, 1972-1976. Criticism of general revenue sharing and recommendations for reform.
f. 3953-3954Government Spending, 1978. Analysis of 1979 budgetary proposals, budgetary strategies for fiscal years 1979-1983, and a comparison of econometric models.
f. 3955Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Pension Vesting, 1980. Relates to an IRS proposal for vesting schedules in qualified pension plans.
f. 3956Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Privacy Policy, 1979. Violations of the policy by employees.
f. 3957Jackson County Bond Refinancing, 1972-1978. Refinancing of general obligation bonds and attempts to divert the resulting interest savings to charity.
f. 3958Jackson County Charities, 1979-1981. Lawsuits brought by various Jackson County charities attempting to claim interest savings previously diverted to them.
f. 3959Labor Surplus, 1979. Information on areas eligible for federal procurement preference because of higher unemployment.
f. 3960Marriage Penalty, 1978-1979. Preventing single taxpayers from being penalized for their marital status.
f. 3961Meramec Mining Company, 1977-1978. Special unemployment benefits assigned former Meramec Mining Company employees by the Labor Department.
f. 3962Missouri Industries, 1979. Missouri industries, interest in the United States international trade policy.
f. 3963Multifiber Arrangement (MFA), 1981. Renewal of the MFA.
f. 3964Multilateral Development Banks, 1978-1982. United States participation in bank/fund programs, in particular, the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, and African Development Bank.
f. 3965-3971Multilateral Trade Negotiations, 1975-1979. Implementation of trade agreements between the United States and Europe.
f. 3972Mushroom Industry, 1975-1980. Lack of import relief covering the mushroom industry.
f. 3973National Taxpayers Union, 1974. Survey conducted by the Union concerning fiscal responsibility.
f. 3974-3977New York City, 1975-1978. Summarizes financial difficulties and the need to regulate municipal bond issues.
f. 3978Nuts and Bolts, 1978-1979. Lack of import relief for the domestic fastener industry.
f. 3979Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1979. Economics of West Germany and Japan.
f. 3980Piggybacking, 1973-1977. State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act and the Federal-State Tax Collection Act.
f. 3981Press Releases, 1973-1975. Federal budget, tax reform, federal pay raises, tax loopholes, inflation, and wage-price controls.
f. 3982Proposition 13, 1978. Impact of Proposition 13, the Jarvis-Gann amendment, on California and the rest of the United States.
f. 3983Real Wage Insurance, 1979.
f. 3984Registration of Securities, 1975-1976. Requiring the registration of tax-exempt bonds with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
f. 3985-3987Revenue Sharing, 1971-1978.
f. 3988Revenue Sharing Bill, 1974-1976. Amending the Revenue Sharing Act to correct certain inequities.
f. 3989Revenue Sharing in Missouri, 1973-1975. Revenue sharing money for Missouri fire protection and road districts.
f. 3990Senate Export Caucus, 1979-1981.
f. 3991Smoot-Hawley Tariff, 1982. Background material on the Tariff.
f. 3992Specialty Steel Industry, 1977-1983. Relates to import relief.
f. 3993State Taxation of Federal Tax Rebates, 1975. Missouri state tax on federal income tax rebates.
f. 3994-3995Steel Industry, 1977-1980. Import relief for the steel industry and enforcement of anti-dumping laws.
f. 3996Tanners' Council of America, 1977-1981. Enforcement of bilateral trade agreements.
f. 3997Tariffs, 1973-1978.
f. 3998Capital Gains Tax, 1978. Changes in the Revenue Act of 1978 reducing capital gains taxes.
f. 3999-4000Economic Recovery Tax Act, 1981-1982. Effectiveness and inequalities of the Act, or Reagan-Kemp-Roth, tax plan.
f. 4001Life Insurance Taxation Act, 1980-1982.
f. 4002Liquor and Tobacco Tax, 1981-1982. Proposed increases in the excise tax on distilled spirits and to lifting Japanese trade restrictions on the tobacco industry.
f. 4003-4004Racial Discrimination, 1971-1979. IRS's proposed revenue procedure on private tax-exempt schools.
f. 4005Revenue Act, 1978. Senate committee action on the bill, major provisions, Senate floor action, and Eagleton's voting record.
f. 4006Revenue Ruling, 1979. Revisions made by the IRS dealing with the federal income tax treatment of interest on short-term non-negotiable time deposit certificates.
f. 4007Social Security Taxes, 1973-1977.
f. 4008-4024Taxes
f. 4008-4010Tax Cut Legislation, 1979-1980. Marriage tax penalty, state taxation of foreign source income, and the rules relating to certain installment sales.
f. 4011Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act, 1982. Proposals for various amendments to the bill.
f. 4012Tax Justice, 1975. Summary and a section-by-section analysis of the Act.
f. 4013Tax On Meal Allowances, 1977-1978. Providing a cash meal allowance for state police troopers.
f. 4014-4016Tax Reduction, 1976-1978.
f. 4017-4020Tax Reform, 1978. Jobs tax credit, the deductibility of business expenses, the capital gains tax, and the indexation of taxes.
f. 4021Tax Reform Proposals, 1978.
f. 4022Tax Shelters, 1976. Excluding professional sports from tax shelter category.
f. 4023Tax Treaties, 1980. Treaties with the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, the Hungarian People's Republic, and the French Republic.
f. 4024Tax Withholding on Dividends, 1980. Carter's proposal to withhold fifteen percent of interest and dividend income.
f. 4025-4026Technical Corrections Bill, 1976-1978. Correct technical and clerical mistakes in the tax laws.
f. 4027Television Industry, 1976-1980. Deteriorating situation of the industry.
f. 4028Textile Imports, 1977-1983. Resolution opposing reduction of tariffs on textiles and apparels.
f. 4029Trade Adjustment Assistance, 1977-1980. Extending the eligibility for trade adjustment assistance in order to revitalize the shoe industry.
f. 4030Trans Chemical Incorporated, 1977. Trans Chemical's request for consideration under the unique hardship provision of the Export Administration regulations covering short supply controls.
f. 4031Value Added Tax, 1979. Congressional efforts to adopt a value added tax, the equivalent of the European national sales tax.
f. 4032-4035Windfall Profits Tax, 1979-1981. Tax on domestic crude oil.
f. 4036Worker Adjustment Assistance, 1979. Improve the operation of adjustment assistance programs for workers and firms.
f. 4037Zero-Base Budgeting, 1976. Selected references.
f. 4038Zinc Imports, 1977-1978. Investigation by the U.S. International Trade Commission to determine whether domestic unwrought zinc needed protection from foreign imports.
f. 4039-4107Education
f. 4039A-21 Circular, 1981-1986. Proposed revision of the circular allowing interest costs and independent research and development expenses to be recovered as part of the costs of federally-sponsored research.
f. 4040Academy of Peace, 1981-1984. Legislation establishing U.S. Academy of Peace.
f. 4041-4042Basic Skills, 1978-1979. Amendment devoted to improving reading, writing, and mathematical skills in elementary and secondary schools.
f. 4043-4054Busing
f. 4043Byrd Amendment, 1973-1977. Legislation precluding busing beyond the nearest school.
f. 4044-4047Eagleton-Biden Amendment, 1977-1979. Stripping the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) of the power to withhold federal funds from school districts refusing to achieve racial desegregation through busing.
f. 4048-4050Kansas City, 1975-1979. Enforcement proceedings wherein HEW sought to terminate federal financial assistance to the school district of Kansas City.
f. 4051-4052St. Louis, 1976-1985. Eligibility of the St. Louis School District for the Emergency School Aid Act.
f. 4053-4054White Flight, 1974-1979. Racial percentages in schools desegregated by a court's order.
f. 4055-4056CEMREL, Inc., 1979-1983. Audit of grants and contracts CEMREL received from the federal government.
f. 4057Department of Education, 1977-1983. Legislation establishing Department.
f. 4058Desegregation, 1971-1986. Information on various busing bills.
f. 4059-4062Desegregation Amendment, 1981-1985. Emergency School Aid Act.
f. 4063Economic Security Act, 1983-1985. Emergency measure providing funds to meet the national need for better training in math, science, foreign languages, and computer technology.
f. 4064Educational Technology Act, 1969-1974. Improving educational quality through the effective utilization of educational technology.
f. 4065Elementary and Secondary Education Act, 1969-1986. Extension of aid for educationally disadvantaged children.
f. 4066Emergency School Aid, 1970-1983. Legislation to improve education in racially impacted areas.
f. 4067Federal Unemployment Act, 1978-1983. Discusses whether church-related schools should be subject to unemployment insurance coverage.
f. 4068-4069General Accounting Office Investigation, 1971-1974. Possible conflicts of interest in HEW's administration of grant funds to nonprofit organizations under the Emergency School Assistance program.
f. 4070-4071Handicapped Children, 1969-1986. Testing of disadvantaged children and reductions in the Education of the Handicapped Act.
f. 4072-4073Higher Education, 1969-1986. Funding of the Equal Opportunity Grant program.
f. 4074Impact Aid, 1969-1978. Amendments cutting back on approved programs.
f. 4075Jones, Gary, 1981-1982. Jones's nomination to the position of Deputy Under Secretary for Planning and Budget.
f. 4076Missouri State Teachers Association, 1973-1981. Political action workshop for Missouri teachers sponsored by the Missouri National Education Association Political Action Committee.
f. 4077National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities, 1973-1985. Nominees for the NEH Council and letters from applicants for challenge grants.
f. 4078National Institute of Education, 1978-1983. Review of laboratory and center operations.
f. 4079Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), 1969-1974. Accomplishments of the West Central Missouri Rural Development Corporation in the manpower field and the nominations of three OEO directors.
f. 4080Part-time and Flexitime Legislation, 1978. Authorizes federal employees and agencies to experiment with flexible and compressed work schedules and to increase part-time employment.
f. 4081Private School Desegregation, 1971-1982. Administration's policy on tax-exempt private schools and colleges.
f. 4082Private Schools, 1969-1980. Participation of pupils in private schools under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
f. 4083-4086Quality Education, 1977-1986. Articles, speeches, reports, and correspondence on the quality of teaching in American education.
f. 4087Rehabilitation Research Institute, 1979-1985. Rehabilitation medicine and the establishment of Institute by HEW.
f. 4088Right to Read, 1971-1975. Improprieties in the National Right to Read program and legislation strengthening the program.
f. 4089School Prayer, 1961-1980. Amendment removing issue from the jurisdiction of the federal courts.
f. 4090Sex Discrimination, 1978-1984. Violations of Title IX of the Education Amendments by the Blue Springs School District, intercollegiate athletic programs, and the American Youth Foundation leadership training camps.
f. 4091-4093Title I Bypass, 1965-1985. Requirement that provision be made for the needs of educationally disadvantaged children in non public schools.
f. 4094Truman Memorial Scholarship, 1974-1985. Legislation to establish and administer the Harry S Truman Memorial Scholarship Act.
f. 4095-4098Tuition Tax Credits, 1972-1985. Tax credits for private school tuition.
f. 4099-4101University Research Capacity Restoration Act, 1981-1985. Legislation to restore and strengthen the capacity of fundamental science research and advanced education programs.
f. 4102Urban Grant University Act, 1977-1983. Special assistance to urban universities.
f. 4103-4104Vocational Education, 1968-1971. Need for adequate funding of federally supported programs.
f. 4105Youth Act, 1980. Extending the youth employment demonstration program and developing the Youth Initiative bill.
f. 4106Youth Camp Safety Act, 1975-1976. Development and implementation of safety programs for children and youth camps.
f. 4107Welfare System, 1968-1973. Bill amending the Social Security Act to provide for a national program of basic income benefits.
f. 4108-4264Energy
f. 4108Adelman Report, 1976-1979. M.A. Adelman's paper on the political economy of the Middle East and his testimony on recent developments in the world oil market.
f. 4109Agriculture Testimony, 1977-1979. Fliers for fuel economy systems, energy/agriculture statistics, and testimony on the impact of the nation's energy problems on agriculture.
f. 4110Alaskan Natural Gas Pipeline, 1981-1982. Concentrates on presidential waivers allowing financing of the pipeline to proceed.
f. 4111Alaskan Oil Exports, 1979-1983. Proposal to strengthen restrictions
f. 4112-4114Alcohol Fuels, 1977-1980. Legislation, correspondence, reports, and press releases on alternative fuel projects, in particular, gasohol.
f. 4115Allocation Process Hearings, 1980. Testimony on the federal gasoline allocation process.
f. 4116Arkansas Power and Light Company, 1984. Legal briefs written by congressional delegation of states of Arkansas and Missouri in matter of Middle South Energy, Inc.
f. 4117Automobile Dealer Questionnaire, 1980.
f. 4118Automobile Engine Hearings, 1979. Automotive research issues and a joint government-industry research program on basic automotive technology.
f. 4119-4122Automobile Industry, 1979-1981. Information on the cost effectiveness of automobile fuel economy standards, the future use and characteristics of automobiles, and the control of lead additives in gasoline.
f. 4123Big Oil Facts, 1979-1982. Investments in coal companies, Mobil Oil Corporation's attempts to acquire Marathon Oil, and ownership of natural gas reserves.
f. 4124-4125Budget Cuts, 1971-1980. Appropriations for the Department of Energy.
f. 4126-4127Building Energy Performance Standards, 1979-1980. For new buildings.
f. 4128Carter Energy Program, 1977. Plan designed to reduce consumption of petroleum, to convert oil from and natural gas use to coal, and to increase domestic supplies of energy.
f. 4129Carter Energy Speech, 1979. Deals with the existence of a national energy supply shortage and the administration's plans to solve the crisis.
f. 4130Carter Inflation Plan, 1980. Carter's anti-inflation program and his "gasoline conservation fee."
f. 4131Chrysler, 1979-1980. Funding for the Chrysler/Williams Research Corporation's "Advanced Gas Turbine Engine Project."
f. 4132Clinch River Breeder Reactor, 1977-1983. Funding.
f. 4133Coal, 1980. Increasing the contribution of coal in supplying the nation's energy requirements.
f. 4134Coal Conversion, 1978. Compromise energy bill providing for the conversion of natural gas and coal.
f. 4135-4138Coal Gasification, 1977-1980. Press releases, articles, reports, correspondence, and newsletters concerning coal gasification plants proposed for Missouri.
f. 4139Coal Severance Taxes, 1980. Legislation lowering excessive and unnecessary severance taxes on low-sulphur coal.
f. 4140Coal Slurry Pipeline, 1977-1983. Legislation giving jurisdiction of coal slurry pipelines to the Department of Energy.
f. 4141Coal Strike, 1975-1978. Federal coal leasing, closing of the Pea Ridge Mine complex, and the coal loan guarantee program.
f. 4142Commuter Airline Association of America, 1979. Availability of fuel for commuter air carriers.
f. 4143Conservation, 1972-1980. Articles, reports, and correspondence on the potential for energy conservation.
f. 4144Conservation Corps, 1982-1983. Formation of the Conservation Corps to carry out conservation and rehabilitation projects.
f. 4145Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act, 1977. Amendment permitting deferrals of principal and interest on outstanding FmHA loans.
f. 4146Construction Work in Progress (CWIP), 1983. Legislation banning electric utilities from including fifty percent of CWIP costs in their wholesale rate base.
f. 4147-4149Consumer Energy Corporation (CEC), 1979-1980. Analysis of Missouri coal gasification energy centers.
f. 4150Daylight Saving Time Bill, 1973. Amendment providing for the year-round observance of daylight saving time.
f. 4151Dealer Day, 1977-1978. Legislation affecting retail service station dealers.
f. 4152Dear Colleague, 1979-1980. Information on the National Ridesharing Act, the Economic Opportunity Amendments, and the Crude Oil Windfall Profits Tax Act.
f. 4153Department of Energy (DOE), 1979-1981. Appropriations.
f. 4154Department of Energy Regional Briefing, 1979-1980. DOE Region VII congressional staff briefing.
f. 4155Department of Energy Reorganization, 1977-1982. Outlines the administration's proposal to reorganize the DOE and Department of Commerce.
f. 4156Diesel Fuel, 1979.
f. 4157Divorcement, 1980. Retail petroleum divorcement law enacted by Maryland.
f. 4158El Dorado Refinery, 1984. Agreement between Texaco and Getty Oil permitting Texaco to own the Getty refinery in El Dorado, Texas.
f. 4159Energy, 1972-1977. Energy crisis, the Emergency Oil Allocation Board, and the Economic Stabilization Act.
f. 4160-4161Energy Allocations, 1973-1980. Extension of the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act and mandatory petroleum allocation regulations.
f. 4162Energy Conservation, 1979. Outlines three standby energy conservation plans and a standby gasoline rationing plan.
f. 4163Energy Conservation Act, 1975-1976. Weatherization assistance to low-income persons.
f. 4164Energy Crisis, 1972-1979. Shortage of propane gas, heating oils, gasoline, and natural gas in the Midwest.
f. 4165Energy Development Impacts, 1978. Legislation providing financial and technical assistance in managing impacts caused by energy development.
f. 4166-4167Energy Future, 1979-1980. Comments and critiques of the book Energy Future: Report of the Energy Project of the Harvard Business School.
f. 4168Energy Information, 1979-1980. Relationship of U.S. oil firms to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) governments.
f. 4169-4171Energy Legislation, 1973-1976. Covers all major energy legislation discussed by the 93rd and 94th Congresses.
f. 4172Energy Management Partnership Act, 1980. Legislation providing assistance to promote national energy objectives.
f. 4173Energy Robo Letters, 1978-1983. Covers forced divestiture, electric rates, and Mexican natural gas.
f. 4174-4175Energy Tax Bill, 1978. Revised version of administration's oil and gas user's tax.
f. 4176Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), 1983-1985. Report to Congress on competition in the natural gas market.
f. 4177Fifty Cent Gasoline Tax, 1979-1980. To reduce domestic oil consumption.
f. 4178Financial Reporting System (FRS), 1983. Legislative background.
f. 4179First Mississippi Corporation, 1977-1978. Application for an allocation of natural gas.
f. 4180Flood Insurance, 1973-1977. Amendment giving the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) discretion to make insurance available to individual property owners.
f. 4181Frankly Speaking, 1979-1980. Need to make the DOE more responsive to citizens' needs.
f. 4182Gasohol, 1978-1979. Overview of gasohol and other alcohol/gasoline fuels.
f. 4183Gasoline Imports, 1982-1983. Importation of Algerian liquefied natural gas.
f. 4184Gasoline Pipeline Merger, 1984. Gasoline Pipeline Merger Protection Act.
f. 4185-4186Gasoline Pricing, 1980. Legislation establishing an incremental pricing program for the sale of all types and grades.
f. 4187Gasoline Rationing Plan, 1978-1979. Proposed standby plan to allocate coupons based on historical state consumption patterns.
f. 4188Grants, 1981. Criticism of the Energy Department's bias toward big oil firms in awarding alternate energy fund grants.
f. 4189Grants Program, 1982. Grants awarded to Missouri companies by the Department of Energy Institutional Buildings Grants program.
f. 4190Industrial Petroleum Reserve, 1976-1980. Includes a history of OPEC and a report on oil import restrictions and alternatives.
f. 4191Keller-Piasa Terminal, Inc., 1979-1980. Refers to Keller-Piasa's application for relief under the terms of the Petroleum Allocation Program.
f. 4192Laclede Gas Company, 1976-1985. Opposition to boosting ceiling prices for natural gas.
f. 4193Malden Energy Project, 1979-1980. Incineration of solid waste to produce steam and utilization of the steam to produce alcohol from grain.
f. 4194Mexican Oil and Natural Gas, 1979. Legislation exempting natural gas imported from Mexico.
f. 4195Missouri Coal Gasification, 1977-1979. Discusses the construction of two coal gasification plants in Missouri.
f. 4196Missouri Farmers Association (MFA) Oil Company, 1979. Supply shortages experienced by the MFA Oil Company.
f. 4197Missouri State Programs, 1979-1980. Construction of a resource recovery plant in St. Joseph, Missouri.
f. 4198Mobil Oil Corporation, 1978-1980. Eagleton's criticism of its high profits and low taxes.
f. 4199National Energy Act (NEA), n.d. Implementation initiatives.
f. 4200National Energy Conservation Policy Act, 1978. Public law providing for the regulation of interstate commerce, reducing the growth of energy demand, and conserving nonrenewable energy resources.
f. 4201Natural Gas Conference Report, 1978. Congressional report on natural gas legislation, summaries of the report, articles, correspondence, and press releases.
f. 4202-4203Natural Gas Curtailment, 1973-1978. Federal Power Commission's decision to modify its policy statement controlling priorities for curtailment of natural gas service.
f. 4204-4208Natural Gas Debate, 1981-1984. Debate over accelerating decontrol of natural gas prices.
f. 4209-4210Natural Gas Legislation, 1978. Removing price controls from newly discovered natural gas.
f. 4211-4213Natural Gas Policy Act, 1978-1986. Reports, legislation, articles, correspondence, court cases, and press releases.
f. 4214Natural Gas Profitability Study, 1982-1984. GAO study of the profitability of natural gas production.
f. 4215Natural Gas Speeches, 1982-1983.
f. 4216Natural Gas Study, 1983-1984. Results of a government probe of the natural gas industry serving western Missouri and parts of Kansas.
f. 4217-4218Nuclear Power, 1972-1979. Information on the national breeder reactor program, nuclear waste management, and nuclear insurance.
f. 4219-4220Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA), 1979. Hearings regarding inefficiency in the OHA, the closing of the Kansas City OHA, and the gasoline and diesel fuel allocation program.
f. 4221Oil Companies, 1973-1980. Company profits and support for decontrol.
f. 4222Oil Decontrol, 1979. Legislation, articles, correspondence, press releases, and reports on extending oil price controls.
f. 4223Oil Divestiture, 1975-1979. Of large integrated petroleum companies and impact on the U.S. economy.
f. 4224Oil and Gas Leasing, 1981-1982. Increases in the filing fee for noncompetitive oil and gas lease applications.
f. 4225Oil Import Tariff, 1975-1986. Imposition of a second $1 per barrel tariff on imported oil.
f. 4226-4228Oil Imports, 1976-1980. Legislation establishing a federal nonprofit corporation as the importing agent for crude oil and the implications of the Iranian political crisis.
f. 4229-4230Oil Industry Profits, 1976-1980. Correspondence, articles, press releases, and reports on increases in oil company profits.
f. 4231Oil Merger Legislation, 1983-1984. Permanently banning mergers between any of the top twenty oil companies.
f. 4232Oil Overcharges, 1982-1984. Investigation into oil price overcharges occurring between 1974 and 1981.
f. 4233Oil Producing and Exporting Countries, 1979-1980. Articles and a report on OPEC.
f. 4234Outdoor Lights, 1977-1978. Legislation prohibiting gas companies from providing natural gas for use in outdoor lights.
f. 4235Power Plant and Industrial Fuel Use Act, 1978. Public law reducing importation of petroleum, conserving natural gas and petroleum, and encouraging use of coal and other alternate fuels.
f. 4236Propane Controls, 1974-1975. Regulations allowing an increase in prices and legislation extending price controls.
f. 4237Public Utilities, 1978-1979. Electric and gas utility rate increases and the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act.
f. 4238Railroad Abandonment, 1980. Burlington Northern, Inc., abandonment near Laclede and Unionville, Missouri.
f. 4239-4240Research, 1979. Information on small-scale hydropower dams, energy supply technologies, and the gasoline shortage.
f. 4241Rural Electrification Administration (REA), 1974-1975. Information on energy and environmental issues, the REA Direct Loan program, and GAO studies of the REA.
f. 4242Satellite Power System, 1979. Legislation committing the U.S. to the construction and operation of a solar satellite power system by 1990.
f. 4243Shale Oil, 1979. Report on the status of shale oil development.
f. 4244-4246Solar Energy, 1974-1980. Legislation, pamphlets, correspondence, articles, notes, newsletters, and reports on solar energy.
f. 4247-4252Southwestern Power Administration (SPA), 1975-1983. Contract negotiations between Associated Electric Cooperative and SPA.
f. 4253Standby Petroleum Allocation, 1981-1982. Legislation granting the president limited and temporary authority to allocate crude oil and petroleum products.
f. 4254Stockton Dam, 1974-1976. Bill directing the Secretary of the Treasury to pay Stockton, Missouri, landowners for flood damages.
f. 4255Storm-Warning System, 1974. Hearing on adequacy.
f. 4256Strategic Oil Reserves, 1979-1982. Criticism of legislation requiring a fill rate of 300,000 barrels per day for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
f. 4257Synfuels, 1984-1985. Allegations of ethical and financial improprieties at the U.S. Synthetic Corporation.
f. 4258Taxes, 1981-1983. Windfall profits tax debate and energy tax credits.
f. 4259Trans-Alaskan Pipeline, 1972-1977. Information on safety, a trans-Canadian natural gas pipeline proposal, and a trans-Alaskan natural gas pipeline.
f. 4260-4261Utility Oil Blackout Bill, 1980. Legislation reducing oil and gas consumption by electric companies.
f. 4262Venezuela Petroleum Industry, 1979. Report on Venezuela's oil production and refining, domestic consumption, foreign trade, and nationalization efforts.
f. 4263Voluntary Energy Conservation Options, 1978-1980.
f. 4264Wood Fuel, 1979. Potential as fuel and gasification research.
f. 4265-4350Environment
f. 4265Alaska Railroad, 1982. Transfer from the federal government to the state of Alaska.
f. 4266-4267Animal Welfare, 1976-1982. Information on Missouri steel shot restrictions, on drugging race horses, on sport fishing, and on the adopt-a-horse program.
f. 4268Archaeological Resources, 1978-1979. Legislation providing improved protection for important archaeological sites on federally owned lands.
f. 4269-4270Asbestos, 1983-1985. Summarizes the hazards of asbestos in public buildings.
f. 4271Beryllium, 1976-1978. Health hazards of beryllium and proposed Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.
f. 4272-4273Beverage Container Legislation, 1974-1986. Legislation requiring a minimum five-cent deposit.
f. 4274Cantor, B. Gerald, 1974-1982. Tribute for loaning Auguste Rodin collection to the National Gallery of Art.
f. 4275Cedar Creek Project, 1974-1979. Proposal to expand Cedar Creek into a national forest.
f. 4276-4277Clean Water Act, 1982-1986. Reports, legislation, correspondence, articles, press releases, and booklets on amendments.
f. 4278Coastal Barriers, 1982. Major provisions of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act.
f. 4279Creve Coeur, 1978-1980. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant to restore Creve Coeur Lake in St. Louis County.
f. 4280Deep Seabed Mineral Resources Act, 1978-1983. Reports, legislation, and correspondence concerning implementation by the Department of the Interior.
f. 4281Eleven Point River, 1986. Forest Service's recommendation to lease the area to a group of mining companies.
f. 4282Ethylene Dibromide (EDB), 1983-1984. History and status, and EPA recommended residue levels of the pesticide in fruits and grain.
f. 4283Excelsior Springs Redevelopment, 1984.
f. 4284-4286Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI), 1983-1986. Proposal for Iowa State University and the University of Missouri.
f. 4287Forest Sales, 1971-1985. Criticism of the "Asset Management Program," a study of national forest lands for possible sale.
f. 4288Forestry Research Laboratory, 1981-1985. Proposal for Columbia, Missouri.
f. 4289Global 2000, 1981-1982. Covers the Global 2000 Report, the Global Resources, Environment, and Population Act, and articles on future trends.
f. 4290Grand Gulf, 1979-1981. National Park Service study of landmark in Oregon County, Missouri.
f. 4291-4293Hazardous Wastes, 1976-1982. Hazardous Waste Containment Act, a regional survey of waste dump sites, and the Superfund.
f. 4294Historic Preservation, 1978-1982. Hearings on the Heritage Policy Act and legislation increasing funding for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
f. 4295Indian Affairs, 1973-1983. Missouri's American Indian Urban Centers and Reagan's Indian policy.
f. 4296Interior Department Appropriations, 1981-1982.
f. 4297Land Use, 1973-1982. Legislation establishing a national policy.
f. 4298Law of the Sea, 1982. Hearings by the Senate Oceans Subcommittee.
f. 4299Longview Farm, 1984. Information (in Lee's Summit, Missouri).
f. 4300Low-Level Radioactive Waste, 1980-1985. Refers to regional disposal sites.
f. 4301Memorial for Women Veterans, 1985. Senate Joint Resolution authorizing a memorial.
f. 4302Meramec River Recreation Area (MRRA), 1975-1980. Project designed to save and preserve the lower area in eastern Missouri.
f. 4303Morrison-Knudson Company, 1986. Cleanup of low-level radioactive waste at Weldon Spring in St. Charles County.
f. 4304National Building Museum, 1980-1983.
f. 4305National Historic Landmarks, 1985. Materials on program and nomination form for the USS Inaugural.
f. 4306-4307National Historic Trails, 1977-1983. Attempts to designate the Oregon National Historic Trail and Lewis and Clark Trail.
f. 4308National Park Service, 1980. Deals with elimination of Omaha National Park Service office.
f. 4309-4312Nuclear Power, 1974-1985. Allegations of non-compliance with safety standards in construction of the Callaway County nuclear power plant.
f. 4313Oil Shale Leasing, 1982. Bill to stimulate the production of resources on western federal lands.
f. 4314Outdoor Recreation Resources, 1982-1983. Legislation establishing a National Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission.
f. 4315Oxon Hill Children's Farm, 1984. Information on Oxon Hill and the George Washington Memorial Parkway.
f. 4316Pesticide Spray Hazards, 1979-1982. Emergency suspension of two herbicides--2, 4, 5-T and Silvex.
f. 4317Pesticides, 1984. Legislation changing patent system.
f. 4318-4320Radioactive Wastes, 1982-1986. Information on Missouri's five sites and the continuing efforts of the Departments of Energy and the Army to decontaminate them.
f. 4321Safe Drinking Water, 1974-1979. EPA action to regulate the use of certain organic chemicals.
f. 4322Sagebrush Rebellion, 1979-1981. Legislation granting western states title to certain public lands within their boundaries.
f. 4323-4325Secretary of the Interior Nominations, 1975-1983. Stanley K. Hathaway, John B. Crowell, Jr., James G. Watt, and William P. Clark.
f. 4326Shipwreck Legislation, 1979-1984. Salvage rights case between the state of Florida and Treasure Salvois, Inc.
f. 4327Sport Hunting, 1982-1983. Bill reopening several million acres of Alaska's prime hunting land.
f. 4328-4329Sturgeon Chemical Spill, 1979-1984. Public health dangers.
f. 4330-4331Superfund, 1984-1985. Information on water conservation programs and Superfund Improvement Act.
f. 4332-4333Surface Mining, 1980-1985. Ruling by the Office of Surface Mining approving amendments to the Missouri Permanent Regulatory program.
f. 4334Tebo Mine, 1978-1982. Plans to suspend operations at the Tebo Surface Mine near Calhoun in Henry County.
f. 4335-4336Tobacco, 1981-1985. Amendment to farm bill revising tobacco support program.
f. 4337Tourism, 1983-1984. Three-year authorization for the U.S. Travel and Tourism Administration.
f. 4338Truman Home, 1986. Transferring the administration of the National Historic Site.
f. 4339-4340Tsongas Amendments, 1978-1980. Alaska parks bill preserving millions of acres of irreplaceable wilderness.
f. 4341-4342Urban Indians, 1979-1984. Organizational aggregate profile and an analysis of the Administration for Native Americans funding trends.
f. 4343Wagner Electric Company, 1985-1986. Concerns polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) contamination at the plant.
f. 4344-4345Water Pollution, 1977-1982. Violations of federal water pollution laws by Kansas and Missouri cities.
f. 4346-4347Weldon Spring Quarry, 1980-1986. Contains a radiological, hydrogeological, geochemical, and geophysical assessment.
f. 4348-4349West Plains Sewage Lagoon, 1978. A leak contaminating drinking water in the area.
f. 4350White Haven, 1983-1986. Preserving Ulysses S. Grant's home, White Haven, as an historic site for public use.
f. 4351-4555Foreign Affairs
f. 4351Abu Daoud, 1977. Decision of French authorities to release terrorist from custody.
f. 4352Africa, 1976-1982. Cuban troops in Africa and racial problems in South Africa.
f. 4353African Food Crisis, 1984.
f. 4354-4355Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), 1974-1975. Criticisms of the Air Force plan to build a fleet of radar-packed aircraft.
f. 4356All-Volunteer Force, 1980. Details U.S. Army manpower strengths.
f. 4357ANZUS Alliance, 1984-1985. Terms of the ANZUS Treaty signed in 1951 by Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.
f. 4358Arab Boycott, 1976-1978. Compliance with boycott of Israel.
f. 4359Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA), 1978-1979. Nomination of George Seignious as head and history of nuclear arms agreements.
f. 4360B-1 Bomber, 1974-1980. Reductions in the program.
f. 4361Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund (BARD), 1978. Amendment restoring appropriations.
f. 4362Britain, 1976. Analysis of Britain's political, economic, and social conditions.
f. 4363Canada, 1977-1980. Boundary treaties and the annual harp seal hunt.
f. 4364-4366Cargo Plane, 1981-1982. Exclusion of the C-X aircraft from consideration as a means to alleviate U.S. airlift shortfalls.
f. 4367Central America, 1984-1985. Contadora Group and its search for a peaceful settlement.
f. 4368Central America Counter-Terrorism, 1985-1986. Amendment providing millions in counter-terrorism funds for Central America.
f. 4369-4370Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), 1969-1971. Biases in the organization and administration and its role in the arms race.
f. 4371Central Intelligence Agency Charter, 1980. National Intelligence Act.
f. 4372Chemical Warfare, 1969-1981. Prohibition of certain biological and chemical weapons.
f. 4373Chernobyl, 1984. Soviet domestic and foreign policy after Chernobyl.
f. 4374China, 1972. President's trip, the question of sovereignty over Taiwan, and China's support of the Viet Cong.
f. 4375-4376China Nuclear Agreement, 1981-1986. Open door policy concerning nuclear trade.
f. 4377Civil Defense, 1978-1980. Appropriations for enhancement.
f. 4378Commissaries, 1975-1977. Phase out of military commissary subsidies.
f. 4379Competitive Rate Program (CRP), 1978-1979. Pentagon's plan to reduce waste and save millions of dollars.
f. 4380CONDOR Missile Program, 1976. Conflict of interest charges against the Director of Defense Research and Engineering.
f. 4381-4382Cyprus, 1975-1986. Suspension of U.S. military aid to Turkey, negotiations between Cyprus and Turkey, and U.S. bases on Turkish soil.
f. 4383Dear Colleagues, 1974-1979. Human rights, military retirement pay, arms sales to Iran, military assistance to Turkey, and Middle East peace talks.
f. 4384Defense, 1974-1981. Information on NATO and Eagleton and Congress's defense posture.
f. 4385-4386Defense Spending, 1978-1981. Correspondence, legislation, speeches, articles, and reports on Department of Defense appropriations.
f. 4387Draft Registration, 1979-1980. Revitalization of the Selective Service System.
f. 4388East Timor, 1980-1984. International Red Cross activities.
f. 4389Egypt, 1976. Eagleton's visit.
f. 4390El Salvador, 1983-1985. Pertains to legislation linking military aid to human rights developments.
f. 4391El Salvador and War Powers, 1981. Concerns U.S. involvement in El Salvador and the War Powers Resolution and Arms Control Act.
f. 4392Embassy Security, 1984. Appropriations for emergency security of U.S. personnel and missions.
f. 4393European Relations, 1972-1974. Background materials on current issues.
f. 4394F-14, 1974. Comparative tests between the Navy's F-14 and the Air Force's F-15.
f. 4395F-15, 1977-1980. Proposed cuts in funding and production of the F-15.
f. 4396F-18, 1979. Increased production of twin-engine, lightweight fighter plane.
f. 4397Foreign Affairs Speech, 1980-1982. Discusses Poland, Cuba, El Salvador, Taiwan, Libya, Africa, terrorism, and the Middle East.
f. 4398-4399Foreign Aid, 1969-1986. Elimination of the foreign assistance program.
f. 4400-4401Foreign Aid Appropriations, 1973-1975. Legislation, articles, and reports on appropriations for the foreign assistance program.
f. 4402Foreign Assistance, 1975-1976. Concentrates on the "ineligibility" sections of the Foreign Assistance and Foreign Military Sales Acts.
f. 4403-4404Foreign Policy, 1972-1980. CIA activities in foreign conflicts, international consultations, and reform of international institutions.
f. 4405-4411Foreign Relations Committee
f. 4405Eagleton, 1971-1975. Comments on a joint resolution regarding congressional and presidential powers to commit U.S. troops to hostilities.
f. 4406Executive Agreements, 1974-1975. Surveys of recent congressional interest, and legal and political controversies.
f. 4407-4408Vital Commodities, 1972-1974. Disposal of opium, aluminum, silicon carbide, zinc, molybdenum, and copper.
f. 4409-4411War Powers Act, 1971-1975. Use of U.S. armed forces in the absence of a declaration of war.
f. 4412Foreign Service Nominations, 1981-1986. Ambassadorships to Belize and Morocco.
f. 4413Foreign Trade, 1971-1974. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) activity.
f. 4414Frankly Speaking, 1978-1982. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Cambodian "boat people," Poland, and the Middle East arms sale package.
f. 4415GBU-15, 1978-1979. Funding for the GBU-15 Modular Guided Glide Bomb Program.
f. 4416Genocide Convention, 1985. Ratification of the U.N. treaty.
f. 4417Governmental Affairs Committee, 1979-1980. Basic functions of the committee.
f. 4418Greece, 1975-1985. Press releases, photographs, correspondence, and articles from Eagleton's trip.
f. 4419Grenada, 1983-1984. Describes and analyzes the U.S. invasion.
f. 4420Grenada and War Powers, 1983. Congressional declaration that the War Powers Resolution was in effect when U.S. forces invaded Grenada.
f. 4421Honduras, 1984. Investigation of the attempts by the U.S. military to construct a "permanent military infrastructure in Honduras."
f. 4422Horn of Africa, 1978-1980. War between Somalia and Ethiopia for control of the Ogaden region.
f. 4423Human Rights, 1981-1983. Summarizes the Reagan administration's lack of commitment.
f. 4424-4425Immigration, 1982-1985. Information on the deportation of Salvadorans, immigration control and reform legislation.
f. 4426-4428Iran, 1974-1981. Overthrow of the Shah, history of Shi'ite faith, Iranian oil situation, and hostage crisis.
f. 4429Iran and War Powers, 1980. Focuses on whether Carter violated the War Powers Resolution when he sent a rescue mission into Iran.
f. 4430-4431Iranian Arms Sales, 1976-1979. Details U.S. military sales.
f. 4432Iraq, 1980. Iraq's acquisition of nuclear equipment from Italy and France.
f. 4433Ireland, 1977-1981. Congressional reaction to Northern Ireland.
f. 4434Islam, 1979. Relationship between Islam and Washington, D.C.
f. 4435-4437Israel, 1970-1985. Military and economic assistance to Israel, fate of Soviet Jews, terrorism, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Middle East peace settlements.
f. 4438Israel and Egypt, 1975-1979. Secret agreements with the U.S. following the Egyptian-Israeli Disengagement Agreement.
f. 4439Israel and Iraq, 1981. Israel's bombing of an Iraqi nuclear reactor.
f. 4440Israel and Lebanon, 1982-1985. Criticism of Israel's "massive move" into southern Lebanon.
f. 4441Italy, 1976-1978. Growth of the Communist party.
f. 4442Japan, 1972-1980. Consolidation of U.S. military bases.
f. 4443Jerusalem, 1980. Resolution proclaiming Jerusalem Israel's permanent and undivided capital.
f. 4444Jordan, 1979-1985. Information on King Hussein and an arms sale.
f. 4445Kampuchea, 1970-1980. Covers escalation of the Vietnam War, human rights violations in Cambodia.
f. 4446Kissinger, 1979. Criticism of his "involvement" in Cambodia, Cyprus, and Iran.
f. 4447Laos, 1979. Floods in Laos and attempts to secure food assistance.
f. 4448Latin America, 1976. Report by the Commission on U.S.-Latin American Relations concerning Panama, human rights, Cuba, the arms sales, nuclear proliferation, economic policies, and cultural exchange.
f. 4449Layton Murder Case, 1978. Murder of Dorothy Layton, a Missouri teacher, by a U.S. Marine.
f. 4450Lebanon, 1976-1980. Middle Eastern peace plan calling for cease-fire in Lebanon.
f. 4451-4452Lebanon and War Powers, 1981-1984. Contingent of U.S. troops committed to a multinational peacekeeping force in Beirut.
f. 4453Mariana Islands, 1975-1976. Marianas Covenant and the trusteeship agreement for the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.
f. 4454Mayaquez Rescue, 1975-1976. Rescue of the crew of an American merchant ship from Cambodia territory.
f. 4455Mexico, 1983. Reagan meeting with the president of Mexico.
f. 4456Middle East, 1975-1976. Interim agreement.
f. 4457Middle East Arms Sale, 1978. Report on plans to sell fighter aircraft to Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.
f. 4458Middle East Peace Plan, 1982. Analysis of Reagan's plan.
f. 4459Military Compensation, 1978-1980. Legislation lifting the cap on military pay.
f. 4460Military Forces in Europe, 1971-1973. Reduction of U.S. troops.
f. 4461National Endowment for Democracy, 1984-1986. Reports, correspondence, and articles.
f. 4462Naval Reserve Destroyer Force, 1980. Decommission of destroyers.
f. 4463Nicaragua, 1981-1986. Humanitarian aid to the counter-revolutionary forces.
f. 4464North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), 1972-1981. Information on commitments, problems, and prospects.
f. 4465-4467Nuclear Non-Proliferation, 1975-1977. Discusses proliferation and the shortcomings of the treaty.
f. 4468Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), 1979-1980. PLO/Soviet Union connection and the World Bank's rebuff of the PLO.
f. 4469-4473Panama Canal Treaties, 1972-1979. Panama's demands for sovereignty over the Canal Zone.
f. 4474People's Republic of China, 1978-1979. Reinstatement of diplomatic relations and the status of relations with Taiwan.
f. 4475Persian Gulf, 1980. Speech on the Iranian revolution.
f. 4476Philippines, 1979-1980. Human rights violations and the use of martial law.
f. 4477Population Control, 1985. Material on alleged abuses and coercion in the Bangladesh population control program.
f. 4478Portugal, 1975-1976. Reports by the Committee on Foreign Relations.
f. 4479Production Eagle Package--2000, 1977. Modifications to the F-15 consisting of increasing the fuel capacity, changing the wheels, and altering the internal structure.
f. 4480Project MAX, 1977-1978. Air Force's termination of Project MAX.
f. 4481Puerto Rico, 1976-1979. Outlines a "compact of permanent union between Puerto Rico and the U.S."
f. 4482Refugees, 1977-1982. Treatment of Kurdish refugees in Iran and Iraq, the Indochina refugee program, and the relocation of Salvadoran refugees in Honduras.
f. 4483Resolution 242, 1978-1979. Analysis of Resolution 242, adopted by the United Nations Security Council shortly after the Six-Day War.
f. 4484-4489Saudi Arabia Arms Sales, 1977-1986. Reports, articles, correspondence, press releases, newsletters, and booklets regarding the sale of F-15 fighter planes and AWACS to Saudi Arabia.
f. 4490-4491South Africa, 1985-1986. U.S. sanctions.
f. 4492-4493Soviet Union Human Rights Violations, 1977-1986. Individual cases.
f. 4494Soviet Union Military, 1980-1985. Soviet-U.S. military spending gap.
f. 4495Soviet Union Trip, 1978-1979. Eagleton's trip to Hungary and the Soviet Union.
f. 4496-4498Spanish Bases, 1967-1976. Disposition of U.S. military bases.
f. 4499Speeches, 1979-1980. Cuba, the Department of Energy, civil defense, national security, tax reductions, Saudi Arabian arms sales, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
f. 4500Stanhope, Dale, 1979-1980. Americans held in Cuban jails.
f. 4501Stealth Technology, 1980. Information leaks concerning U.S. stealth capabilities.
f. 4502-4510Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT), 1976-1980. Articles, newsletters, press releases, legislation, reports, and correspondence on U.S.-U.S.S.R. nuclear disarmament talks.
f. 4511Sudan, 1980-1983. Public opposition within Sudan to the regime of President Numeiri.
f. 4512Summer Olympics, 1980. Repercussions of the Afghanistan crisis.
f. 4513Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), 1980. Integration of military-earned social security and annuities.
f. 4514Syria, 1976-1978. U.S.-Syrian economic cooperation program and Syria's growing dependence on Russia.
f. 4515Taiwan, 1975-1980. Human rights violations and arms sales.
f. 4516-4517Tarapur Atomic Power Station, 1980. Export of uranium to India for station.
f. 4518-4519Terrorism, 1972-1985. Information on international terrorism, the Iranian hostage crisis, and U.S. policy towards terrorists.
f. 4520-4523Turkey and Cyprus, 1974-1980. Legislation linking military aid to Turkey with efforts to reach a settlement over Cyprus.
f. 4524U. Thaung, 1979. Request for asylum in the U.S.
f. 4525-4531U.S./U.K. Extradition Treaty, 1959-1986. Background material: court cases and briefs, articles, notes, reports, and correspondence.
f. 4532-4533Vietnam, 1970-1978. U.S. pullout, the release of American prisoners of war, and proposed economic assistance.
f. 4534-4535Voting Indexes, 1972-1980. Eagleton's voting records on such issues as aging, Vietnam, and labor.
f. 4536-4540War Powers Resolution, 1971-1985. Background material: legislation, booklets, reports, press releases, articles, journals, and correspondence.
f. 4541-4551War and Presidential Power (by Eagleton)
f. 4541Correspondence, 1974.
f. 4542-4548Drafts, 1973. Several rough drafts of chapters one through twelve and the bibliography.
f. 4549Proofs, 1974. Preface and chapters, press release on the book's publication.
f. 4550Reviews, 1974-1975. By Publishers Weekly and The New Republic.
f. 4551Text, 1974.
f. 4552Wilson, William, 1984-1986. Wilson's ambassadorship to the Holy Sea.
f. 4553Yakir Family, 1977-1979. Attempts by a Russian Jewish family to immigrate to Israel.
f. 4554Yemen, 1979. Massive arms infusion into North Yemen.
f. 4555Yugoslavia, 1980. Article on the fate of nation after President Tito's death.
f. 4556-4620Health
f. 4556Abortion, 1973-1985. Eagleton's position on abortion and a right-to-life amendment.
f. 4557Alcohol and Drug Abuse, 1974-1980. Funds for a complete service plan for Kansas City.
f. 4558-4559Animal Welfare, 1969-1986. Legislation protecting laboratory animals.
f. 4560-4561Biomedical Research, 1973-1985. Information on nerve deafness, syphilis, regulations protecting human test subjects, involuntary sterilizations, and in vitro fertilization.
f. 4562Clinical Laboratories, 1975-1979. Uniform standards for licensing and regulating.
f. 4563-4564Comprehensive Health Planning, 1974-1983. Consolidation for resource development efforts and improving the fragmented health planning process.
f. 4565Conquest of Cancer, 1970-1982. National Cancer Authority's mandate to "conquest cancer at the earliest possible date."
f. 4566-4568Consumer Cosmetics Complaints, 1958-1976.
f. 4569Consumer Product Safety, 1972-1973. Cosmetics labeling.
f. 4570Cosmetics Background, 1971-1976. Articles, medical records, correspondence, and reports on cosmetics safety.
f. 4571Cosmetics Safety Act, 1973-1974. Cosmetics labeling, the elimination of exemptions, and pre-market testing.
f. 4572-4573Cosmetics Safety Amendments, 1975-1977. Legislation requiring cosmetic manufacturers to substantiate the safety of cosmetics prior to marketing.
f. 4574DES, 1975-1984. Banning the use of diethylstilbestrol (DES) as an animal growth stimulant.
f. 4575DNA Regulation, 1977-1980. Regulating recombinant DNA experimentation.
f. 4576Diabetes, 1974-1979. Establishing a National Commission on Diabetes charged with developing a plan to combat diabetes.
f. 4577Drug Reform, 1978-1984. Increasing the availability of safer, cheaper, and more effective drugs.
f. 4578Durable Medical Equipment (DME), 1982-1983. Reimbursements under Medicare guidelines implemented by the Health Care Financing Administration.
f. 4579Emergency Medical Services, 1973-1979. Provision planning and coordination.
f. 4580Family Issues, 1974-1986. Child abuse, the sexual exploitation of children, adoption, juvenile delinquency, and foster care.
f. 4581-4582Family Planning, 1971-1986. Population growth, studies on planned parenthood, involuntary sterilization, and teenage sexuality.
f. 4583Family Planning Legislation, 1969-1983. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reorganization of the family planning program.
f. 4584Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 1975-1985. Investigation of gentian violet, sodium valproate, chlorofluorocarbons, chymopapain, and nitrites.
f. 4585Food Surveillance, 1973-1983. Regulations for the detection and prevention of adulterated food.
f. 4586Freedom of Information, 1974-1975. Application to scientific research proposals.
f. 4587-4588Hatch Amendment, 1980-1984. Constitutional amendment recognizing the rights of individual states to outlaw abortion.
f. 4589Health Care Costs, 1976-1987. Hospital cost containment.
f. 4590-4592Health Manpower Act, 1968-1983. Information on the Physician Augmentation Program, financial assistance for dental students, and continuing education.
f. 4593Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), 1971-1978. Development in Kansas City.
f. 4594Hill-Burton Act, 1969-1983. Correspondence, press releases, reports, articles, and legislation.
f. 4595Human Life Bill, 1981-1982. Criticism of an anti-abortion bill proposed by Senator Jesse Helms.
f. 4596Hyde Amendment, 1974-1985. Amendment prohibiting HEW from using its funds to pay for abortions.
f. 4597Infant Doe Issue, 1983-1985. Treatment of severely handicapped newborns.
f. 4598International Biological Program (IBP), 1969-1970. National Science Foundation funding.
f. 4599Laetrile, 1976-1982. FDA investigation.
f. 4600Medical Devices, 1973-1980. Legislation to assure safety and effectiveness.
f. 4601Mental Health Centers, 1969-1985. Bill extending the Community Mental Health Centers Act.
f. 4602-4603Missouri Health Projects, 1969-1984. Information on emergency medical services training and research center grants, and the System for Hospital Uniform Reporting.
f. 4604Missouri Medical Manpower, 1970-1976. Hearings on the University of Missouri-Kansas City's need for a medical school and teaching hospital.
f. 4605-4606National Health Insurance, 1970-1979. Outlines several forms of national, comprehensive, and catastrophic plans.
f. 4607National Institute of Health (NIH), 1980- 1985. Appropriations and various research projects.
f. 4608Nurse Training, 1971-1983. Federal support of nurse training and an examination for graduates of foreign nursing schools.
f. 4609Organ Transplantations, 1983-1985. Liver transplants, an Organ Transplantation Task Force, and specific cases.
f. 4610Podiatric Medicine, 1977-1981. Coverage for the treatment of certain foot maladies not covered by Medicare.
f. 4611President's Commission on Medical Ethics, 1981-1985. Activities and history of the President's Commission on Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research.
f. 4612Regional Medical Programs, 1967-1974. Budget reductions and the effect on the Bi-State Regional Medical Program.
f. 4613Saccharin Ban, 1977-1979. FDA's ban on products containing the artificial sweetener.
f. 4614St. Louis University School of Medicine, 1969-1972. Construction grant application.
f. 4615School-Age Mother and Child Health, 1974-1981. Federal support reductions of maternal and child health activities in Missouri.
f. 4616Smoking Education, 1983-1985. Efforts to produce stronger cigarette warning labels.
f. 4617University of Missouri-Kansas City Medical School, 1970-1972. Funding for a teaching hospital in Kansas City.
f. 4618-4619Urban Hospitals, 1970-1983. Public hospitals, the Urban Hospitals Emergency Assistance Act, and the National Research Service Awards.
f. 4620Vocational Rehabilitation, 1972-1983. Increasing funds for handicapped rehabilitation.
f. 4621-4751Judiciary
f. 4621Affirmative Action, 1985. Department of Labor's enforcement.
f. 4622Air Crash Disaster, 1980-1982. Law suit filed for 150 South Vietnamese children injured in an air crash near Saigon on 4 April 1975.
f. 4623-4643Antitrust
f. 4623-4624Antitrust Contributions Bill, 1977-1982. Legislation allowing a defendant to seek contributions from other defendants in an antitrust price-fixing case.
f. 4625-4626GM-Toyota Joint Venture, 1981-1984. Analyzes the antitrust implications of agreement.
f. 4627-4628Illinois Brick Case, 1977-1985. Legislation reversing the Supreme Court ruling in Illinois Brick v. Illinois, a key antitrust price-fixing case.
f. 4629-4633Municipal Antitrust Liability, 1973-1984. Liability of municipalities under federal antitrust laws.
f. 4634-4643Sports Legislation, 1980-1986. Clarifying the application of antitrust laws to professional team sports leagues and maintaining the leagues' stability.
f. 4644-4646Bankruptcy Legislation, 1981-1984. Revision of the laws establishing bankruptcy courts and appointing judges.
f. 4647-4650Busing, 1974-1984. Metropolitan public school desegregation, busing, black assimilation, and the Emergency School Aid Act.
f. 4651-4655Civil Rights, 1980-1985. Application of laws.
f. 4656-4657Civil Rights Commission, 1982-1984. Criticisms of Reagan's appointments and legislation extending the life of the commission.
f. 4658-4671Civil Rights Critique, 1964-1985. Equal Employment Opportunity Act, federal laws, voting rights legislation, and civil rights violations cases.
f. 4672-4674Comprehensive Crime Control Act, 1977-1984. Covers such issues as pre-trial detention, insanity defense, sentencing, and solicitation.
f. 4675-4682Court Jurisdiction, 1962-1983. Supreme Court's jurisdiction and congressional authority to restrict jurisdiction.
f. 4683Court-Stripping, 1981-1982. Criticism of a constitutional amendment placing restraints on landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions.
f. 4684-4687Crime Legislation, 1981-1983. Amendment to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure providing for consecutive sentences for felonies committed while on bail for another offense.
f. 4688-4689Criminal Code Reform, 1969-1983. Articles, reports, correspondence, legislation, notes, and press releases on a new congressional bill.
f. 4690-4693Death Penalty, 1963-1985. Constitutionality of a proposed federal death penalty.
f. 4694Drunk Driving, 1984. Discusses the need for a federal minimum drinking age of twenty-one.
f. 4695-4696E.F. Hutton Case, 1985. Charges of mail fraud stemming from E.F. Hutton Group Inc.'s handling of its checking accounts at commercial banks.
f. 4697-4701Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), 1971-1984. Effect on such issues as abortion, insurance rates, and employment.
f. 4702Exclusionary Rule, 1981-1985. Legislation limiting the exclusionary rule in federal criminal proceedings.
f. 4703Federal Courts, 1979-1981. Legislation comprised of several reforms designed to make administration more effective.
f. 4704-4705Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 1982-1983. Jurisdiction over state-licensed professionals and professional associations.
f. 4706Frankfurter, Felix, 1973-1985. Opinions of Associate Justice.
f. 4707-4709Immigration, 1983-1984. Control of illegal and the reform of legal.
f. 4710Joint Research and Development Act, 1975-1984. Allows businesses to jointly perform research and development.
f. 4711Judicial Conduct and Disability Act, 1970. Procedure for investigating and resolving allegations of misconduct or incompetence against federal judges.
f. 4712-4717Judicial Nominations, 1979-1985. Sandra Day O'Connor, Alex Kozinski, and James Harrie Wilkinson; and Edwin Meese for attorney general.
f. 4718Labor Contract Repudiation, 1982-1984. Use of bankruptcy to reject labor contracts.
f. 4719Martin Luther King Holiday, 1979-1983. Legislation.
f. 4720Media Rebuttals, 1985. Criticism of a Public Broadcasting Service program titled "Vietnam: A Television History."
f. 4721Missouri Juvenile Programs, 1980-1986. Funding for juvenile justice and delinquency prevention programs.
f. 4722-4725Omnibus Criminal Code Reform, 1973-1982. First major revision and consolidation of 200 years of U.S. criminal law.
f. 4726-4732Religion, 1961-1986. Religious liberty, school prayer, and the tax-exempt status of private schools.
f. 4733Religion and Politics, 1981-1984. Politics and abortion, religiosity and elections, and politics and the pulpit.
f. 4734-4739Religion and Social Security, 1962-1983. Articles, reports, and court opinions regarding social security taxes and the employees of religious organizations.
f. 4740Scandals, 1981-1984. Misconduct allegations against CIA director William Casey, Interior Secretary James Watt, Republican National Committee Chairman Richard Richards, and Labor Secretary Raymond Donovan.
f. 4741-4743School Facilities, 1981-1984. School prayer and student-initiated religious activity in public high schools ("equal access").
f. 4744-4748School Prayer, 1962-1986. Court opinions, press releases, reports, correspondence and articles.
f. 4749-4750Superfund, 1980-1985. Judicial review of the selection and clean up of hazardous waste sites by the EPA.
f. 4751Tuition Tax Credits, 1972-1984. Constitutionality of tax benefits for parents of parochial school children.
f. 4752-4794Labor
f. 4752Black Lung, 1969-1981. Expanding benefits program for victims.
f. 4753Coal Mine Safety, 1967-1982. Legislation on black lung benefits and enforcement of safety and health standards in surface mining.
f. 4754Comprehensive Employment and Training, 1969-1982. Opportunities for unemployed and under-employed people.
f. 4755Davis-Bacon Act, 1977-1985. Changes in contract wage rates set under the Davis-Bacon and Service Contract Acts.
f. 4756Doublebreasting, 1985-1986. Bill eliminating "dual shop" operations or "double breasting" and redefining the term "single employer."
f. 4757Emergency Jobs Bill, 1983. Increased funding for health services to the unemployed.
f. 4758-4760Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), 1964-1984. History, powers, and structure.
f. 4761-4762Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Nominations, 1981-1983. William Bell and Clarence Thomas.
f. 4763Fair Labor Standards Act, 1971-1983. Increasing the minimum wage rate and expanding the coverage of the 1938 act.
f. 4764Farm Workers, 1969-1972. Amendment extending the National Labor Relations Act to the agriculture industry.
f. 4765Health Insurance, 1975-1983. Federally-financed program to provide benefits to the unemployed.
f. 4766Job Training Partnership Act, 1982-1984. Revising federally-supported training and employment programs to increase post-program employment.
f. 4767-4770Labor and Human Resources, 1975-1986. Information on Medicare's reimbursement policy concerning malpractice losses, National Eye Institute programs, and additional funding for family planning projects and population research.
f. 4771-4772Labor and Human Resources Committee, 1970-1984. Increases in staff salaries, parking spaces, and information disclosure procedures.
f. 4773-4775Labor Law Reform, 1977-1978. Legislation dealing with trade unions.
f. 4776Longshoremen and Harbor Workers, 1979. Cases arising under the Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act.
f. 4777Missouri Labor, 1980-1983. Proposal to the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment expanding employment services to institutionalized offenders.
f. 4778National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), 1979- 1985. Legislation reversing the Supreme Court's decision in NLRB v. Bildisco, concerning labor contracts in bankruptcy proceedings.
f. 4779National Labor Relations Board Nominations, 1981-1985. John Van de Water and Rosemary Collyer.
f. 4780-4781Occupational Health and Safety, 1969-1985. Comprehensive industrial standards.
f. 4782Pension Plan Hearings, 1972. Public hearings to inquire into problems existing in the private pension plan system.
f. 4783-4784Private Pension Plans, 1969-1985. Government regulation.
f. 4785Public Service Employment, 1971-1978. Programs for the unemployed.
f. 4786-4787Railroad Retirement, 1968-1985. Increases in railroad retirement annuities and a possible merger into Social Security.
f. 4788Right To Work, 1977-1986. Amendment to the Missouri Constitution.
f. 4789-4790Secretary of Labor, 1980-1983. Nomination of Raymond Donovan.
f. 4791Trade Adjustment, 1980-1981. Eligibility for, expansion of, and funding for the trade adjustment assistance program.
f. 4792Unemployment, 1979-1986. Articles, correspondence, and reports.
f. 4793Unions and Organized Crime, 1978-1986. Congressional hearings into organized crime and labor racketeering.
f. 4794Workmen's Compensation, 1978-1985. Federalizing state workers' compensation programs.
f. 4795-4838Natural Resources
f. 4795Archaeological Legislation, 1969-1970. Preserving archaeological information on federal lands or projects funded by the government.
f. 4796Bell Mountain Wilderness Study Area, 1983. Report by the Geological Survey and the Bureau of Mines concerning mineral deposits.
f. 4797Cedar Creek, 1980. Three properties in the Cedar Creek Purchase Unit for sale to the U.S. by three owners.
f. 4798Dawson Nomination, 1985. Robert Dawson for Secretary of the Army (civil works).
f. 4799Endangered Species, 1973-1985. Information on the endangerment of such rare and depleted species as the snail darter and the harp seal.
f. 4800-4803Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regional Office, 1979-1985. Proposals to move office to Kansas.
f. 4804Falcons, 1984. Constituent letters regarding the fining and sentencing of Mr. Jeffrey Peters for transportation of an endangered species.
f. 4805Fish and Wildlife, 1981-1985. Information on the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units, and an EPA ban on compound 1080.
f. 4806Forests, 1977-1985. Information on pine wilt disease, commercial outfitters, and funding of the National Forest System.
f. 4807-4811Fur Seals, 1981-1985. Resolution extending the Convention of Conservation of North Pacific Fur Seals.
f. 4812-4816Irish Wilderness, 1975-1984. Procedures for determining mineral deposits in wilderness study areas, specifically the Irish Wilderness area in Missouri.
f. 4817Mingo National Wildlife Refuge, 1972-1976. Establishment of a wilderness area.
f. 4818-4820Missouri Wilderness Sites, 1964-1983. Legislation designating new wilderness study areas east of the 100th meridian.
f. 4821Paddy Creek Wilderness, 1976-1983. Missouri Wilderness Coalition's interest in the area.
f. 4822Payments in Lieu of Taxes Act, 1983-1984. Payments to local governments for tax-exempt federal lands.
f. 4823Porpoises and Tuna, 1975-1983. Porpoise mortalities incidental to tuna fishing.
f. 4824Puppy Mills, 1976-1981. Violations of the Animal Welfare Act.
f. 4825Rare II, 1977-1982. Outlines the Roadless Area Review and Evaluation (RARE II) effort and compares it to Missouri's wilderness study effort.
f. 4826Rural Electrification Administration (REA), 1983. Legislation exempting rural electric cooperatives from right-of-way fees for lines crossing federal public lands.
f. 4827Smith Creek, 1978. Description of wilderness area.
f. 4828Solid Waste Disposal, 1969-1970. Pertains to federally-funded and coordinated solid waste disposal programs.
f. 4829-4830Steel Shot, 1980-1985. Proposal to require nontoxic (steel) shot for waterfowl hunting to protect bald eagles from lead poisoning.
f. 4831-4832Water Resources, 1966-1969. Discusses the preservation, development, and quality of state and national water resources.
f. 4833-4837Wild Horses, 1978-1986. Criticism of the Bureau of Land Management's Adopt-A-Horse Program.
f. 4838Wilderness Areas, 1969-1983. Legislation increasing the number.
f. 4839-4843Postal Reform
f. 4839Correspondence, 1976-1979. Private express statute, legislation exempting time-sensitive business letters from the statute, and long-haul mail contracts.
f. 4840Memos, 1978-1979. Long-haul mail contracts, a time-sensitive mail provision, postal rate-setting, and a proposed courier service for the Postal Service.
f. 4841-4843Reports, 1978. Delivery of time-sensitive letters, transportation firms and the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Postal Service and electronic communications.
f. 4844-4935Public Works
f. 4844A, 1970-1971. Air and water pollution, effects of damming Sangamon River on Allerton Park, Alton Dam project, Atchison County Levee, and Atherton Levee District.
f. 4845-4846Appropriations, 1970-1974. Pollution control research and various water projects.
f. 4847-4854Army Corps of Engineers, 1969-1974. Projects: St. Louis harbor line system, navigational improvements on Kansas River, flood control along Mississippi River, Rush Island Power Plant, and solid waste disposal site.
f. 4855B, 1969-1973. Beverly-Farley Drainage District Levee, the Big Island Levee, Blacksnake Creek flood control, and the Blue Ridge Project.
f. 4856-4858Blue River, 1968-1973. Flood control efforts.
f. 4859C, 1969-1973. California public works projects, the Cape Girardeau commercial harbor project, the Cassatot River dam project, and the Castor River Channel.
f. 4860Cache River, 1973. Northeastern Arkansas Cache River channelization project.
f. 4861-4862Cannon Dam, 1970-1973. Funding and land acquisition for the project.
f. 4863Clinton City Park, 1970-1973. Need to relocate park because of the Harry S Truman dam.
f. 4864-4866County Line Dam, 1971-1973. Proposed dam on the James River.
f. 4867D, 1970-1973. Daniel Boone Creek, Dade County water projects, and Duck River preservation project.
f. 4868Disaster Relief, 1970. Activities of the Subcommittee on Disaster Relief.
f. 4869E, 1969-1971. Earth City Levee project, Elsberry Drainage District, and Everglades Area.
f. 4870Economic Development Agency (EDA), 1969-1971. Activities of the Subcommittee on Economic Development, the Ozarks Regional Commission, and the EDA.
f. 4871F, 1970-1971. Upper Middle Fabius Watershed project, Fishing River project, Flat Creek flood control, and Upper French Broad River Basin Development Plan.
f. 4872Flight Service Station, 1972. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)'s decision to close the Flight Service Station at Kirksville.
f. 4873Flood Control, 1970-1973. St. Louis, Hannibal, St. Charles County, and West Plains.
f. 4874Florida Barge Canal, 1970. Criticisms of the project.
f. 4875G, 1969-1971. Glasgow's agriculture levees, reservoirs in Grand River basin, and a planned sewage lagoon for city of Greenville.
f. 4876Gasconade River, 1972-1973. Closing of the Gasconade Corps of Engineers Boatyard and flood control on the Gasconade River.
f. 4877Gower, 1970. Schuster Farms and its waste treatment system for confined hog-raising operations.
f. 4878H, 1971. Hickory County redevelopment area, Higginsville flood control, and Hinkson Creek flood control.
f. 4879Howard County, 1969-1971. Erosion of river bank land and bridge flood damage.
f. 4880J, 1969-1970. Water pollution stemming from a Jefferson County watershed.
f. 4881K, 1970-1973. Kaskaskia River project, Keytesville bridge project, and highway boat dock near Kimberling City.
f. 4882Kansas City, 1971-1972. Relocation of the Corps of Engineers' Kansas City office to Omaha, Nebraska.
f. 4883Kindred Dam, 1970. Proposal dam in North Dakota.
f. 4884L, 1969-1971. Lakeview Reservoir project, Little Chariton River flood control project, Little River Drainage District project, and Little Sugar Creek project.
f. 4885L-15 Levee, 1973. L-15 Levee proposed for St. Charles County at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.
f. 4886Lake Carlyle, 1969-1971. Reports on sailboat harbor negotiations.
f. 4887Lake Wappapello, 1968-1971. Permits for floating recreational facilities, a transfer in land management, and the use of duck blinds.
f. 4888Linneus Lake, 1971. Study to determine feasibility of Linneus Lake on Locust Creek.
f. 4889Lock and Dam, 1970-1973. Condition at Alton, Illinois.
f. 4890Long Branch Reservoir, 1973. Allocations for continued construction.
f. 4891M, 1968-1973. Refinery in Machiasport, Miller County flood control, the Morse Mill dam, and the Missouri River levee system.
f. 4892Maline Creek, 1972-1973. Solutions to storm drainage problems.
f. 4893-4898Meramec Basin, 1969-1974. Proposed dam on the Meramec River near Sullivan, Missouri.
f. 4899Mercer Reservoir, 1970. Proposed reservoir in Mercer County.
f. 4900-4901Mississippi River, 1969-1973. Erosion along the right bank.
f. 4902Missouri River, 1971-1973. Study to determine the feasibility of providing additional hydro-power at the Missouri River main stem reservoirs.
f. 4903N, 1969-1971. Channelization project on the Niobrara River, harbor improvements at New Madrid, and a proposed dam on New River.
f. 4904Nodaway River Basin, 1971-1973. Flood control measures.
f. 4905Norfolk Dam, 1971. Water pollution, land management, water levels, and a new highway bridge at Norfolk Lake.
f. 4906O, 1970. Oakley Reservoir project, wildlife resources at the Obion River Basin, and the Oklawaha River project.
f. 4907Osage River, 1969-1973. Study of the lower reaches, indicating the need for flood plain management.
f. 4908P, 1970-1973. Pike County flood control, the Piney Ford Reservoir project, and application for a campground fee system at the Pomme de Terre Reservoir.
f. 4909-4911Pattonsburg Dam, 1969-1975. Construction and power potential of the proposed Pattonsburg reservoir project.
f. 4912Perry County, 1970-1973. Feasibility study of providing improvements in Perry County Drainage and Levee Districts.
f. 4913Platte River, 1969-1971. Incorporation of the Platte River Drainage District.
f. 4914Prosperity Dam, 1970-1971. Proposed dam for Center Creek in Jasper County, Missouri.
f. 4915Public Works, 1970-1971. Activities of the Senate Committee on Public Works' subcommittees and a national land use policy.
f. 4916Public Works Acceleration Act, 1981. Legislation providing the unemployed with jobs in construction and related occupations.
f. 4917R, 1970-1973. Ray-Lafayette Drainage District, Red Rock Reservoir and Dam, Rend Lake project, and Rock Creek Basin study.
f. 4918S, 1970-1973. Dam at St. Auberts, St. Charles County flood control, a log jam at Salt River, and the Shoal Creek Drainage District.
f. 4919St. Francis Basin, 1970-1973. Flow improvement plans.
f. 4920St. Louis Airport, 1971-1972. Location of a secondary airport.
f. 4921St. Louis Harbor, 1970-1973. Construction of a fill and barge terminal on the right bank of St. Louis harbor.
f. 4922Smithville, 1970-1971. Funding for the proposed reservoir.
f. 4923Stockton Dam, 1970-1971. Land management and wildlife resource potential.
f. 4924T, 1970-1971. Tennessee Valley Authority's power exchange arrangements with privately owned utility companies.
f. 4925-4926Table Rock, 1970-1973. Permits for private floating and camping facilities at Table Rock Lake.
f. 4927Tocks Island, 1969-1971. Legislation requiring New Jersey companies developing power to deliver it to preference customers.
f. 4928Tomahawk Dam, 1970-1973. Restudy of the economic feasibility of the Tomahawk and Indian Lakes in the Blue River Basin.
f. 4929-4932Truman Dam, 1970-1973. Land acquisition problems and relocation of a road in the area.
f. 4933U, 1970. Union Reservoir project.
f. 4934Verona Dam, 1970. Authorization for the project.
f. 4935W, 1970-1973. Flood control efforts on Wears Creek, the Weldon River Drainage District, and the White River Basin project.
f. 4936-5003Transportation
f. 4936Air Bags, 1974-1977. Effectiveness of "Air Cushion" or "Passive Vehicle Occupant" restraints.
f. 4937Aircraft and Airport Noise Reduction Act, 1978. Legislation assuring that FAA noise standards were met by 1985, that the airlines bore the costs, and that the airlines would receive incentives.
f. 4938Airline Deregulation, 1977-1979. Analyzes legislation deregulating industry.
f. 4939Airline Legislation, 1973-1975. Liberalization of charter flight regulations.
f. 4940Airport Development Aid Program, 1979-1980. Information on the funding of redevelopment projects at St. Louis Lambert International Airport.
f. 4941-4945Amtrak, 1973-1980. Appropriations, service cut backs, on-time performance, and ridership trends.
f. 4946Amtrak Authorization Bill, 1978-1979. Amendment requiring Amtrak to establish a reduced fare structure for the elderly and handicapped.
f. 4947Amtrak Discontinuance, 1973. Plans to discontinue passenger trains between Kansas City and New York.
f. 4948Automobile Industry, 1977-1980. Materials on GM employees and facilities, and the costs of car regulations.
f. 4949Aviation Industry, 1980. Formal certification process for the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-80.
f. 4950Bi-State Development Agency, 1978-1980. Pilot program of wheelchair- accessible transit service, proposed air brake standard, and funding for purchase/repair of buses.
f. 4951-4953Brakes, 1974-1980. Federal regulations requiring air brake systems for tractor trailer trucks.
f. 4954Chester Bridge, 1972-1980. Legislation providing for the cooperative operation, maintenance, and repair.
f. 4955-4966Chrysler, 1971-1980. Reports, articles, statistics, lists, speeches, correspondence, and legislation concerning the effects of government assistance and regulation.
f. 4967-4968Civil Aeronautics Board, 1975-1979. Regulations on one-stop and special event charters, certification procedures, and selection for direct transatlantic air service.
f. 4969Concorde, 1976. Air France and British Airways applications to begin limited commercial service with Concorde supersonic aircraft.
f. 4970Department of Transportation (DOT), 1979. Budget, the "Automotive Safety Training and Research Area," and grants.
f. 4971Dulles International Airport, 1973-1975. Rapid transit line to Dulles Airport, expansion of the airport, and Washington, D.C.-St. Louis service cut backs.
f. 4972East-West Gateway Coordinating Council, 1978. Transit planning in the St. Louis metropolitan area.
f. 4973Emission Controls, 1975-1976. Industrial air pollution and automobile fuel economy.
f. 4974-4976Federal-Aid Highway Act, 1970-1978. Highway stripping and hazard renewal, construction, and appropriations.
f. 4977Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), 1975-1979. Responses to rulings designed to improve air safety.
f. 4978Interstate Highways, 1972-1979. Increases in traffic fatalities and the need to complete the Innerbelt Highway.
f. 4979-4981Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, 1976-1980. Development of new commercial airport facility.
f. 4982Milwaukee Railroad, 1979. Bankruptcy proceedings and reorganization of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad.
f. 4983Odometer Legislation, 1977-1978. Analysis of the odometer provisions of the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act.
f. 4984PACCAR International, 1978-1979. Egypt's order for 330 diesel powered trucks.
f. 4985Rail Service, 1974-1980. Secretary of Transportation's rail services report and the need for a railroad modernization program.
f. 4986Railroad Abandonments, 1978-1979. Burlington Northern Railroad's decision to abandon service to parts of Missouri and Iowa.
f. 4987-4988Railroad Deregulation, 1978-1980. Proposal to deregulate the freight rail industry.
f. 4989-4991Rock Island Railroad, 1975-1980. Financial problems of the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad Company.
f. 4992Seatbelt Legislation, 1974-1975. Legislation eliminating both the interlocking and buzzer systems on new cars.
f. 4993Senate Parking Spaces, 1971. Congressional resolution permitting temporary Senate employee parking on the Capitol grounds.
f. 4994Shipping, 1978-1980. Problems and expenses of shipping animals via air freight.
f. 4995Speed Limit, 1977-1980. Pros and cons of the 55 m.p.h. speed limit.
f. 4996TransWorld Airlines (TWA), 1975-1980. Airline routing via the Kansas City airport, TWA's New York to London route, and compensation for security measures in foreign air transportation.
f. 4997-5000Truck Deregulation, 1976-1980. Analysis of motor carrier industry, motor carrier regulation, bankruptcy of Eastern Express, brake standards, and commercial motor vehicle safety.
f. 5001Union Station, 1976-1978. Status of plans for a new rail station in St. Louis.
f. 5002West Belt, 1972-1973. Problems in getting approval for a West Belt highway contract.
f. 5003Wild Card Route Case, 1979-1980. Recommendation by the Civil Aeronautics Board that Minneapolis/St. Paul be designated the U.S. gateway for nonstop London service and Western Airlines, Inc. be the air carrier.
f. 5004-5014Truman
f. 5004Truman Centennial Committee, 1983-1984. Press releases, reports, correspondence, articles, and photographs.
f. 5005Truman Centennial Schedule, 1983-1984.
f. 5006Truman District, 1983-1984. Destruction of homes within Truman Heritage District in connection with planned expansion of First Baptist Church of Independence.
f. 5007Truman Edition, 1984. Special edition of the Kansas City Star.
f. 5008Truman Farm, 1983-1985. Funds to restore the Solomon Young (Truman) Farm in Grandview, Missouri.
f. 5009-5010Truman Home, 1982-1984. Legislation declaring Truman's Independence home a national historic site.
f. 5011Truman Joint Session, 1982-1984. Activities of the Joint Congressional Committee on Arrangements for the Truman Centennial.
f. 5012Truman Medal, 1973-1984. Plans to issue a special gold medal coin to Margaret Truman Daniel in honor of her father.
f. 5013Truman Projects, 1982-1984. Booklet of historical photographs, exhibits, an essay contest, and a concert, all in honor of Truman's centennial.
f. 5014Truman Stamp, 1983-1984. Legislation directing the Postal Service to issue a special Truman commemorative stamp.

Legislative Director Subseries

Alphabetical, then chronological:
The Legislative Director subseries contains the topical files maintained by Senator Eagleton's legislative directors. The Legislative Director was responsible for supervising the work of the Legislative Assistants and the Legislative Correspondents. The files relate to legislative issues and are arranged under five headings: General (A-Z), Flood Insurance, Social Security, Trade, and Transportation. Within each heading the files are arranged in alphabetical order and then chronologically when there is more than one file per topic.

The files contain a wide variety of background information on the various topics in the form of newsclippings, reports, memos, correspondence, staff notes, and miscellaneous publications. The General files deal with all legislative areas. The Legislative Director was responsible for materials in the subjects of Flood Insurance, Social Security, Trade, and Transportation.

f. 5015-5072General
f. 5015American Business Conference, 1981. Eagleton's meeting with the Regulatory Reform Task Force of the Conference.
f. 5016Beckham Liver Transplant, 1984. Federal/state assistance to liver transplant patients (Tammy Beckham of St. Louis).
f. 5017Bicycle Safety, 1983. Attempts of a Columbia, Missouri, man to acquire funding for a nationwide education program.
f. 5018Black Plague Issue, 1983. Federal Trade Commission's printing of a paper entitled "The English Economy Following the Black Death."
f. 5019-5020Budget, 1976-1985. Limitations on state deficits and budget impoundments and cuts.
f. 5021Bureau of Standards, 1984. Administration's proposal to abolish the Center for Building Technology.
f. 5022California Democratic Convention, 1983. Senator Dale Bumpers's speech.
f. 5023-5024Campaign Expenditures and Issues, 1972-1986. Statistics of expenditures made in connection with congressional campaigns.
f. 5025Children's Liver Donor Fund (CLDF), 1981-1985. National health policy for organ transplant surgery.
f. 5026Cigarette Research, 1975. Legislation directing the Consumer Products Safety Commission to set industry standards for a self-extinguishing cigarette.
f. 5027-5028Cloture Change Proposals, 1972-1985. Use of and changes in Senate Cloture Rule.
f. 5029Congressional Assistant Program, 1978-1982. Corporate congressional intern program.
f. 5030D.C. Affairs, 1981-1987. Legislation transferring control of Washington National and Dulles Airports to a local authority.
f. 5031Department of Defense (DOD), 1981-1983. Budget, the secretary's impoundment power, and weapons stockpiling.
f. 5032Drunken Driving, 1979-1982. Legislation establishing state alcohol-traffic safety programs as part of each state's highway safety program.
f. 5033Economic Policies, 1979. Major structural differences among the economies of the U.S., Germany, and Japan.
f. 5034-5035Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), 1957-1981. Background material on employee ownership of business and the role of the federal government.
f. 5036-5038Federal Election Commission, 1974-1981. Reports, legislation, correspondence, articles, and press releases regarding changes in the Federal Election Campaign Act.
f. 5039Federalism, 1981-1982. Outlines Reagan's new federalism program.
f. 5040Globe Democrat, 1983-1984. Investigation into termination of paper's publication.
f. 5041Greek Minority in Albania, 1980-1984. Statements from the Panepirotic Federation of America and Canada concerning the treatment of Greeks in Albania.
f. 5042-5044Gun Legislation, 1974-1984. National Rifle Association's position on such issues as taggants in explosives.
f. 5045Hyatt Hotel Disaster, 1981-1982. Discusses cause of the collapse of the Hyatt Regency Hotel walkway on 17 July 1981.
f. 5046Kansas City Regional Centers, 1983-1984. Criticism of a proposed government reorganization plan eliminating Kansas City as a Federal Regional Center.
f. 5047Kaufman, Henry, 1980-1982. Economist Kaufman's criticism of Reagan's economic program.
f. 5048Legislative Veto, 1979. Impact of the legislative veto from a constitutional and public policy point of view.
f. 5049Mondale Campaign, 1983. Eagleton's endorsement of nomination.
f. 5050National Revitalization Bank, 1981-1982. Legislation creating the U.S. Revitalization Bank and authorizing it to provide loans to qualifying businesses.
f. 5051Newsletter, 1983. Outlines newsletters produced by Eagleton's staff, discussing a variety of topics of interest to Eagleton and his constituents.
f. 5052Oil Companies, 1973-1975. Construction of the Alaska Pipeline, the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act, and divestiture.
f. 5053Organ Transplants, 1983-1984. Information on techniques, the shortage of organs, and the moral issues involved.
f. 5054Reagan Comparison, 1970-1983. Materials to be used in a comparison of Reagan's administration with those of past presidents.
f. 5055Reaganomics, 1981-1984. Economic policies and budget reductions.
f. 5056Reimbursement for Witnesses, 1975-1976. Legislation providing for reimbursement of individuals summoned or invited to appear before Senate committees.
f. 5057-5059Sports Bill, 1971-1987. Legislation clarifying the application of the antitrust laws to professional team sports leagues.
f. 5060Stockton Dam, 1976-1984. Settlement of damage claims from flooding, November 1972-June 1974.
f. 5061Tax Indexing, 1981-1985. Bill tying scheduled tax indexation to the federal deficit.
f. 5062Tax Measures, 1982-1983. Changes in the current income tax system.
f. 5063Taxes, 1980-1986. Information on tax cut delays, the "corporate minimum tax," and gas taxes.
f. 5064Tea Tasters, 1973-1976. Criticism of the cost incurred by the FDA's Tea Tasters Program.
f. 5065-5068Time-Sensitive Mail, 1978-1979. Postal Service proposal to compete directly with private couriers in providing same day delivery service.
f. 5069-5070Voting Record, 1981. Eagleton's voting record on such topics as congressional reform, education, foreign affairs, and housing.
f. 5071-5072War Powers, 1981-1985. Application of the War Powers Resolution to U.S. peacekeeping forces in Lebanon and the invasion of Grenada.
f. 5073-5129Flood Insurance
f. 5073Articles, 1978-1979. Federal flood insurance program.
f. 5074Cape Coral, 1978-1979. Study.
f. 5075-5077Cases, 1974-1976. Application of the Flood Disaster Protection Act.
f. 5078-5080Clippings, 1975-1978. Flood insurance, flood area designations, and flooding problems.
f. 5081-5089Correspondence, 1973-1979. Concerns such issues as heavy flood damage along the Missouri and Mississippi River, the Flood Disaster Protection Act and the National Flood Insurance Program.
f. 5090-5091FAIR Plan, 1971-1979. Reports, correspondence, articles, and cases regarding the Missouri Property Insurance Placement Facility (FAIR).
f. 5092-5094General, 1973-1983. Correspondence, reports, press releases, and articles pertaining to the National Flood Insurance Program.
f. 5095General Accounting Office, 1975-1977. Cost analysis of the federal flood insurance program.
f. 5096-5100Hearings, 1966-1977. To develop factual information on which to determine whether the Federal Flood Insurance Act required corrective legislation.
f. 5101-5106Housing and Urban Development, 1974-1979. Results of a questionnaire sent to communities considered flood prone, and information on the Federal Insurance Administration.
f. 5107Georgina Landman, 1973-1976
f. 5108Lawsuit, 1976
f. 5109Legislation, 1968-1974
f. 5110Legislation, 1974-1975
f. 5111Legislation, 1976
f. 5112Legislation, 1976-1977
f. 5113Memos, 1973-1975
f. 5114Memos, 1976-1977
f. 5115Memos, 19778-1979
f. 5116Missouri Floods, 1973-1982
f. 5117National Flood Insurance Association, 1976-1977
f. 5118-5120National Flood Insurance Association, 1977
f. 5121National Flood Insurance Association, 1981-1984
f. 5122Questionnaire, 1977
f. 5123Reports, 1968-1973
f. 5124Reports, 1973-1975
f. 5125Reports, 1975-1976
f. 5126Senate Confirmations, 1973-1978
f. 5127James Siebels, 1979-1980
f. 5128Small Business Act, 1975-1976
f. 5129Speeches, 1973-1977
f. 5130-5164Social Security
f. 5130Amendments, 1980-1983
f. 5131Church Groups
f. 5132Contact Stations, 1983
f. 5133Cost-of-Living, 1979-1984
f. 5134Cut, 1981-1982
f. 5135Dear Colleague, 1982
f. 5136Accepting of Benefits, 1981-1984
f. 5137Disability Amendments, 1979-1983
f. 5138Disability Information, 1979-1984
f. 5139Disability Information, 1985
f. 5140Disability Program, 1980-1984
f. 5141Earnings Limitations, 1980-1982
f. 5142General, 1981
f. 5143General, 1981-1983
f. 5144Independent Agency, 1984
f. 5145Investment Bill, 1981
f. 5146National Commission on Social Security Reform, 1982-1984
f. 5147National Committee to Preserve Social Security, 1984
f. 5148Offset Provision, 1981-1984
f. 5149Overseas Beneficiaries, 1982
f. 5150Prisoner Benefits, 1980-1981
f. 5151Proposals, 1981-1982
f. 5152Resources, 1982
f. 5153Retirement, 1981-1983
f. 5154Student Benefits, 1980-1982
f. 5155Taxation of Benefits, 1983-1985
f. 5156Trustees Reports--Insurance, 1982
f. 5157Trustees Reports--Insurance, 1983
f. 5158Trustees Reports--Insurance, 1984
f. 5159Unified Budget, 1981-1982
f. 5160Unnegotiated Checks, 1982
f. 5161Windfall Profit Tax, 1979-1980
f. 5162Windfall Profit Tax, 1980
f. 5163Windfall Profit Tax, 1981
f. 5164Windfall Profit Tax, 1981-1982
f. 5165-5173Trade
f. 5165Automobile Export Restraint, 1983
f. 5166Japan (1970), Korea (1984)--Trips
f. 5167Japan and Korea, 1985--Trips
f. 5168Japan and Korea, 1985-1986--Trips
f. 5169Japanese Trade Barriers, 1983
f. 5170Motorcycles, 1983
f. 5171Shoe Imports, 1981-1982
f. 5172Textile-Apparel Industry, 1983
f. 5173Wine Industry, 1978-1984
f. 5174-5278Transportation--General
f. 5174Advisory Committees, 1980
f. 5175Appropriations, 1979-1980
f. 5176Appropriations, 1980-1982
f. 5177Appropriations, 1982-1983
f. 5178Appropriations, 1983
f. 5179Bi-State Development Agency, 1981-1984
f. 5180Coast Guard Issue, 1982
f. 5181Fuel Standards, 1985
f. 5182Greyhound, 1983
f. 5183Highway Bill, 1982-1983
f. 5184Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, 1981
f. 5185Public Transit, 1984
f. 5186School Buses, 1983
f. 5187Speed Limit, 1977-1982
f. 5188Truck De-regulation, 1981-1982
f. 5189Truck Safety Legislation, 1980
f. 5190Truck Weight Issue, 1981-1983
f. 5191-5219Transportation--Air
f. 5191Air Travelers Security Act, 1983-1984
f. 5192Airline De-regulation, 1979-1982
f. 5193Airport and Airway Development Act, 1980-1982
f. 5194Braniff Airlines, 1982
f. 5195Control Tower Closings, 1975-1981
f. 5196Control Tower Closings, 1981-1982
f. 5197Control Tower Closings, 1982-1985
f. 5198Control Tower Closings, n.d.
f. 5199Eastern Airlines, 1983
f. 5200Grant Applications, 1981-1983
f. 5201Grant Applications, 1983
f. 5202Grant Applications, 1983-1984
f. 5203Kansas City International Airport, 1982-1983
f. 5204London Non-Stop Service, 1984
f. 5205Montreal Protocols, 1982-1985
f. 5206Overbooking, n.d.
f. 5207St. Louis Airport, 1970
f. 5208-5209St. Louis Airport, 1971
f. 5210St. Louis Airport, 1972-1979
f. 5211St. Louis Airport, 1980-1983
f. 5212St. Louis Airport, 1984
f. 5213St. Louis-Toronto Route, 1982
f. 5214Smoking on Airplanes, 1982-1984
f. 5215Subsidies, 1978-1982
f. 5216TransWorld Airlines Takeover, 1981-1983
f. 5217TransWorld Airlines Takeover, 1982-1985
f. 5218TransWorld Airlines Takeover, 1985-1986
f. 5219Microwave Wilcox Landing Systems, 1984
f. 5220-5245Transportation--Automobile
f. 5220Automobile Industry, 1979-1980
f. 5221Automobile Industry, 1980
f. 5222Automobile Industry, 1980-1981
f. 5223Bumper Standards, 1982
f. 5224Child Restraint Systems, 1984
f. 5225Domestic Content, 1978-1982
f. 5226Domestic Content, 1983-1984
f. 5227Ford Transmissions Investigations, 1980
f. 5228Fuel Standards, 1983-1985
f. 5229General Motors, 1983
f. 5230Highways, 1978-1984
f. 5231Import Information, 1979-1980
f. 5232-5233Import Information, 1980
f. 5234Import Quotas, 1980-1985
f. 5235Interstate Cost Estimates, 1983-1984
f. 5236Kansas City Highway Projects, 1985
f. 5237Martin Luther King Bridge, 1981-1982
f. 5238Passive Restraint Regulations, 1981-1983
f. 5239Passive Restraint Regulations, 1984
f. 5240-5241Passive Restraint Regulations, n.d.
f. 5242Seat Belt Issue, 1981-1983
f. 5243Soviet Automobile Imports, 1980
f. 5244Vandeventer Overpass, 1977-1983
f. 5245Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, 1983
f. 5246-5278Transportation--Railroad
f. 5246Amtrak, 1979-1981
f. 5247Amtrak, 1981-1982
f. 5248Amtrak, 1982-1983
f. 5249Amtrak, 1983
f. 5250Amtrak, 1983-1985
f. 5251-5252Box Car De-regulation, 1983
f. 5253Burlington Northern, 1978-1982
f. 5254-5255Burlington Northern, 1983
f. 5256Burlington Northern, 1983-1984
f. 5257Conrail, 1983-1986
f. 5258Conrail, 1986
f. 5259Deregulation, 1980-1982
f. 5260Milwaukee Road, 1983
f. 5261Milwaukee Road, 1983-1984
f. 5262National Transport Museum, 1981-1983
f. 5263Norfolk and Western Railway Company, 1983
f. 5264Railroad Employees, 1983-1984
f. 5265Richmond-Henrietta Line, 1984
f. 5266Rock Island Railroad, 1979-1980
f. 5267Rock Island Railroad, 1980
f. 5268Rock Island Railroad, 1980-1981
f. 5269Rock Island Railroad, 1982-1983
f. 5270-5271Rock Island Railroad, 1983
f. 5272St. Louis Light Rail Project, 1982-1983
f. 5273St. Louis Light Rail Project, 1983-1984
f. 5274St. Louis Light Rail Project, 1984
f. 5275St. Louis Light Rail Project, 1984-1986
f. 5276Short Line Railroad, 1983-1984
f. 5277Southern Pacific, 1981
f. 5278Union Pacific, 1981

Cosponsorship, 1969-1986 Subseries

The Cosponsorship subseries is arranged chronologically by Congress and comprised of subject files, All Option Reports (Cosponsorship and Sponsorship), and Legislative Activities reports relating to the legislation that Eagleton sponsored or cosponsored. The subject files appearing at the beginning of the series span from the 91st Congress (1969-1970) to the 92d Congress (1971-1972). These legislative topics are arranged into two alphabetical subject sections within each Congress: Senate resolutions/ bills and amendments to House of Representatives bills. These files contain colleague correspondence, statements, and background information on Senate Resolutions, Senate bills, and amendments to House legislation that Eagleton cosponsored. Some of the files contained only a printed copy of the bill that Eagleton cosponsored. However, most of the files hold cosponsorship forms on which office staff members recorded notes and summaries regarding the bills, letters from the sponsoring Senators, fact sheets, and speeches introducing the bills.

There are scattered, incomplete cosponsorship materials in the microfilm of the Voting Record subseries for the 93d and 94th Congress. These items are in rough chronological order and include cosponsorship forms, letters, bill analyses, and fact sheets.

NOTE: The printed copy of most of the bills has been removed from the Cosponsorship files unless the copy had been annotated. Printed amendments were left in the files. When a file contained only the printed bill, a "Removed" note replaced it. For printed copies of bills please contact the Government Documents section of Ellis Library.

f. 5279-5307Subject Files, 91st Congress
f. 5279Agriculture
f. 5280Armed Services
f. 5281Civil Disorders
f. 5282Civil Rights
f. 5283Commerce
f. 5284Commerce - Congress
f. 5285Courts
f. 5286Crime
f. 5287Defense
f. 5288District of Columbia
f. 5289Economy
f. 5290Education
f. 5291Foreign Affairs
f. 5292Health (S. J. Res. 154-S. 2182)
f. 5293Health (S.2482-S.3355)
f. 5294Health (S.3418-S.3586)
f. 5295Health (S.3835, S.4564)
f. 5296Labor
f. 5297Natural Resources (S. J. Res. 28-S.2005)
f. 5298Natural Resources (S.2391-S.4092)
f. 5299Political Affairs
f. 5300Public Activities- Science
f. 5301Taxes (S. 15-S.500) (1 photo)
f. 5302Taxes (S.2804-S.3715)
f. 5303Transportation - Veterans
f. 5304Welfare (S. Res. 68-S.1132)
f. 5305Welfare (S.1209-S.3307)
f. 5306House of Representatives, Agriculture - Housing
f. 5307House of Representatives, Labor - Welfare
f. 5308-5322Subject Files, 92d Congress
f. 5308-5309Agriculture
f. 5310Armed Services - Commerce
f. 5311Congress - Courts
f. 5312District of Columbia - Economy
f. 5313Education
f. 5314Foreign Affairs - Government Reorganization
f. 5315-5316Health
f. 5317Housing - Memorials
f. 5318Natural Resources
f. 5319Political Affairs - Science
f. 5320Veterans
f. 5321Welfare
f. 5322House of Representatives, Defense - Welfare

NOTE: For the 93d Congress thru the 94th Congress, see the Voting Record subseries, rolls 523-528.

All Option Reports Section

The All Option Reports are books of information on all bills, resolutions, and amendments that Eagleton either cosponsored or sponsored, 1977-1986. The volumes are arranged by Congress and the bills are listed chronologically within each volume. The descriptions for each resolution, bill, or amendment includes the following: date of introduction, sponsor, committee referrals, cosponsors, short title as introduced, latest official title, official title as introduced, legislative actions, an abstract, digest, and index terms. The identity of the creator(s) of the reports is unclear as is the use of the index terms since no index accompanies the volumes.

f. 532395th Congress, 1977-1978
f. 532496th Congress, 1979-1980, Vol. I
f. 532596th Congress, 1979-1980, Vol. II
f. 532697th Congress, 1981-1982, Vol. I
f. 532797th Congress, 1981-1982, Vol. II
f. 532898th Congress, 1983-1984, Vol. I
f. 532998th Congress, 1983-1984, Vol. II
f. 533099th Congress, 1985-1986, Vol. I
f. 533199th Congress, 1985-1986, Vol. II

All Option Reports Sponsorship

f. 533295th Congress, 1977-1978
f. 533396th Congress, 1979-1980
f. 533497th-99th Congress, 1981-1986

Legislative Activities Section

The Legislative Activities reports are volumes prepared by the Senate Computer Center, Office of the Sergeant at Arms and Committee on Rules and Administration. The report is divided into seven sections: Sponsored Measures, Cosponsored Measures, Sponsored Measures Organized by Committee Referral, Cosponsored Measures Organized by Committee Referral, Sponsored Amendments, Cosponsored Amendments, and Subject Index to Measures and Amendments. The descriptions contained in the reports are very brief and include only Official Title/Statement of Purpose and Latest Status of the measures.

f. 53353 January 1977 - 30 November 1978
f. 533615 January 1979 - 2 January 1981
f. 53375 January 1981 - 2 January 1983
f. 53383 January 1983 - 2 January 1985
f. 53393 January 1985 - 15 November 1986

Voting Record, 1969-1986 Subseries

Chronological by Congress and alphabetical:
The Voting Record subseries represents a subject documentation of Senator Eagelton's legislative activities. The Voting Record subseries appears in two formats: microfilm and paper.

The 12 rolls of microfilm contain speeches, press releases, news releases ("Frankly Speaking"), newsclippings on legislative issues, excerpts from the Congressional Record, ROBO reply letters, issues of the Senate Voting Record compiled by the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, radio spots, Dear Colleague letters, joint letters, and cosponsorship forms on selected bills and amendments that Eagleton cosponsored. These materials are arranged by Congress but do not appear in strict chronological order. In most instances, like materials have been placed together (e.g. press releases) and appear in one or more sections throughout one roll of microfilm. Each document has been assigned an identification number and the items appear in numerical order on the microfilm.

There is a computer printout (f. 5340) which acts as an index for rolls #527 and #528. However, there is no index for rolls #517-#526 (1969-1974). The entries are arranged alphabetically by assigned topics such as Aging, Economy, or Veterans. Four columns of information appear on the index: document number (which corresponds to the microfilm), subject of the document, type of document, and assigned topic/date of the document.

f. 5340Microfilm index
r. 5171969-1971 (1-1555)
r. 5181969-1971 (1556-1604, 2918-3406)
r. 5191969-1971 (3434-3926, 3976-4002, 4265-4380)
r. 5201969-1971 (4382-5368)
r. 5211971-1972 (5380-6125)
r. 5221971-1972 (6126-6936)
r. 5231972-1973 (6936-8083)
r. 5241972-1973 (8084-8869)
r. 5251973 (8870-10300)
r. 5261973-1974 (10301-11588)
r. 5271974 (011875-013234)
r. 5281974-1975 (013235-014811)

Voting Record - Bills and Statements

The following section of the Voting Record subseries concerns specific legislation with which Eagleton was involved. The TFE Bills folders are arranged chronologically by Congress and contain typed notebooks maintained by staff members of the bills that Eagleton sponsored and cosponsored. The notebooks list the bills in two ways: by subject and by Senate and House number. The subject list includes a brief description of each bill and the numerical list includes a succinct, dated legislative history. The Statements folders contain excerpts from the Congressional Record, joint letters, VIP letters, Dear Colleague letters, and target mailings related to the information in the TFE Bills folders.

f. 5341-534293rd Congress (1973-1974)
f. 5341TFE Bills (House, Resolutions, Senate thru S.1109)
f. 5342TFE Bills (S.1114-S.4216)
f. 5343-534594th Congress (1975-1976)
f. 5343TFE Bills (S.199-S.3440)
f. 5344TFE Bills (S.3531-S.3818, House, Resolutions)
f. 5345Briefing Book. Divided by subject with summaries.
f. 5346-535495th Congress (1977-1978)
f. 5346TFE Bills (S.4-S.1838)
f. 5347TFE Bills (S.1842-S.3555, House, Resolutions)
f. 5348Statements (25 January 1977 - 11 July 1977)
f. 5349Statements (13 July 1977 - 6 December 1977)
f. 5350Statements (27 December 1977 - 11 July 1978)
f. 5351Statements (12 July 1978 - 13 December 1978)
f. 5352Briefing Book
f. 5353Voting Record (Abortion-General Government). Subject breakdown of TFE's voting.
f. 5354Voting Record (Gun Control-Vietnam)
f. 5355-536496th Congress (1979-1980)
f. 5355TFE Bills (S.2-S.1553)
f. 5356TFE Bills (S.1568-S.3184, House, Resolutions)
f. 5357Statements (15 January 1979 - 26 April 1979). Contains a Legislative report.
f. 5358Statements (30 April 1979 - 20 July 1979)
f. 5359Statements (21 July 1979 - 16 November 1979)
f. 5360Statements (20 November 1979 - January 1980)
f. 5361Statements (4 February 1980 - May)
f. 5362Statements (June - July 1980)
f. 5363Statements (August - 25 September 1980)
f. 5364Statements (29 September - December 1980)
f. 5365-537497th Congress (1981-1982)
f. 5365TFE Bills (Resolutions). Slightly different format.
f. 5366TFE Bills (S.10-3093, House)
f. 5367Statements (Legislative Reports, 5 January 1981 - 6 April 1981)
f. 5368Statements (7 April 1981 - 25 June 1981)
f. 5369Statements (8 July 1981 - 19 October 1981)
f. 5370Statements (20 October 1981 - 23 December 1981)
f. 5371Statements (Legislative Reports, 7 January 1982 - 22 April 1982)
f. 5372Statements (23 April 1982 - 30 June 1982)
f. 5373Statements (30 June 1982 - 31 August 1982)
f. 5374Statements (September - December 1982)
f. 5375-538298th Congress (1983-1984)
f. 5375TFE Bills (House Bills, Senate Resolutions)
f. 5376TFE Bills (Senate)
f. 5377Statements (January - 24 March 1983)
f. 5378Statements (April - July 1983)
f. 5379Statements (August - December 1983)
f. 5380Statements (January - April, 1984)
f. 5381Statements (May - June, 1984)
f. 5382Statements (July - December, 1984)
f. 5383-538799th Congress (1985-1986)
f. 5383TFE Bills (House, Resolutions, S. 8-S.2149)
f. 5384Statements (January - April, 1985)
f. 5385Statements (May - August, 1985)
f. 5386Statements (September - December, 1985)
f. 5387Statements (1986)

Card Files: The card files are subject indices to bills, to Dear Colleague and joint letters, and to target mailings 1977-1986 which are located in the TFE Bills and Statements of the Voting Record subseries (f. 5348-f. 5387). In addition, the card files contain references to news statements and press releases which are interfiled in chronological order in the Press series (currently unprocessed).

c.f. 395th Congress (1977-1978)
c.f. 496th Congress, 1st Session (1979-1980)
c.f. 596th Congress, 2d Session (1979-1980)
c.f. 697th Congress (A-F) (1981-1982)
c.f. 797th Congress (Fo-V) (1981-1982)
c.f. 898th Congress (A-F) (1983-1984)
c.f. 998th Congress (Fo-V) (1983-1984)
c.f. 1099th Congress (1985-1986)

Voting Record Indices

The final section of the Voting Record subseries includes indices and compilations providing subject access to Eagleton's voting record in the Senate. Staff members maintained and arranged alphabetically by topic the Master Issue File (1974) and the Issue Book (1974-1980). They are synopses of the Senator's position on legislative issues during his first and second terms, 1969-1980. The Congressional Record Index provides access to Eagleton's statements in the Congressional Record (1969-1986).

For information on Eagleton's vote on particular bills there are two formats to consult. The Senate Democratic Policy Committee compiled the Multiyear Issue Index. It provides subject access to Eagleton's voting record for 1979-1984 and for 1979-1985. There are two versions of the 1979-1985 Multiyear Issue Index. The first is the same format as that for the 1979-1984 Multiyear Issue Index and is called a descriptive index which provides a brief summary of the bills being voted upon. The second version of the 1979-1985 Multiyear Issue Index is called a topical index and provides only the vote number, offering no description of the measures.

Eagleton's staff maintained its own Voting Record indices for 1974-1979 and for 1977-1984. The 1974-1979 Voting Record index is arranged alphabetically by topic and then by year within each topic. There is a brief description accompanying each vote concerning the bills/amendments in question and the actions taken. The 1977-1984 Voting Record index is arranged chronologically by vote number and gives Eagleton's votes along with those of Senator John C. Danforth. There is significantly less description included in the 1977-1984 record than in the 1974-1979 record.

f. 5388-5393Master Issue File, 1969-1974
f. 5388A-B
f. 5389B-C
f. 5390C-E
f. 5391F-L
f. 5392P-V
f. 5393W
f. 5394-5395Issue Book, 1974-1980
f. 5394A-E
f. 5395F-W
f. 5396Congressional Record Index, 1969-1986
f. 5397-5403Voting records
f.5397Multiyear Issue Index, 1979-1984
f.5398-5399Multiyear Issue Index, 1979-1985
f. 5398Descriptive version
f. 5399Topical version
f. 5400Voting Record, 1974-1979 (A-F)
f. 5401Voting Record, 1974-1979(F-W)
f. 5402Voting Record, 1977-1984 (1977-1980)
f. 5403Voting Record, 1977-1984 (1981-1984)

NOTE: Other voting indices are located in f. 4534-4535 and f. 5069-5070 of the Legislative series, Subject Files subseries.

Correspondence and Background subseries

Chronological order and then alphabetically by topic. Please note that original folder titles have been retained.

f. 5404Agriculture
f. 5405Armed Services, A-E
f. 5406Armed Services, F-W
f. 5407Armed Services-Army Aviation Research
f. 5408Armed Services-Missouri, Noel
f. 5409Civil Rights
f. 5410Civil Service
f. 5411Commerce, A-T
f. 5412Commerce, Black Economic Union
f. 5413Commerce, Black Economic Union-Kansas City chapter
f. 5414Commerce, ESSA-Weather Station
f. 5415Commerce, Imports-Exports
f. 5416Confirmations
f. 5417Congress
f. 5418Courts
f. 5419Crime
f. 5420Defense
f. 5421District of Columbia, B-I
f. 5422District of Columbia, S-W
f. 5423District of Columbia, Committee
f. 5424District of Columbia, Crime
f. 5425District of Columbia, Parking bill
f. 5426District of Columbia, Revenue
f. 5427District of Columbia, Statute of limitations
f. 5428District of Columbia, Taxes
f. 5429District of Columbia, Transit
f. 5430Economy, C-E
f. 5431Economy, F-O
f. 5432Economy, P-W
f. 5433Education, C-H
f. 5434Education, I-Y
f. 5435Education, Title III
f. 5436Federal Government
f. 5437Foreign Affairs, A-F
f. 5438Foreign Affairs, I-S
f. 5439Health, A-D
f. 5440Health, G-T
f. 5441Housing, B-U
f. 5442Housing-St. Louis
f. 5443Housing-St. Louis
f. 5444Immigration
f. 5445Industry, A-R
f. 5446Industry, R-T
f. 5447Labor, B-J
f. 5448Labor, K-O
f. 5449Labor, P-U
f. 5450Labor, Oasis, Jan-Aug
f. 5451Labor, Oasis, Sept-Nov
f. 5452Labor, Oasis, December
f. 5453Labor, Pension benefits-Poplar Bluffs Job Corps Center
f. 5454Labor, St. Louis-Job Corps Center
f. 5455Labor, Subcommittee on Evaluation & Planning of Social Programs
f. 5456Library of Congress
f. 5457Memorial Holidays
f. 5458Missouri, A-I
f. 5459Missouri, L-W
f. 5460Missouri, Churchill Memorial
f. 5461Missouri, Department of Highways, April-July
f. 5462Missouri, Department of Highways, Aug-Dec
f. 5463Natural Resources, A-L
f. 5464Natural Resources, N-Po
f. 5465Natural Resources, Pu-W
f. 5466Natural Resources, air pollution-St. Louis
f. 5467Political Affairs, C-D
f. 5468Political Affairs, E-J
f. 5469Political Affairs, S-Y
f. 5470Political Affairs, TFE campaign dinner
f. 5471Political Affairs, Democratic Party reform
f. 5472Political Affairs, Democratic Party reform
f. 5473Political Affairs, Democratic Party reform-Missouri
f. 5474Public Works, A-B
f. 5475Public Works, C
f. 5476Public Works, D-K
f. 5477Public Works, La-Lh
f. 5478Public Works, Li-Lz
f. 5479Public Works, M-N
f. 5480Public Works, O-R
f. 5481Public Works, S
f. 5482Public Works, T-W
f. 5483Public Works, Army Corps of Engineers, A-D
f. 5484Public Works, Army Corps of Engineers, E-P
f. 5485Public Works, Meramec Basin, Jan-Sept
f. 5486Public Works, Meramec Basin, October
f. 5487Public Works, Meramec Basin, Nov-Dec
f. 5488Public Works, Pattonsburg (MO)
f. 5489Pornography-President of the U.S.
f. 5490Prison-Publicity
f. 5491Science
f. 5492Science, Southeast Missouri Radioisotope Cancer Program
f. 5493Security
f. 5494Taxes, A-C
f. 5495Taxes, D-O
f. 5496Taxes, P-T
f. 5497Transportation, A-B
f. 5498Transportation, C-T
f. 5499Treaties-Veterans
f. 5500Welfare, A-M
f. 5501Welfare, P-V
f. 5502Welfare, Medicare/Medicaid
f. 5503Agriculture, A-F
f. 5504Agriculture, F-T
f. 5505Agriculture, Cotton, Jan-May
f. 5506Agriculture, Cotton, June-Oct
f. 5507Armed Services, A-H
f. 5508Armed Services, I-Nat
f. 5509Armed Services, Ne-V
f. 5510Civil Disorder
f. 5511Civil Rights, B-I
f. 5512Civil Rights, P-V
f. 5513Civil Service-Commerce, C
f. 5514Commerce, D-E
f. 5515Commerce, F-W
f. 5516Communications-Confirmations
f. 5517Congress
f. 5518Congress, Congressional Leadership for the Future
f. 5519Courts
f. 5520Crime
f. 5521Defense
f. 5522District of Columbia, A-E
f. 5523District of Columbia, F-H
f. 5524District of Columbia, I-P
f. 5525District of Columbia, S-W
f. 5526District of Columbia, Crime, Jan-May
f. 5527District of Columbia, Crime, June
f. 5528District of Columbia, Crime, July-Oct
f. 5529District of Columbia, Revenue
f. 5530District of Columbia, Senate Committee, Jan-May
f. 5531District of Columbia, Senate Committee, June-Oct
f. 5532District of Columbia, Senate Committee, Nov-Dec
f. 5533District of Columbia, Senate Committee, Community Day Care Coalition
f. 5534District of Columbia, Transit
f. 5535Economy
f. 5536Education, A-P
f. 5537Education, Vocational
f. 5538Federal Government-Foreign Affairs, A-Ce
f. 5539Foreign Affairs, Ci-M
f. 5540Foreign Affairs, N-U
f. 5541Foreign Affairs, Cambodia, Jan-May
f. 5542Foreign Affairs, Cambodia, June
f. 5543Foreign Affairs, Cambodia, July-Dec
f. 5544Foreign Affairs, Vietnam
f. 5545Health, A-F
f. 5546Health, H-P
f. 5547Housing
f. 5548Housing, St. Louis Authority
f. 5549Immigration-Industry
f. 5550Labor, B-O
f. 5551Labor, P-U
f. 5552Labor, Bridgeton-Job Corps Center
f. 5553Labor, Excelsior Springs-Job Corps Center, April-June
f. 5554Labor, Excelsior Springs-Job Corps Center, June-Sept
f. 5555Labor, Railroad Retirement
f. 5556Memorials
f. 5557Missouri
f. 5558Missouri, Legal
f. 5559Missouri, Local Matters
f. 5560Natural Resources, A-B
f. 5561Natural Resources, C-Po
f. 5562Natural Resources, Pr-W
f. 5563Natural Resources, Environmental Teach-In
f. 5564Natural Resources, Subcommittee on Air & Water Pollution
f. 5565Political Affairs
f. 5566Political Affairs, 1970 Campaign & Election, Jan-June
f. 5567Political Affairs, 1970 Campaign & Election, July
f. 5568Political Affairs, 1970 Campaign & Election, August
f. 5569Political Affairs, 1970 Campaign & Election, September
f. 5570Political Affairs, 1970 Campaign & Election, October
f. 5571Political Affairs, 1970 Campaign & Election, Material
f. 5572Political Affairs, 1970 Campaign & Election, Spending
f. 5573Political Affairs, 1970 Campaign & Election, Television time
f. 5574Political Affairs, Democratic National Committee, General, A-O
f. 5575Political Affairs, Democratic National Committee, General, P-S
f. 5576Political Affairs, Democratic National Committee, Human Environment, April-July
f. 5577Political Affairs, Democratic National Committee, Human Environment, Aug-Dec
f. 5578Political Affairs, Democratic Party in Missouri, Jan-Oct
f. 5579Political Affairs, Democratic Party in Missouri, Nov-Dec
f. 5580Political Affairs, Democratic Party, Reform, Jan-Sept
f. 5581Political Affairs, Democratic Party, Reform, Oct-Dec
f. 5582Political Affairs, Democratic Senate Campaign Committee
f. 5583Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, Jan-Feb
f. 5584Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, March
f. 5585Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, April 1-7
f. 5586Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, April 8-18
f. 5587Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, April 20-30
f. 5588Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, May
f. 5589Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, June
f. 5590Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, July
f. 5591Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, August
f. 5592Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, September
f. 5593Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, October
f. 5594Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform, Nov-Dec
f. 5595-5598Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform-Background
f. 5599Political Affairs, Electoral College Reform-Background, Curzon
f. 5600Political Affairs, Jackson Day
f. 5601Political Affairs, Kennedy (Senator)
f. 5602Political Affairs, Responses to the Real Majority
f. 5603Political Affairs, Symington (Senator Stuart)
f. 5604Post Office
f. 5605Powers of the President of the U.S.
f. 5606Public Works
f. 5607Publicity
f. 5608Science-Security
f. 5609Taxes
f. 5610Transportation, A-M
f. 5611Transportation, R-T
f. 5612Veterans
f. 5613Welfare, A-M
f. 5614Welfare, R-S
f. 5615Agriculture, B-I
f. 5616Agriculture, Cattle-Litton, Jerry
f. 5617Agriculture, Cotton
f. 5618Agriculture, Crop Reports-Corn
f. 5619Agriculture, Crop Reports-Soybeans, Wheat
f. 5620Agriculture, Programs-General
f. 5621Agriculture, Programs. F-S
f. 5622Armed Services, A-D
f. 5623Armed Services, I-V
f. 5624Armed Services, Facilities
f. 5625Armed Services, Manpower
f. 5626Armed Services, Selective Service Reform
f. 5627Civil Disorder-Civil Rights
f. 5628Civil Service
f. 5629Civil Service-Commerce, A-C
f. 5630Commerce, C-S
f. 5631Commerce, Foreign
f. 5632Confirmations
f. 5633Congress
f. 5634Congress-Courts
f. 5635-5636Crime
f. 5637Defense
f. 5638District of Columbia, Committee
f. 5639District of Columbia, Committee, A-G
f. 5640District of Columbia, Committee, H-S
f. 5641District of Columbia, Committee-Disability case
f. 5642District of Columbia, Committee-Transportation
f. 5643Economy, C-I
f. 5644Economy, M-T
f. 5645Economy, Wage/Price Controls
f. 5646Education, A-F
f. 5647Education, Higher
f. 5648Education, Vocational
f. 5649Education, Vocational-Conference
f. 5650Federal Government
f. 5651Foreign Affairs, A-I
f. 5652Foreign Affairs, M-U
f. 5653Foreign Affairs, Vietnam, Jan-May
f. 5654Foreign Affairs, Vietnam, June-Dec
f. 5655Health, A-D
f. 5656Health, F-L
f. 5657Health, M-R
f. 5658Health, Aging
f. 5659Health, Child Care
f. 5660Health, Grants
f. 5661Health, Insurance
f. 5662Health, Manpower
f. 5663Housing-Industry
f. 5664Labor, B-E
f. 5665Labor, K-U
f. 5666Labor, Kansas City Bricklayers Union
f. 5667Library of Congress-Memorials
f. 5668Missouri, A-W
f. 5669Missouri, Local Matters
f. 5670Natural Resources, A-E
f. 5671Natural Resources, M-P
f. 5672Natural Resources, Fish-Fuel
f. 5673Natural Resources, Landmarks-Jefferson Barracks
f. 5674Natural Resources, National Environment Lab, May-June
f. 5675Natural Resources, National Environment Lab, July-Aug
f. 5676Natural Resources, National Environment Lab, Aug-Sept
f. 5677Natural Resources, Subcommittee on Air & Water Pollution
f. 5678Natural Resources, Water
f. 5679Natural Resources, Water-Rivers, March-June
f. 5680Natural Resources, Water-Rivers, July-Nov
f. 5681Natural Resources, Water-Solid Waste Disposal
f. 5682Political Affairs, C-Democratic Party
f. 5683Political Affairs, Democratic Policy Council-V
f. 5684Political Affairs, 1972 Campaign, Jan-Aug
f. 5685Political Affairs, 1972 Campaign, Oct-Dec
f. 5686Political Affairs, 1972 Campaign-Muskie, Edmund
f. 5687Political Affairs, Campaign Spending
f. 5688Political Affairs, Democratic Party in Missouri, Jan-March
f. 5689Political Affairs, Democratic Party in Missouri, April-May
f. 5690Political Affairs, Democratic Party in Missouri, June-Dec
f. 5691Political Affairs, Democratic Party in Missouri-Jackson Day
f. 5692Political Affairs, Democratic Party in Missouri-Miscellaneous
f. 5693Political Affairs, Democratic Party-Reform, Jan
f. 5694Political Affairs, Democratic Party-Reform, Feb
f. 5695Political Affairs, Democratic Party-Reform, Mar-April
f. 5696Political Affairs, Democratic Party-Reform, May-July
f. 5697Political Affairs, Democratic Party-Reform, August
f. 5698Political Affairs, Democratic Party-Reform, Sept-Oct
f. 5699Post Office
f. 5700President of the U.S., A-V
f. 5701President of the U.S., Appointments
f. 5702President of the U.S., Pentagon Papers
f. 5703President of the U.S., War Powers, Jan-Feb
f. 5704President of the U.S., War Powers, March-April
f. 5705President of the U.S., War Powers, May-July
f. 5706President of the U.S., War Powers, Aug-Dec
f. 5707Public Activities, Publicity
f. 5708Public Works
f. 5709Public Works, Lock and Dam # 26
f. 5710Science, National Science Foundation
f. 5711Science, P.E.S.T.
f. 5712Science, Research
f. 5713Security
f. 5714Taxes, C-E
f. 5715Taxes, I-T
f. 5716Taxes, Revenue Sharing, Jan-June
f. 5717Taxes, Revenue Sharing, July-Dec
f. 5718Transportation, Auto-Aviation
f. 5719Transportation, M-W
f. 5720Veterans
f. 5721Welfare
f. 5722Welfare, Aging
f. 5723Welfare, Medicaid/Medicare
f. 5724Welfare, Social Security
f. 5725Aging
f. 5726Agriculture, B-M
f. 5727Agriculture, P-R
f. 5728Agriculture, Rural Programs
f. 5729Armed Services
f. 5730Civil Rights, A-E
f. 5731Civil Rights, G-V
f. 5732Civil Service
f. 5733Commerce, A-D
f. 5734Commerce, E-S
f. 5735Confirmations-Congress
f. 5736Courts
f. 5737Crime
f. 5738Defense
f. 5739District of Columbia
f. 5740District of Columbia, Government
f. 5741Economy, A-I
f. 5742Economy, J-S
f. 5743Education, A-H
f. 5744Education, I-V
f. 5745Education, Grants
f. 5746Education, Higher
f. 5747Foreign Affairs
f. 5748Foreign Affairs, Countries
f. 5749Foreign Affairs, Vietnam
f. 5750Government, Federal
f. 5751Health, A-D
f. 5752Health, F-M
f. 5753Health, N-S
f. 5754Health, Facilities
f. 5755Health, Hospitals
f. 5756Health, Projects
f. 5757Holidays-Industry
f. 5758Labor, B-M
f. 5759Labor, N-Y
f. 5760Labor, Job Corps-Excelsior Springs
f. 5761Labor, Management Relations
f. 5762Library of Congress-Memorials
f. 5763Missouri, A-L
f. 5764Missouri, M-W
f. 5765Missouri, Air Conservation Commission
f. 5766Missouri, Cases
f. 5767Missouri, Clean Water Commission
f. 5768Missouri, Departments, A-E
f. 5769Missouri, Departments, L-R
f. 5770Missouri, Local Matters
f. 5771Missouri, State Board of Nursing
f. 5772Natural Resources, A-E
f. 5773Natural Resources, L-P
f. 5774Natural Resources, R-W
f. 5775-5780Natural Resources, Clear Air Act amendments
f. 5781Natural Resources, Environmental Quality
f. 5782Natural Resources, Fish-Fuel
f. 5783Natural Resources, Water (Rivers)
f. 5784Natural Resources, Water (Solid Waste)
f. 5785Political Affairs, Campaign
f. 5786Political Affairs, 1972 Campaign
f. 5787Political Affairs, 1972 Campaign-Muskie, Edmund
f. 5788Political Affairs, 1972 Campaign
f. 5789Political Affairs, 1972 Campaign-Vice Presidential
f. 5790Political Affairs, Democratic National Committee
f. 5791Political Affairs, Democratic National Convention
f. 5792Political Affairs, Democratic Party
f. 5793Political Affairs, Democratic Party-Platform
f. 5794Political Affairs, Election Process-Electoral Reform
f. 5795Political Affairs, ITT Scandal
f. 5796Political Affairs, Missouri
f. 5797Political Affairs, National Committee for an Effective Congress
f. 5798Political Affairs, State of the Union Rebuttal
f. 5799Political Affairs, Television Shows
f. 5800Political Affairs, Voting-Youth
f. 5801Post Office
f. 5802Power
f. 5803President of the U.S.
f. 5804President of the U.S., War Powers, Jan-April
f. 5805President of the U.S., War Powers, May-Dec
f. 5806Press
f. 5807Public Works, A-E
f. 5808Public Works, F-G
f. 5809Public Works, H-L
f. 5810Public Works, M-P
f. 5811Public Works, Pe-R
f. 5812Public Works, S-W
f. 5813Public Works, Army Corps of Engineers
f. 5814Public Works, County Line Dam
f. 5815Public Works, Gasconade County
f. 5816Public Works, Lake Taneycomo
f. 5817Public Works, L-15 Levee
f. 5818Public Works, Meramec Basin
f. 5819Public Works, Pattonsburg, Feb-May
f. 5820Public Works, Pattonsburg, June 1-14
f. 5821Public Works, Pattonsburg, June 15-Nov
f. 5822Public Works, St. Louis
f. 5823Public Works, Truman Dam
f. 5824Publicity, A-T
f. 5825Publicity, Press, July-Aug
f. 5826Publicity, Press, September
f. 5827Publicity, Press, October
f. 5828Publicity, Press, November
f. 5829Publicity, Press, December
f. 5830Science
f. 5831Security
f. 5832Taxes, C-P
f. 5833Taxes, R-W
f. 5834Transportation, Automobile
f. 5835Transportation, Aviation-Water
f. 5836Veterans
f. 5837Welfare
f. 5838Welfare, Social Security
f. 5839Welfare, Vocational Rehabilitation Centers
f. 5840Agriculture, A-C
f. 5841Agriculture, L-R
f. 5842Appropriations-Civil Disorders
f. 5843Civil Rights
f. 5844Civil Service
f. 5845Commerce
f. 5846Confirmations-Courts
f. 5847Crime
f. 5848Defense-District of Columbia
f. 5849Economy
f. 5850Economy, Inflation
f. 5851Education, A-F
f. 5852Education, G-V
f. 5853Federal Government
f. 5854Foreign Affairs, Aid-Countries
f. 5855Foreign Affairs, Countries-Vietnam
f. 5856Health, A-D
f. 5857Health, E-L
f. 5858Health, M-R
f. 5859Housing
f. 5860Immigration-Industry
f. 5861Labor, B-E
f. 5862Labor, G-W
f. 5863Library of Congress-Memorials
f. 5864Missouri
f. 5865Missouri, Cases
f. 5866Missouri, Local Matters
f. 5867Natural Resources, A-P
f. 5868Natural Resources, R-W
f. 5869-5870Natural Resources, Fuel
f. 5871Political Affairs
f. 5872Political Affairs, 1974 Campaign, Jan-June
f. 5873Political Affairs, 1974 Campaign, July-Dec
f. 5874Political Affairs, 1974 Campaign, Fundraising
f. 5875Political Affairs, 1974 Campaign, Volunteers
f. 5876Political Affairs, Courtesy
f. 5877Political Affairs, Watergate
f. 5878Post Office-Power
f. 5879President of the U.S.
f. 5880Public Works, County Line Dam
f. 5881Publicity-Science
f. 5882Taxes
f. 5883Transportation
f. 5884Veterans
f. 5885Welfare
f. 5886Welfare, Medicare
f. 5887Welfare, Social Security
f. 5888Watergate, No Replies
f. 5889Watergate, Robos


These index terms are the subjects, people, places, etc. under which this collection is listed in all available indexes at The State Historical Society of Missouri-Columbia. If you are interested in a specific index term, please contact the reference staff.

Index TermLocation
Aging--Law and legislationf. 3568-3609
Agriculture--Law and legislationf. 2186-2370, 3610-3654a, 5405, 5503-5506, 5615-5621, 5726-5728, 5840, 5841
Capital punishmentf. 125-130, 233-235
Civil rightsf. 134-137, 5409, 5511, 5512, 5527, 5730, 5731, 5843
Civil servicef. 3281-3296, 5410, 5513, 5628, 5629, 5732, 5844
Commerce--Law and legislationf. 3685a-3705, 5165-5173, 5514, 5515, 5629-5631, 5411-5415, 5733-, 5734, 5845
Communication--Law and legislationf. 3706-3739, 5516
Corruption in politicsf. 23, 27, 39, 57, 93, 102
Courts--Law and legislationf. 4621-4751
Courts--Missourif. 112-222
Crime--Law and legislationf. 3740-3749, 5419, 5520, 5635, 5636, 5737, 5847
District of Columbia--Law and legislationf. 3297-3346, 5421-5429, 5520-5534, 5638-5642, 5739, 5848
Dowd, Edward L. (1918-2004)f. 23, 27, 39, 57, 93, 102
Eagleton, Thomas Francis (1929-2007)f. 1-5889
Economic policyf. 3863-4038, 5430-5432, 5535, 5643-5645, 5741, 5742, 5849, 5850
Education--Law and legislationf. 4039-4107, 5433-5435, 5536, 5537, 5646-5649, 5744-5746, 5851, 5852
Election, 1960--Missouri Attorney Generalf. 112, 116-124
Election, 1964--Missouri Lieutenant Governorf. 2400-2534
Election, 1968--Missouri Senatorialf. 2535-2767
Election, 1972--Presidentialf. 2768-2833
Election, 1974--Missouri Senatorialf. 2834-2911
Election, 1980--Missouri Senatorialf. 2912-2976
Election, 1982--Missouri Senatorialf. 3189-3191
Election, 1984--Presidentialf. 3192-3197
Election, 1986--Missouri Senatorialf. 3198-3204
Electionsf. 90
Energy resources--Government policyf. 4108-4264
Environment--Law and legislationf. 5265-4350
Floods, Missouri--Law and legislationf. 3232, 3233
Health--Law and legislationf. 4556-4627, 5439, 5440, 5545, 5546, 5655-5662
Home rule--Washington, D.C.f. 3300, 3301, 3319
Insurance, Flood--Law and legislationf. 5073-5129
International relationsf. 4351-4555, 5437, 5438, 5538-5544, 5651-5654, 5747-5749, 5854, 5855
Interracial marriagef. 180
Jails--Missouri, St. Louisf. 25
Juvenile delinquencyf. 181, 182, 191, 337
Labor and laboring classes--Law and legislationf. 4752-4794, 5447-5455, 5550-5555, 5664-5666, 5758-5761
Military policyf. 3750-3862, 5420, 5521, 5637, 5738, 5848
Missouri, St. Louisf. 1-111
Mondale, Walter Frederick (1928- )f. 3192-3197
Natural resources--Law and legislationf. 4795-4838, 5463-5466, 5560-5564, 5670-5681, 5772-5784, 5867-5870
Politics--Missouri, 1950s-1960sf. 1-111
Pollution--Law and legislationf. 2371-2399, 3655-3685, 5466
Prisons and prisoners--Missourif. 295-299
Public welfare--Law and legislationf. 5500-5502, 5321, 5322, 5613, 5614, 5721-5724, 5838, 5839, 5885-5887
Public works--Law and legislationf. 4844-4935, 5474-5488, 5606, 5708, 5709, 5807-5823
Public works--Missourif. 3234-3271
Riots, 1960s-1970sf. 351, 5510, 5527
Social securityf. 5130-5164, 5838, 5887
Spencer, George A. (1906-1997)f. 212, 213
Transportation--Law and legislationf. 4936-5003, 5174-5278, 5497, 5498, 5610, 5611, 5718, 5719, 5834, 5835, 5883
Truman, Harry S (1884-1972)f. 5004-5014
U.S. Congress, Senate, Committee on Governmental Affairsf. 3272-3567
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974f. 5888-5889
Winston Churchill Memorial and Library, Fulton, Missourif. 5460
Wiretappingf. 102, 111, 219-222
Woods, Harriet (1927-2007)f. 3189-3191, 3198-3204

Timeline of Eagleton's Life

Appendix A - Thomas F. Eagleton's Committee and Subcommittee Assignments

Appendix B - Thomas F. Eagleton's Staff List