Arthur Mastick Hyde (1877-1947), Papers, 1913-1954 (C7)

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Gubernatorial Series | Secretary of Agriculture Series | Subject Files Series | Personal Series

Gubernatorial Series

f. 1Accountancy Board, 1921-1923
f. 2Agriculture Board, Annual Report for 1922, January 12, 1923
f. 3-9Agriculture Board, appointments, 1920-1925
f. 10-12Agriculture Board, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 13-18Agriculture, miscellaneous correspondence, 1920-1925
f. 19Agriculture, miscellaneous printed material, 1920-1923
f. 20"Americanism," printed material, 1921-1924
f. 21American War Mothers, 1918, 1923
f. 22-70Appointments, 1920-1925
f. 22-28Confirmed by Missouri Senate, January-May 1921-1925
f. 29Name lists and qualifications, n.d.
f. 30-70Miscellaneous, 1920-1924
f. 30A
f. 31-35B
f. 36-38C
f. 39-40D
f. 41E
f. 42F
f. 43G
f. 44-47H
f. 48J
f. 49-50K
f. 51-52L
f. 53-57M
f. 58N, O
f. 59-60P
f. 61R
f. 62-65S
f. 66T
f. 67U, V
f. 68-70W
f. 71-79Attorney General, legal opinions, 1921-1924
f. 80-87Auditor, bonds and duplicate warrants, 1923-1924
f. 88-89Auditor, state funds, 1913-1924
f. 90-92Auditor, miscellaneous, 1920-1924
f. 93-103Bail bond forfeitures, 1919-1924
f. 104Barber Examiners Board, 1920-1924
f. 105-109Blacks, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 109aBlacks, printed material, 1921-1924
f. 109bBlind Commission, 1922-1923
f. 110Boxing law and legislation, 1921, 1923
f. 111Boy Scouts of America, 1924
f. 112-116Capitol Building, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 117Capitol Building, printed material, 1923-1924
f. 118-119Cattle claims, 1922-1923
f. 120Central Missouri State Teachers College, 1921 audit, July 16, 1922
f. 121-126Central Missouri State Teachers College, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 127Central Missouri State Teachers College, photographs, 1922-1923
f. 128-131Certified Public Accountants, 1922
f. 132-133Chambers of Commerce, 1921-1924
f. 135Charities and Corrections Board, 1921-1924
f. 136Children's Code Commission, December 1920-1921,1923
f. 137-140Circuit Court Clerks, appointments, 1921-1924
f. 141-143Circuit Court Judges, appointments, 1922-1924
f. 144Colony for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 145Colony for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic, Custodial Building, photographs, 1922-1923
f. 146-150Confederate Soldiers Home, Higginsville, 1920-1925
f. 151-158Conferences and conventions, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 159Conferences and conventions, printed material, 1921-1924
f. 160Conservation and reforestation, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 161Conservation and reforestation, Department of Conservation Act, c. 1921
f. 162Conservation and reforestation, printed material, 1920, 1922
f. 163-176Constitutional Convention, correspondence, February-September 1921
f. 177Constitutional Convention, printed material, 1921-1924
f. 178-209County appointments, 1920-1925
f. 178-181Assessors, 1921-1924
f. 182-183Collectors, 1921-1924
f. 185Court clerks, 1922-1923
f. 186-188Court judges, 1921-1924
f. 189-191Probate court judges, 1920-1925
f. 192-194Prosecuting attorney, 1921-1924
f. 195-197Public administrators, 1921-1925
f. 198-202Superintendents, 1921-1924
f. 203-206Surveyors, 1921-1924
f. 207-209Treasurers, 1922-1924
f. 210-224Criminal cases, 1921-1924
f. 210Nicholas Campbell, 1922-1924
f. 211-213John C. Carroll, 1921
f. 214-215John Lee, 1924
f. 216Charles Merrell and Hugh Pinkley, 1923-1924
f. 217John Moore, 1921-1922
f. 218-222James Seward, 1921-1923
f. 223Woodville Thurston, 1921-1922
f. 224Miscellaneous, 1921-1924
f. 225Dairy Commission, 1921-1924
f. 226Dental Board, 1922-1924
f. 227-242Education and public schools, c. 1907-1924, n.d.
f. 227Community score card, 1923-1924
f. 228-229County Unit Bill, correspondence, 1921-1923
f. 230County Unit Bill, printed material, 1921-1922, n.d.
f. 231County statistics, Adair-Livingston, 1924
f. 232County statistics, McDonald-Wright, 1924
f. 233-239Correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 240Printed material, 1921-1923
f. 241Statistics, legislation, c.1907-1920s
f. 242Vocational, 1921-1924, n.d.
f. 243Election Commissioners Board, Jackson County, 1921-1924
f. 244-251Election Commissioners Board, St. Louis County, 1921-1924
f. 252Election laws, 1918, 1920-1921, 1923
f. 253-255Eleemosynary Board, 1921-1924
f. 256-257Embalming Board, 1921-1924
f. 258Equalization Board, 1921-1922
f. 259Federal Soldiers' Home, St. James, 1921-1922
f. 260-264Finance Department, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 265Finance Department, printed material, 1921-1924
f. 266-267Fines and remission of, 1922-1924
f. 268Firearms, 1921, 1923
f. 269Flood control, 1921-1923
f. 270Food and Drug Department, annual report 1922
f. 271-274Food and Drug Department, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 275-278Foreign concerns and relief efforts, 1920-1924
f. 279-283Game and Fish Department, 1919-1924
f. 284Geology and Mines Bureau, 1921-1924
f. 285-289Governors' convention, 1922-1924
f. 290-292Grain Inspection and Weighing Department, correspondence, 1921-1925
f. 293Grain Inspection and Weighing Department, printed material, 1921-1924
f. 294-296Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Waterway Project, 1921-1924
f. 297Harding, Warren G. Memorial, 1923-1924
f. 298Health Board, 1921-1924
f. 299-303Highway Commission, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 304Highway Commission, printed material, 1921-1925
f. 305Horticulture Department, 1920-1924
f. 306Hospital No. 1, Fulton, 1921 audit, July 6, 1922
f. 307Hospital No. 1, Fulton, 1923 audit, December 21, 1923
f. 308-309Hospital No. 1, Fulton, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 310-313Hospital No. 1, Fulton, photographs, 1922-1923
f. 314Hospital No. 2, St. Joseph, 1921 audit, July 8, 1922
f. 315-317Hospital No. 2, St. Joseph, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 318-320Hospital No. 2, St. Joseph, photographs, 1922
f. 321Hospital No. 3, Nevada, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 322Hospital No. 4, Farmington, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 323Hospitals, miscellaneous correspondence, 1920-1923
f. 324Hotel Inspection Department, 1920-1923
f. 325Housing, 1921
f. 326Immigration, 1920-1924
f. 327Industrial Home for Girls, Chillicothe, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 328Industrial Home for Girls, Chillicothe, photographs, 1922-1923
f. 329-333Industrial Inspection Department, 1920-1924
f. 334Industrial Relations Court, 1921-1923
f. 335-337Insurance Department, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 338Insurance Department, printed material, 1921-1923
f. 339-341Insurance Department, Fire Insurance Controversy, 1923
f. 343Interracial Commission, 1923-1924
f. 344-347Invitations and engagements, 1921-1924
f. 348-350Judiciary, December 1920-1924
f. 351-354Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 355Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners, printed material, 1921-1924
f. 356Kansas City election, 1922
f. 357-359Kansas City crime record, 1920-1924
f. 360-364Kansas City Election Commission, 1921-1924
f. 365-369Ku Klux Klan, correspondence, 1921-1925
f. 370Ku Klux Klan, printed material, 1921-1924
f. 371-385Labor and labor strikes, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 386-389Labor and labor strikes, printed material, 1919-1924
f. 390Labor Statistics Bureau, 1920-1921
f. 391-394Law enforcement, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 395Law enforcement, printed material, 1921-1924, n.d.
f. 396-406Legal advice to the public, 1920-1924
f. 407-408Legislation, miscellaneous bills vetoed or protested, 1921, 1923
f. 409-415Legislation, miscellaneous correspondence, 1920-1925
f. 416Legislation, miscellaneous printed material, 1921-1923
f. 417Lieutenant Governor, Hiram Lloyd, 1922-1923
f. 418Lincoln University, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 419Lincoln University, land purchase investigation, 1921
f. 420-422Marketing Bureau, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 423Marketing Bureau, printed material, 1921-1923, n.d.
f. 424Medical care, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 425Medical care, printed material, 1921-1924
f. 426-427Memorials, war, 1921-1924
f. 428Memorials, miscellaneous, 1921-1924
f. 429Milling companies, 1922-1924
f. 430-437Mines and Mining Inspection Bureau, 1920-1924
f. 438Mississippi Valley Association, 1921-1924
f. 439"Missouriana," sheet music and poetry, 1917, 1920-1925, n.d.
f. 440Missouri Centennial, 1921, 1923
f. 441Missouri Commission for the Blind, appointments, 1922-1923
f. 442-445Missouri Commission for the Blind, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 445Missouri Motion Picture, 1924
f. 446Missouri Tuberculosis Association, 1921-1924
f. 447Missouri Wesleyan College, 1922-1924
f. 448Motor vehicle legislation, 1921-1923
f. 449Mount Vernon Sanatorium, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 450Mount Vernon Sanatorium, photographs, August-October 1922
f. 451National Defense Day, 1924
f. 452-459National Guard, 1921 -1924
f. 460-461Negro Industrial Commission, 1921-1924
f. 462-463Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 464Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, photographs, 1922-1923
f. 465Northwest Missouri State Teachers College, 1921 audit, July 14, 1922
f. 466Northwest Missouri State Teachers College, biennial report for 1919-1920, January 1921
f. 467-468Northwest Missouri State Teachers College, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 469Northwest Missouri State Teachers College, photographs, 1922
f. 470-471Nurse Examiners Board, 1923-1924
f. 472-476Oil Inspector, 1920-1924
f. 477Optometry Board, 1922-1924
f. 478-481Osteopathic Board, 1921-1924
f. 482Park College, Parkville, MO, 1922-1923
f. 483-496Penal Institutions Department, 1914, 1920-1925
f. 483Board of Commissioners, 1922-1923
f. 484Financial report, 1914
f. 485-488Pardons and Paroles, 1921-1925
f. 489-490Restoration of citizenship, 1921-1924
f. 491-492Shirt factory reports, 1920-1922
f. 493-495Miscellaneous correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 496Miscellaneous printed material, 1921-1924
f. 497-499Pensions and relief efforts, 1921-1924
f. 500Pharmacy Board, 1922-1924
f. 501-503Poultry Board, 1922-1924
f. 504-509Press, 1920-1924
f. 510-511Proclamations, 1921-1924
f. 512-516Prohibition and Volstead Act, correspondence, 1924
f. 517-518Prohibition and Volstead Act, printed material, 1919-1924, n.d.
f. 519-522Public Service Commission, 1920-1924
f. 523Puerto Rico, 1921, 1924
f. 524Radio, 1923-1924
f. 525Railroads, correspondence, 1921-1925
f. 526Railroads, printed material, 1921-1925
f. 527-530Redistricting, Congressional, 1920-1922
f. 531Redistricting, Judicial, 1921
f. 532Redistricting, State Senatorial, 1920-1922
f. 533Referendum Law controversy, correspondence, 1921-1922
f. 534Referendum Law controversy, printed material, 1921-1923
f. 535Reformatory for Boys, Boonville, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 536Reformatory for Boys, Boonville, Our Boys Magazine, 1922-1923
f. 537Religion, correspondence and notes, 1921-1924
f. 538Religion, printed material, 1918-1922, n.d.
f. 539-542Reorganization of state government, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 543Reorganization of state government, printed material, 1918-1922, n.d.
f. 544-603Republican politics, 1920-1924
f. 544Campaign 1920, clippings, 1920
f. 545Campaign 1920, correspondence and notes, 1920
f. 546Campaign 1920, Republican text-book, 1920
f. 547Campaign 1922, notes, c. 1922
f. 548Campaign 1922, printed material, 1922
f. 549Campaign 1922, Republican text-book, 1922
f. 550Campaign 1924, notes, c.1924
f. 551-552Campaign 1924, printed material, 1924
f. 553Campaign 1924, Republican text-book, 1924
f. 554Coolidge, Calvin, 1921-1924
f. 555County committees, Adair-Crawford, 1920-1924
f. 556County committees, Dade-Grundy, 1920-1924
f. 557County committees, Harrison-Iron, 1920-1924
f. 558County committees, Jackson-Livingston, 1920-1924
f. 559County committees, McDonald-Morgan, 1920-1924
f. 560County committees, New Madrid-Putnam, 1920-1924
f. 561County committees, Ralls-Ripley, 1920-1924
f. 562County committees, St. Clair-St. Louis, 1920-1924
f. 563County committees, Saline-Vernon, 1920-1924
f. 564Hadley, Herbert S., 1918-1924
f. 565Harding, Warren G., 1920-1923
f. 566Jackson County, Committee of Five, December 1920-January 1921
f. 567-570Spencer, Seldon P., 1921-1924
f. 571-573State Committee, 1921-1924
f. 574State Committee contributions, 1924
f. 575-602Miscellaneous correspondence, 1919-1924
f. 603Miscellaneous printed material, 1921-1924
f. 604-620Roads, 1920-1925
f. 604-615Correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 616County funds, Adair-Knox, c. 1922
f. 617County funds, Laclede-Wright, c. 1922
f. 618-620Printed material, 1921-1925
f. 621-625Roosevelt, Theodore, memorial associations, 1919-1924, n.d.
f. 626Safety Council, 1921-1923
f. 627-631St. Joseph Police Department, 1921-1924
f. 632St. Louis, Court of Criminal Corrections, Reports, 1921-1922
f. 633St. Louis, Department of Finance, 1921
f. 634--645St. Louis Police Department, correspondence, 1921-1925
f. 646St. Louis Police Department, printed material,
f. 647-649St. Louis Police Department, miscellaneous cases, 1922-1924
f. 650St. Louis, Sheriff, appointments, 1923
f. 651-652School for the Deaf, Fulton, 1921-1924
f. 653School of Mines and Metallurgy, Rolla, correspondence, 1920-1923
f. 654School of Mines and Metallurgy, Mississippi Valley Experimental Station, Rolla, photographs, 1922
f. 655Seed and Feed Department, 1922 Annual Report, January 12, 1923
f. 656-661Solicitors, 1921-1924
f. 662-668Southeast Missouri State Teachers College, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 669-670Southeast Missouri State Teachers College, photographs, 1922-1923
f. 671Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, 1919 audit, July 17, 1920
f. 672-675Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 676Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, photographs, 1922-1923
f. 677-680Spanish-American War Fund, 1920-1924
f. 682Speeches, 1923, n.d.
f. 683-684State Historical Society of Missouri, 1921-1924
f. 685-696State parks, 1920-1924, n.d.
f. 697State parks, Arrow Rock Tavern, 1923
f. 698State police, 1922-1923
f. 699Supreme Court of Missouri, 1921-1923
f. 700Tax Appeals Board, 1924
f. 701-728Taxation, 1920-1925
f. 701Assessments, communication companies, 1923-1924
f. 702Assessments, Kansas City Railway Company, 1920-1921
f. 703Assessments, railroads, 1920-1922
f. 704-705Assessments, transportation and communication companies, 1920-1924
f. 706Corporation franchise tax, 1921-1923
f. 707County statistics, Adair-Knox, 1922
f. 708County statistics, Laclede-Wright, 1922
f. 709Internal Revenue Service, 1921-1922
f. 710-711Public opposition, 1921-1922
f. 712Tax-exempt securities, 1924
f. 713-714Valuations, counties, 1920-1924
f. 715-723Miscellaneous correspondence, 1921-1925
f. 724Miscellaneous notes and figures, c.1920-c.1922
f. 725-728Miscellaneous printed material, 1921-1924
f. 729-736Tax Commission, 1920-1923
f. 729-730Appointments, 1920-1923
f. 731-732Correspondence, 1920-1923
f. 733Printed material, 1921, 1923
f. 734Reports, Schedule A, 1920
f. 735-736Reports, valuations, 1921-1922
f. 737Township organization, 1922
f. 738-741Uniform State Laws Commission, 1921-1924
f. 742U.S., Department of Commerce, 1921-1923
f. 743U.S., Department of the Interior, General Land Office, , 1921-1922
f. 744-749U.S., Department of State, 1921-1924
f. 751U.S., Eastern Missouri District Judge, appointments, 1922-1923
f. 752U.S., Western Missouri District Judge, appointments, 1922
f. 753-772University of Missouri, 1919-1925
f. 753Clark, George correspondence, 1919-1921
f. 754-755College of Agriculture, 1921-1924
f. 756-763Correspondence, 1921-1925
f. 764Financial and attendance data, 1919-1922
f. 765-772Photographs of construction projects, 1922-1923
f. 765Agriculture Building, 1922-1923
f. 766Beef Cattle Barn, 1922-1923
f. 767Chemistry Laboratory Building, 1922-1923
f. 768Hospital, 1922-1923
f. 769McKee Gymnasium, 1922-1923
f. 770Mechanical Arts Building, 1922-1923
f. 771Medical Building Extension, 1922-1923
f. 772Power Plant, 1922-1923
f. 773-776Veterans, 1920-1924
f. 777Veterinarians, 1920-1923
f. 778Vital Statistics Registrar, appointments, 1923
f. 779Washington, George, Memorial Association, 1920-1924
f. 780Washington International Conference, 1922
f. 781-782Water power and navigation, 1920-1924
f. 783West Point appointees, 1921,1924
f. 784-788Wheat Conference, 1923, n.d.
f. 789-791Workers' compensation, 1920-1924
f. 792-797World Court and League of Nations, correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 798-799World Court and League of Nations, printed material, 1919-1924
f. 800World War I, Missouri Monument in France, 1921-1924
f. 801World War I, supplies, 1922

Secretary of Agriculture Series

f. 802-803Agricultural organizations, 1929-1932, n.d.
f. 804-814Agriculture, miscellaneous, 1928-1933, n.d.
f. 815Cabinet appointment, 1928
f. 816-820Campaign 1932
f. 816Clippings and scrapbook, 1932
f. 817Democratic Campaign Book, 1932
f. 818Pamphlets, c. 1932
f. 819Pamphlets and speeches, 1932
f. 820Republican Campaign Text Book, 1932
f. 821-827Conservation, 1925-1932, n.d.
f. 828Crop production loans, 1932
f. 829-839Crops, 1926-1932, n.d.
f. 840-841Economics, 1927-1932
f. 842Education, 1929
f. 843Farm relief, 1928
f. 844-845Federal Farm Board, 1928-1929
f. 846-848Forestry, 1926-1930
f. 849-851Hoover, Herbert, correspondence, 1925, 1928-1932, n.d.
f. 852Hoover, Herbert, photographs, c. 1920s, 1933
f. 853International agriculture, 1930-1931, n.d.
f. 854Land leasing, 1933
f. 855-858Land utilization, 1930-1932
f. 859-860Muscle Shoals, 1919, 1929-1931
f. 861-863Politics, 1928-1933
f. 864Price fixing, 1922
f. 865-868Prohibition, 1927-1932, n.d.
f. 869Railroads, 1925, 1928-1929, n.d.
f. 870Roads, 1929
f. 871Surpluses, 1929-1931
f. 872-881Taxation, 1926-1932

Subject Files Series

f. 882-884Agricultural organizations, 1934-1938, n.d.
f. 885-888Agriculture, miscellaneous, 1935-1942, 1946
f. 889-890Barrett, Jesse W., 1934-1941
f. 891Black, Hugo L., 1937
f. 892Campaign 1916, Democratic Text Book
f. 893Campaign 1926, clippings and pamphlets
f. 894-897Campaign 1928
f. 894Democratic Campaign Book
f. 895Democratic State Campaign Hand Book
f. 896Republican Text Book
f. 897Smith Alfred E., Speeches
f. 898Campaign 1936, clippings, flyers, and pamphlets
f. 899Campaign 1938, clippings and speeches
f. 900-903Campaign 1940
f. 900Clippings, c. 1940
f. 901Pamphlets and speeches, c. 1940
f. 902Clippings, pamphlets, speeches
f. 903Republican National Committee Text Book
f. 904Campaign 1944, clippings and pamphlets
f. 905-909Church and Socialism, 1934-1942, n.d.
f. 911-917Economics, 1933-1943, 1947
f. 918-921Governments, 1935-1943, n.d.
f. 922Insurance, Missouri, 1928, n.d.
f. 923International affairs, 1938, 1940, n.d.
f. 924Labor, 1925, n.d.
f. 925"Missouri Crime Survey," 1926
f. 926Organizations, 1937-1947, n.d.
f. 927-928Politics, 1934-1940
f. 929-930Prohibition, 1925-1927, 1937-1938, n.d.
f. 931Roads, Missouri, 1926-1927

Personal Series

f. 932Buick Motor Company, 1920-1924
f. 933-936Complimentary correspondence, 1921-1924
f. 937-943Finances, 1919-1924
f. 944Honorary memberships, 1920-1924
f. 945Hyde family, 1932, 1953-1954
f. 946-947Income tax, 1923-1924
f. 948Insurance, 1921-1923
f. 949Jewelry, 1923-1924
f. 950Medical reports, 1924
f. 951Mihaska, Von Hoffman Press Employees Resort, souvenir booklet, c. 1924
f. 952Spanish-American War Fund, 1921-1923
f. 953World War I service, 1918
f. 954Miscellaneous booklets, c. 1923, 1925
f. 955Miscellaneous clippings, 1921-1924
f. 956-963Miscellaneous correspondence, 1920-1924
f. 964Miscellaneous music and poetry, 1921-1924, n.d.
f. 965Miscellaneous photographs, c. 1920