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The Society holds one of the largest collections of paintings by George Caleb Bingham, including, Order No. 11. The Thomas Hart Benton Collection contains the Year of Peril series, lithographs, and other works. Many other Missouri artists, both past and present, are well represented in the Society's holdings.

The Society's extensive editorial cartoon collection includes original drawings by Daniel Fitzpatrick, S. J. Ray, Bill Mauldin, Don Hesse, Tom Engelhardt, and others.

The Main Gallery and Corridor Galleries feature rotating exhibits, with selected paintings by George Caleb Bingham and Thomas Hart Benton on permanent display.

Art Reproductions

Reproductions of select pieces are now available. Visit our online store.


Organizations and school groups can schedule tours of the Main Gallery by contacting the Society at (573) 882-7083 or (800) 747–6366.

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Online Exhibits

Art of George Caleb Bingham and Thomas Hart Benton
Editorial Cartoons Collection
Fred Geary: Missouri Master of the Woodcut Flickr
Portraits by George Caleb Bingham Flickr
Women, Children and George Caleb Bingham Flickr


Boone County History through the Eyes of Student Artists: A Collaboration with Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School

November 26, 2014 through April 25, 2015

Corridor Gallery Research Center-Columbia

The Research Center–Columbia is currently exhibiting Boone County History through the Eyes of Student Artists: A Collaboration with Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School. Preparatory studies for a ceramic relief mural representing the natural and cultural history of central Missouri will be on display in SHS's Corridor Gallery until April 25, 2015. Drawings created by fifth graders at Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School in Columbia are supplemented with student writings and photographs that reflect the process by which they researched the topic and created the mural. The mural will be permanently installed at the Columbia Art League in 2015. The project is a collaboration between Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School, the Columbia Art League, the City of Columbia Office of Cultural Affairs, and the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Watching the Cargo

Student Working on Painting

Student's Intrepretation of Watching the Cargo

World at War—Women at Work

Order No. 11

March 6 – June 6

Columbia Research Center – Columbia

In collaboration with the State Historical Society of Missouri, the University of Missouri's Textile and Apparel Management Department presents World at War—Women at Work. This exhibit explores the changing roles of American women during World Wars I and II as portrayed through period dress, the popular press, and political propaganda. The display from TAM's Historic Costume and Textile Collection will be integrated with related contextual images, including relevant artwork from the State Historical Society art collection.

Four Turbulent Decades: The Cartoons of Tom Engelhardt

Order No. 11

May 9 – October 17

Columbia Research Center – Columbia

Explore pivotal events ranging from the President Kennedy assassination to the 9/11 attacks with the evocative images of longtime St. Louis Post-Dispatch political cartoonist Tom Engelhardt. This special exhibition celebrates the forthcoming book of his artworks as well as Engelhardt's unique perspective on history. Plan on joining the State Historical Society for the opening reception at 1:30 p.m. on May 9.